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UPDATE 4 – Southern Showdown – Mississippi / Alabama Primary Results Thread *Rick Santorum wins both contests.

Both Mississippi and Alabama called for Santorum Mississippi and Alabama have both been called for Rick Santorum.   2nd place in both states goes to Gingrich with Romney a cloese third.    Big night for Santorum, and now the pressure on Gingrich to drop out will … Continue reading

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MSNBC Target Audience

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Random Stuff – Through the chaff

It was interesting to watch yesterdays publication of various polls, and then the subsequent media analysis and response to protect President Obama.  These guys are becoming entirely too predictable.   To get a head start on where the White House deflective shields are pointed … Continue reading

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International Islamapologists David Cameron and Barack Obama Collude to Isolate Israel

Anyone who witnessed the vicious cross-examination of Tony Blair last year during the parliamentary hearings into Iraq and Afghanistan will easily understand the dynamic at play in this US/Britain positioning.   There is a strong distaste for military action anywhere in the globe by citizens … Continue reading

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Levin Discusses “Cowards” and “Dishonorable Traitors” – On Game Change Propaganda

Conservative radio host Mark Levin weighed in on “Game Change” the far left HBO hit piece on Sarah Palin. Levin described former staffers Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt as evil two-faced cowards. “There is nothing worse than having a couple … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The Pathetic Gullible Weakling of A President “Don’t Bluff”…. Pffffttt Let’s Take A Historical Approach…

(Doug Ross) Little more than a week ago, President Obama again addressed growing concerns that Iran’s Mullahs were preparing nuclear weapons for regional attacks. He insisted that more time be given for diplomacy, noting that, “as president of the United … Continue reading

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