In God We Trust – Happy Presidents Day 2012 !!

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Also, what do you think about this consideration …….

It is a time to coalesce the liberty movement into something distinct from Tea Parties. I will not disparage Tea Parties, they are what they are and they have put life to the Constitution, they have breathed life into a long dormant liberty movement. Many have been struggling for decades to be looked upon by our government as the rightful citizens we are, instead of children in need of guidance and scolding.

The liberty movment is distinct and separate from Tea Parties in a vital way: violence is not ruled out. This is not a promise of violence, or a threat, but those in the liberty movement are not put off by the thought of doing what our ancestors did and demand our rights by force of one sort or another. It is not a question of being afforded certain rights or liberties, it is a question of by which means they are achieved.

Make no mistake, life is important and death will not put food on the table, or comfort a child, but there does come a point where there is a question of citizenship to be addressed. Barack Obama and his ilk might shrug all of this off as nonsense, but secretly they are scared to death, every politician is. The very idea that there are those out in this great nation of ours who would risk death and imprisonment for the ideals in the document they only recognize when it comes time to grant them power do not like those who might hold them to account.

It is by no accident that the Tea Party was demonized as it was. They fear it. They fear anyone who intends to bring one major question into play: “If the Constitution is an out-dated document that is a living document and subject to constant interpretation, then by what authority do your claim power?” (read the rest here)

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2 Responses to In God We Trust – Happy Presidents Day 2012 !!

  1. barnslayer says:

    At this point in time I have to disagree with the article. The Tea Party being non-violent is what gives it distinction from the ows mob. We are not an unsavory group of unwashed incoherent morons. We represent the functional segment of society and we will not go poopy on your office carpet if we are invited in to discuss our concerns. The Tea Party must be unified and focused in its purpose. Violence, at this point, would undermine our legitimacy. This does not mean we should allow our rallies to become batting practice for left wing thugs. Self-defence is a necessity and preparedness is a necessary part of self-defence.


  2. GM Car Of The Future says:

    ** sigh **

    Gee, it sure would be nice to get a REAL President someday. 😦


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