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ABC Starts Backing Away Slowly – Now Reporting “Old Photos May Be Deceptive in Fla. Shooting Case”

OH no you don’t……  ABC is trying slowly to back away from their specific and intentional narrative.  They are trying to regain some credibility.  However, they will NOT be permitted to walk away from their culpability in this false intentional … Continue reading

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CNN Is Fixin’ To Jump The Shark Tonight With Soledad O’Brien

Heads up!  I am quickly putting together the latest updates to the ongoing Trayvon Martin saga, but just caught a preview snippet on CNN about an upcoming Soledad O’Brien special on it. The reason I’m quickly just throwing this out … Continue reading

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Exploitation or Irony: *Remember Sybrina Fuller (Trayvon’s Mom) Has the Trademark To His Name…

A “Tribute” to the angelic memory of “Teezy Taught Me” Trayvon Martin in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Cover Charge? – A bag of Skittles… (no joke) AT A STRIP CLUB  MSNBC Race-Baiter Toure’ might be, well, upset about the cover charge

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Free Markets VS Faux Markets – Keith Olbermann FIRED

Further evidence the left is in the vast minority.  Keith Olbermann has lost his job. Another example of Free Market Media VS Faux Market Media where viewers, not Top Floor Media Elites are decision makers. The customer is always “right”, but … Continue reading

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Merchants of Despair – Democrat Socialists MUST WATCH

HatTip to a bunch of peeps…

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Al Sharpton – Hired By MSNBC As Strategy To Re-elect Obama, Generate W.H. Exclusives, “Create” News…..

MOB JUSTICE – MOB PIECE It’s beginning to all make sense as it comes together.  When Al Sharpton was hired by MSNBC just about everyone was scratching their head trying to figure out why.  If you look at the decision merely … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Menagerie found this one for us!

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