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Follow Up: Charges Dismissed

MIDLAND, Texas – Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss charges against U.S. soldier Trey Scott Atwater after he was arrested following his attempt to board a flight from Texas to North Carolina with explosives in his luggage. Atwater, 30, was … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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“Typical Age” For Gender Reassignment Surgery Now 8 Years Old…

Eight?   Eight Years Old?   “Typical”?   Seriously….  I must be living in a cave or something because that headline just about knocked me off my chair.   Eight?  What have I missed along the path of such significance where I can honestly say I … Continue reading

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Newt: “You Can’t Put A Gun Rack On A Chevy Volt” !

While campaigning in Georgia, Speaker Newt Gingrich mocked the green car lobby: “How DARE we go out and drive vehicles bigger than their bicycles!”

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Government security program will monitor every phone call, text and email… and details will be kept for up to a year

Did you ever wonder what data bank they were constructing under the new Denver airport.?   Millions of square feet of underground data storage and the worlds largest hub for data collection….  Well consider what is happening now in England and … Continue reading

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New Hampshire police chief: Let’s spend $285,933 of Free Homeland Security Dough on an armored personnel carrier….. The citizens: How about NO

I’m all in support to give the police dept the tools they need to do the job of “Protecting and Serving” but this trend is unnerving to say the least.  I mean, seriously? NEW HAMPSHIRE – “We’re going to have … Continue reading

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In God We Trust – Happy Presidents Day 2012 !!

————————————————— see below ———————————- Also, what do you think about this consideration ……. It is a time to coalesce the liberty movement into something distinct from Tea Parties. I will not disparage Tea Parties, they are what they are and … Continue reading

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