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Exposed: Breitbart Thought Matt Drudge “In the tank” for Obama 2008, — Similar To How He Is “In the tank” for Romney 2012

We have discussed the Drudge Bias quite a bit.   We have shown numerous examples of manipulative optics, specifically and intentionally framed narratives, and supression of non-conforming media stories not in alignment with the Drudge agenda.   However, a new realization that Andrew Breitbart … Continue reading

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Hey Sleep Train…How’s That Boycott Workin’ Out For Ya?

You gotta love it!  Last week, Sleep Train packed up their mattresses and flounced off the Rush Limbaugh Show in full faux outrage over the Sarah Fluke comments. Today they  came crawling back to Limbaugh begging him to take them … Continue reading

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How Do You Spell Obfuscation? – P.E.L.O.S.I.

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Governor Barbour Wins – Mississippi high court upholds Barbour pardons

As soon as I heard about this decision in favor of Mississippi Gov. Barbour I headed over to CNN to read their take on it.   CNN in general, and Anderson Cooper specifically, had made this a big issue in and effort to … Continue reading

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Obama Making Personal Phone Calls To Senate Dems Begging Them To Vote Against Keystone Pipeline…That he previously blamed the Republicans for stopping. Go figure.

They are voting on this RIGHT NOW…. Democrats In Senate Reject Keystone Pipeline – Fifty-six senators voted in favor of the amendment – four short of the 60 required for approval. President Barack Obama is intervening in a Senate fight … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle Responds to Soledad O’Brien

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The Institutional Leftist Media Show Their Wide-Open Obama Protectionism – MUST WATCH

The Democrat-media complex, led by CNN and Soledad O’Brien, is circling the wagons to protect Barack Obama against the latest piece of evidence that shows the president literally embracing a rackpot racialist professor (Derrick Bell) during his years at Harvard.  One CNN … Continue reading

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