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Update – Super Tuesday – Election Results Thread

  Final  Update Oklahoma, North Dakota, Tennessee for Santorum Massachusetts, Virginia, Vermont, Alaska, Idaho and Ohio for Romney. Georgia for Newt Gingrich. Advertisements

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We Are Breitbart

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Newt Pledges To Tackle “Radical Islam” Head On

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have credibility on the issue of exposing radical islamists, eliminating the insufferable political correctness and calling out those who support such ideology.   Mitt Romney takes a divergent path too afraid to stake a controversial position, … Continue reading

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Game Changer – Romney Lies Caught On Tape…..

Better NOW than in October !!   Dump Mitt

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Super Tuesday – Ground Reports and General Information Thread

We’ll post an election results and discussion thread later today.   But if you are voting Today in any of the “Super Tuesday” states please share your experience and what is the overall sentiment on the ground where you are.?   What was … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity Interviews Newt Gingrich – March 5th

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Netanyahu Speech at AIPAC 2012 – Full Speech

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