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The Legacy Continues – Breitbart’s New Site Launch Is Live…..

The much anticipated “new” Breitbart.com site is complete and running.  VISIT HERE.  With this introduction from Larry Solov: Dear Readers: Today, as Andrew dreamed and planned, we launch what he called “Breitbart 2.0.” Many of you wondered what he was … Continue reading

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The Institutional Left – Freedom of speech for me but not for thee….

Far left goons interrupted Rick Santorum’s speech today in Oklahoma City. The leftists harassed the former senator and ripped up signs in the crowd. Its how they roll. Imagine if a bunch of Tea-Partiers showed up at an Obama rally … Continue reading

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The New Dark Overlord of Communism Vladimir Putin Claims Victory In Russian Election…

As expected in the following Treehouse posts: Enter The Dragon – Putin positions himself for massive global influence, including the Middle East.   Iran, China, Turkey coalition The New Cool Dark Overlord of Communism – The resurgence and marketing plan of Vladimir Putin … Continue reading

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Obama – Pelosi Occupy Supporters Wave Goodbye After AIPAC Speech

Anti-war demonstrators [Occupy AIPAC] shout slogans as seen from the motorcade of US President Barack Obama as he is leaving after speaking during the AIPAC Policy Conference at the Washington Convention Center on March 4, 2012 in Washington, DC. Obama … Continue reading

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This is why we need Gingrich

Audio-Visual demonstration of why we need Gingrich.   David Gregory loves him that contraception issue, and Newt deconstructs his institutional narrative.   Neither Rick Santorum, nor Mitt Romney could do this. Compare to….

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Pathetic: White House Asks All Women NY Barnard College To Allow Obama To Deliver Commencement Propaganda Speech

Puhleeeeease, could ya be just a smidge more transparent.  Shameless.. (The Hill) — President Obama will address the graduates of Barnard College at this year’s commencement, The Hill has confirmed. Obama will deliver the keynote address at the women’s college … Continue reading

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If You Ain’t Got No Condoms, Take Your Broke Ass Home

H/T to Patriot Dreamer for this wonderful post from Misfit Politics. I love it so much, I copied headline and all. This one is full of dead on zingers, for deadbeat law students, and all who idolize them. Enjoy. A … Continue reading

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