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One Win For Freedom – “Wolverines”!! The Hutaree Militia Case. But what about the New Black Panthers?

Compare and contrast these two groups: Today a federal judge threw out charges against the Hutaree militia group.  They were arrested by United States US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department in March of 2010.  The major charge against the … Continue reading

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Deep Thought

I saw these New York Senators today at a congressional hearing: Initially it made me stop and think about how proud the people of New York must feel seeing this representation.  Then a second, more profoundly significant thought came to mind…

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Touching Tribute To Trayvon

Trayvons friends in Miami created a touching tribute today.  *dusty keyboard alert* If you know anyone with great voice over or audio skills, I would love to see this put to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Please e-mail the refuge.

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Resistance is Futile – Sharpton Threatens To “Occupy” Sanford FL Until Zimmerman Is Arrested… “Resist Me Much”

MSNBC Race-Baiter Reverend Al Sharpton delivers prose that will long soon be forgotten.  Proclaims: “Resist Me Much, and about that knowledge find cause for probability.  For evidence will sure and note up until that finding is justice on everything. So strengthen it … Continue reading

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Undeniable Proof that George Zimmerman definitely is “Racist”…

Thanks to the New Media via Free Beacon Blog we must now confirm previous suspicions.   On the aspect of George Zimmerman being a racist the Main Stream Media appears correct.   The evidence is indisputable. George Zimmerman IS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT Perhaps it was … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Insufferable Media Justification…

One of the media narratives you’ll probably see reported upon quite a bit is a recent CNN poll of people’s opinion about whether George Zimmerman should be arrested. Think about it.   This is how the media justifies their false narrative.  The very … Continue reading

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