Sheriff Paul Babeu resigns Romney Campaign After Walking Out of Closet Amid Gay Lover Extortion Claims – Now More Qualified Than Ever For Congressional Race….

(Fox NewsWire) Sheriff Paul Babeu, a prominent Arizona sheriff and congressional candidate, left his post in Mitt Romney’s Republican presidential campaign Saturday as he battled allegations that he tried to intimidate a male ex-lover.

Babeu confirmed in a press conference Saturday that he is gay, after the story of the relationship was published Thursday in an alternative weekly newspaper. The Pinal County Sheriff, though, adamantly denied claims Saturday that he tried to threaten the man, a Mexican immigrant and a former campaign volunteer, with deportation if their past relationship was made public.

Babeu, who rose to prominence for his strong positions against illegal immigration, vowed to continue his campaign in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District seat.

“This whole rumor, this whole of idea of who I am in my private life has been shopped around,” Babeu told reporters during an hour-long press conference Saturday in front of his sheriff’s office. “This was a way, the hook, of how this could be brought out, and to malign and attack a sheriff who does stand for conservative principals, who does enforce the law.”

At the same time, Babeu stepped aside as the Arizona co-chairman for Romney, a decision the campaign claimed would give him breathing room as he deals with the new claims.

“Sheriff Babeu has stepped down from his volunteer position with the campaign so he can focus on the allegations against him. We support his decision,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a brief statement.

The Phoenix New Times first reported that a former boyfriend claimed Babeu’s lawyer wanted him to sign an agreement that he would stay silent about their relationship.

The former boyfriend, identified only as Jose, reportedly claimed that when he refused, the attorney said any extra attention on Jose from revealing the relationship could result in him being deported.

The Babeu campaign, though, released a statement Friday saying they only tried to have “this individual” comply with a cease and desist order — after he allegedly hacked into their website and Twitter account. “But at no time were any threats made,” the statement said.

The campaign provided a copy of the Sept. 6, 2011, cease and desist order. The campaign also denied “the sensationalist headline” in the New Times, which claimed the sheriff’s attorney threatened the man with deportation.  Babeu told The Arizona Republic that Jose used to be a campaign volunteer.  (read more)

Local Perspective FLORENCE, Ariz. – Nearly naked pictures of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu surfaced online Friday, and now his team is having to answer some very uncomfortable questions.

Nearly naked on a dating site, and his profile says he’s seeking other men for sex.

Paul Babeu has been a rising star in political circles. He’s become one of the faces of the anti-illegal immigration fight in Arizona and across the country. And he is currently running for Congress.

But now — his campaign is caught up in this scandal.

The  Phoenix New Times  broke the story online. The article, written by reporter Monica Alonso, has now become a public relations nightmare for the sheriff who is running for Congress as a conservation Republican.

Alonzo interviewed a man who claims to be Babeu’s former lover, and he makes some very serious allegations against the Pinal County Sheriff.

The New Times article also contains pictures from a gay dating website, where Babeu allegedly posted photos of himself. Sheriff Babeu’s attorney issued a statement saying: “We strongly deny the sensationalist headline published by the Phoenix New Times.”

We asked if Babeu had any statement about the dating profile pictures posted on the New Times Website. Babeu’s attorney said: “No. He believes he’ll be judged by his record as a 20-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces, police officer who has saved two lives in the line of duty and responded to thousands of emergencies, and Iraq war veteran.”

We tried to contact Paul Babeu directly, but he did not return our calls. We also tried to contact the attorney for the man making the allegations, and we haven’t heard back from her yet either.

Statement by Sheriff Paul Babeu for Congress

At 2:30 pm today, the Phoenix New Times contacted the Paul Babeu for Congress campaign via email asking for a response to a long series of allegations for a story they had been working on for two months from an anonymous source.

The allegations referred to an incident that occurred on September 6, 2011, when the campaign’s website, Twitter account, and online financial transaction system were illegally hacked.

A cease and desist letter was sent to the suspected perpetrator who promptly returned access to the campaign.

This individual was asked to sign an agreement refraining from similar activity in the future, but at no time were any threats made.  At that time, the individual’s attorney assured the campaign that he was not interested in causing further trouble, which was accepted as true.  (read more)

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33 Responses to Sheriff Paul Babeu resigns Romney Campaign After Walking Out of Closet Amid Gay Lover Extortion Claims – Now More Qualified Than Ever For Congressional Race….

  1. Well, ya know, Barney Fwank is retiring n’ all…. 😦 Just sayin’….. He apparently qualifies for someones seat.


  2. Secret life: check.
    Experience with blackmail and coverups: check.
    Honesty challenges: check.
    Skeletons: check.
    Experience screwing lots of guys (blush): check.
    I don’t know. With the service record and all, he may still have too much integrity to run for Congress. 😦


  3. Wraith says:

    Yep, let’s trust the New Times, the Valley’s “Alternative (ie; so left-leaning they make Stalin look reasonable) Weekly.” I’m certain there’s no bias involved in the slightest.

    Ain’t it strange how the Left insists that one’s sexuality doesn’t matter…until it’s the sexuality of a Conservative? Almost like there’s a double standard or something. 😕


    • No kidding! As an Arizonan, what’s your take, Wraith?


      • Wraith says:

        Outside of his endorsing Mittens, I dig the guy. He’s anti-invasion, anti-Obummer, and has been repeatedly and publically up AG Holder’s ass and out both ears over the whole Gunwalker/Fast & Furious deal. I don’t care that he’s gay, and I applaud him for just coming out with it and thereby taking some of the wind out of the Left’s sails.

        For all of you out there who DO care that he’s gay, and think that’s a Total Dealbreaker and Teh Most Evil Thing Ever…please enlighten me as to what it’s like to be without sin. I wouldn’t know.


        • MRM says:

          What Wraith said.


        • Good points, Wraith. Sounds like he needs to get his personal life in order, but assuming he’s not completely living a lie, that’s not a deal-breaker for me. He definitely made the right choice by coming clean.


        • Imho, I , o er this issue, think most of ye are blind. There is only that which is Good and that which is evil, even by nature. If you can’t tell the difference you are in the “gray” and what’s next? I am not casting any stone on any gay person. That is between God and that individual. But if you want to “publically” come out of the closet and expect me to except your de isn’t behavior, forget it!!! Leave it in the closet where it belongs!! And to bring it out into the public and start forcing me to except your behavior and teach my kids in public school that it is a “third option”, yeah just keep going in your direction like all the other great societies that fell with the advent of their de isn’t behavior! NO THANKS, NEXT?!


        • runningturtle87 says:

          I agree…Don’t let the gay issue derail the argument.


    • A couple of thoughts. First, I don’t care one fig that he’s gay. Just doesn’t factor. Additionally, I have no reason to believe he has broken any law, the extortion charge seems a little disingenuous and convienient.

      That said, I don’t think too much of his judgement as a prominent governmental official posting semi-nude pictures of himself openly on a dating site even if he wasn’t looking for sex per se.

      Guess I’m a little old school when it comes to expecting professionalism from professionals. Especially those in law enforcement who are high profile advocates. That’s all. I don’t want to see my governor, mayor, congress person, or shool board member, or school principal for that matter, diminishing their effectivness in the public arena.


      • Wraith says:

        On that, we concur…and I’m fairly certain Sheriff Babeu would agree. We all have lapses in judgement, and all the more so in the arena of love, sex and all that dating type stuff. (Believe me, if we got into a discussion of the stupid things I did in that area, we’d be here for a year.)

        Regardless of the personal business of everyone from Sheriff Babeau to JFK, I’m willing to put that on the back burner if the rest of their lives are up to snuff. Their sexual indiscretions, IMHO, are best left between them and God.


        • texan59 says:

          When I first posted about this last night, my comment was something to the effect that who cares. After reading this additional info about posting pictures and such, that is my concern. As others have said, I don’t care about his orientation. I do care about his lack of common sense.


  4. ZurichMike says:

    I don’t get it. You have all of this going for you, and you have post nearly naked photos of yourself? Looking for love in all the wrong places . . .


    • Ms.Tee says:

      ^^^This! I’m having a problem feeling sorry for this guy. Seriously, a law enforcement officer posting fully identifiable, adult pics on an adult website?! He set himself up for all sorts of problems.

      Also, I have to say if the ex-bf is telling the truth about the threats of deportation, then that is also another issue. If there is an element of hypocrisy in this story, that would be it.


    • For me, this is the heart of the matter concerning his judgement. Sheriff Babeu, by his own undertaking, has placed himself into a professional arena where a persons personal judgement is one of the primary considerations for evaluating employment effectiveness and competency.

      This was a bonehead decision, and shows a weakness so staggering that it undercuts his capacity to advance his skillset. He put himself in a position of obvious risk. He might be a splendid manager, and an exceptional leader with high employee morale and a terrific capability to head of the Sheriff Dept. But this personal decision by him, and him alone, does nothing to advance that opinion.

      If you want to serve the public with your perspective and wisdom in the forefront of your resume it is wholly ridiculous to place yourself in such a position of compromise. Mr. Babeu has placed himself in a highly tenuous position consisting of various degrees of risk. Not exactly the most prudent position for the head of a law enforcement agency.


  5. getreal says:

    the issue on the right is their bigotry they are sooo against homosexuals yet they are homsexual?
    it is a legitamate question? i dont understand that.


    • Menagerie says:

      No it is a ridiculous question because we on the right are not against homosexuals. Many of us are opposed to marriage being anything other than between a man and a woman. Formerly, I supported gay marriage. I no longer do, as I have studied the issue further. I do not trust the government, or radical interests to leave any vestige of marriage and family intact. I do believe in equal treatment under the law. I believe every union, my own included, should be recognized by the government as a civil union. If people then want a religious ceremony, they can be free to marry in a church of their choosing, as long as the government has put no laws or restrictions on the churches requiring them to perform ceremonies against their beliefs. There are many churches where gays have been ordained. It should be up to the churches themselves.


      • ZurichMike says:

        Could not have said it better myself. That’s the way it is here in Switzerland (and most of Europe for that matter). All couples who are allowed by law to marry (gay or straight) must have a civil union. Churches decide without interference from government whether or not the couple can also have a marriage ceremony. For 99% of them, only straight couple can marry in a church.


      • runningturtle87 says:

        Excellent points and well said….


    • tnwahm says:

      Do I believe that homosexuality is wrong; yes. Do I think that it precludes them from public office or a job? No. ~As long as it doesn’t become a bully pulpit for your lifestyle choices; I feel the same way about heterosexuals that push a sexual agenda that I don’t believe is right as well.~ I do, however, believe in private property rights that says that a homeowner, business owner and/or employer can “discriminate” on their private property or business for any reason. If a business can say No Shirt; No Shoes; No Service; then they should also be allowed to say Smoking Allowed. If a homeowner doesn’t want kids living in their property, they should be able to advertise; No children allowed. The same with pets.


  6. frank says:

    shouldn’t we ask who outed him. Eric Holder ring any bells?


    • barnslayer says:

      I guess either someone connected to ubama or internal in the Romney camp. My rationale for the latter… his indiscretions may have become a concern. Damage control would dictate to get it out of the way sooner rather than closer to November. The democrats might have waited on this until the timing was more critical.


  7. Zauber says:

    Well, my sheriff had a chief deputy who’d been released from the Navy for ‘following too closely’ and who also molested the younger deputies. All the Sheriff had to do was move the pervert to a position where he didn’t have direct supervision over deputies under the age the pervert had a predilection for. See, you can work around predatory perverts in sworn positions of trust.

    “Hey Sheriff, is that a gun in your pocket or……oh, I see”.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Let’s not conflate being gay with being a sexual predator.


      • stellap says:

        Definitely not.


        • Zauber says:

          Before we go into 4th gear crucifying me on the PC cross by inference let’s revisit my post. The deputy I referred to was a male who’d been released from the Navy in pre-PC days, was in a supervisory position over younger male deputies AND was refusing them paid details and promotions unless they performed homosexual acts with him. In my somewhat strictured police experience that makes him a predator and a pervert. Nowhere did I refer to all homosexuals as predators or perverts, that is on a case-by-case basis and also in the eye of the definer. I will say that after a career in law enforcement and the military I have very strong opinions as to homosexuals and their fitness as supervisors and leaders, beliefs formed in the old days by pre-New Age, revanchist Catholic teachings. These beliefs have yet to be overturned by any empirical evidence or Church doctrine and will most likely remain in place. If the replies were not meant to be a mild trip to the wood shed I apologoize but they were close enough to my property line to make my dogs bark.


  8. k says:

    Gosh darnnit, the guy is CUTE! Wah!


  9. Zauber says:

    Or, as Sally would say to Linus – my sweet Babeu


  10. GracieD says:

    I am of the opinion that a person’s private life is between them and God, and therefore is none of my business.


  11. Jon Geiser says:

    The main issue in all this to me though is this guy’s fundamental truthfulness. What else may he be lying about? I also think he’s just a little too gunho with the uniforms.


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