Severely Conservative ?

Mitt Romney’s speech to CPAC today was largely a re-hash of his basically competent stump speech, with a few chunks of red meat awkwardly thrown in. There wasn’t much that was memorable, but there was this line–astounding in its sheer counterfactual chutzpah:

I was a conservative governor. I fought against long odds in a deep blue state. I understand the battles that we, as conservatives, must fight because I have been on the front lines. (In the speech as delivered, Romney described himself as having been “severely conservative.”)

Few conservatives will buy that.  (continue reading)

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2 Responses to Severely Conservative ?

  1. Sharon says:

    He can’t have said that accidentally….that is not the kind of phrase that pops into the mind of a normal person. So if we assume he said it with forethought–good grief: what kind of goofball thinks that’s a good way to describe yourself. Is he also a severe Mormon? Was he a severe governor? Is he severely for Romneycare?


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