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Michelle Malkin: The Emperor Obama’s New “Anti-Free Speech Bubble” – (Video)

Among many things, Michelle discusses Obama’s signing of a new bill this week that effectively outlaws protests anywhere the Secret Service goes.  The bill,  HR-347: “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011”, in essence establishes an ‘anti-free speech … Continue reading

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#You Might Be A Liberal…

I doubt if folks here have too much difficulty spotting the “liberal” in the room.  But for anyone you know who still might have some lingering doubts, have them check  #YouMightBeALiberal   for some obvious things to look for.

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Pomp, Circumstance, Austerity, and the New TOTUS

*side note*…. Reconcile this. When did David Cameron (Prime Minister) become A “Head of State”? Seriously, think about it. The Head of British State is Queen Elizabeth.

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Ego, Not Manners, Dictates New White House Chivalry Protocols

Yeah, we’ve obviously come a long way baby.   Perhaps too far.   Check out this unedited and real life timelined photo sequence; see if you can identify the “fundamental change” in chivalry.

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Known By The Company You Keep…. (and other stuff)

Obama defenders are frequently using a similar phrase regarding President Obama’s friends and lifetime associations essentially: …  it’s not fair to cast opinion on Obama through “guilt by association”…   Just because the President is friends with radicals, domestic terrorists, hate mongers, racists and vile anti-Semites only means … Continue reading

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Do you think he secretly enjoys making Michelle look like a hypocrite?

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