Rush: “I Am Talking To…The Most Glittering Jewel Of Colossal Ignorance…”

Rarely will you ever hear the great El Rushbo loose his cool, but this morning he had one of the worst faux Republican callers ever.  Rush referred to Cathy as “the most glittering jewel of colossal ignorance”…..”a sponge…for every stray scrap of BS and conventional wisdom about Republicans and social issues that has ever come down the pike.”  Mighty good listening.


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5 Responses to Rush: “I Am Talking To…The Most Glittering Jewel Of Colossal Ignorance…”

  1. stellap says:

    I heard this today, and was telling a friend at work about it. He told me that Bill Bennett got a similar call during the 6:00 am hour this morning.


  2. The dead giveaway….. I’ve listened for years…..

    The far right…. Fundamentalist christian……Those old guy’s….. They are Ignorant and backwards….

    Communism is ALWAYS really obvious!!


  3. redgrandma says:

    The calm and modulated tones. The uninterruptable pressing on, no matter how civily Rush attempted to get a word in. The hypnotic sing song recitation. The ever scripted talking points. The progressive code words as Michell Hart mentions above. References to alleged statements / incidents that can’t be substantiated when challenged. This is really scary stuff because so very many sheeple fall for it. She’s not the sponge, she is the bucket of spit that all the sponges are soaking up and thinking it’s wisdom. I pray daily for my grandchildren and my country. I hope that I can pass on to them the ability to question and reject these vile sugar sprinkled spiders presented to them as sweet truth. They are poison.


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