The Teachings Of Chicago Jesus

The Genesis of Bill Ayers 

(Peoples Cube) Now that Obama has started quoting Jesus, the toiling masses need a special chart in order to understand the Bible and what those passages really mean in progressive, Obamunist terms. So I made such a chart for you: the kinder, gentler, smarter, less embarassing version of the Bible. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to The Teachings Of Chicago Jesus

  1. GM Car of the Future says:

    I’m no Holy Roller (except maybe in my Vette), but this satire hits way too close to home,
    feeling like a dagger to the heart. Something must be done to stop this runaway train NOW.


  2. cjmartel says:

    That really was funny!! Sad, but funny!!


  3. I bow down in unworthiness to the Holy Church of the People’s Cube. Tell it, Comrade!


  4. What happened to the Left meme of, “This isn’t the time of place to talk about religion!” anytime the 43rd president mentioned G_d, Jesus, Scripture, his religious beliefs or a Judeo-Christian basis for charity and/or giving?

    The MSM and The Left don’t even try to hide their glaring Double Standard any more.


  5. Zauber says:

    May be sizzle and steak here. Obama corrupts Christian doctrine and philosophy for his own purposes. Hitler and Himmler did much the same – they had a chance to take it further – with the SS. If you are ever in Germany and have the chance go to Wewelsberg Castle, the spiritual home of the SS. Himmler had rites performed based loosely on old Teutonic Knights rites, sent his SS archeologists (think Indian Jones) out to search for early Christian artifacts and mystical roots for the Germanic/Aryan race. Himmler and Hitler were spiritualists who based much of the Nazi movement on perverted religious ideas, just imagine what the good Reverend Wright’s latter gay student could do with fo’ mo’ years. Imagine the Imam Obama in an all black, form-fitted uniform, telling his loyal followers to fly, fly, fly as he launches his flying monkies from the White House’s balcony to enforce doctrinal purity. Suddenly Mit doesn’t seem so bad.


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