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Conspiracy Theorists – Pot Meet Kettle….

Considering Ron Paul is an Alex Jones follower and 9-11 Truther, his designation of Santorum as a conspiracy theorist is, well, kinda silly… Advertisements

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Snowe Announces Retirement – DLTDHYOTWO…

I know it’s going to be a sure pick-up for the Democrats, however, she did untold damage to the image and moral of the Republican Party for years.  Only one person voted with Democrats more than Snowe last year.  That … Continue reading

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Update 4 – Michigan and Arizona Primary Results Thread

Michigan Update #4  with 93% of precincts reporting: Arizona Update #2 with 80% Precincts reporting:

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Romney To Cavuto: There’s No Deal, Paul and I Just Like Each Other…

Neal Cavuto just spoke to Mitt Romney, and Cavuto put him on the spot regarding whether or not he and Paul are working in cahoots.    Watch and listen to Mitt’s nervous laughter and stammered reply.  Convincing much?

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Controlling The Fourth Estate – “the truth should come out abroad; it shouldn’t come out here”…

(NewYorkTimes) Last Wednesday in the White House briefing room, the administration’s press secretary, Jay Carney, opened on a somber note, citing the deaths of Marie Colvin and Anthony Shadid, two reporters who had died “in order to bring truth” while … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Yikes! United Flight 5124 makes an emergency landing at Newark airport without its nose landing gear. The flight arrived at Gate 21…. 22…. 23…. 24

NEWARK, NJ – An airplane made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport Monday evening because of a nose gear problem, and passengers were forced to exit the plane on emergency chutes, according to authorities. The pilot on United … Continue reading

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