Anti Clapper

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2 Responses to Anti Clapper

  1. zmalfoy says:

    Bill Whittle is always on target, even when you wish he weren’t . . .


  2. Oh, those pesky, pesky facts. Yes, they tend to clobber the living sh!t out of the feeeelings so near and dear to our friends on the Progressive Left. That crappy little feeling you get when you realize what you know to be true is mercilessly grinding what you want to believe into tiny bits is called by our friends in advertising, cognitive dissonance. It makes Mom stop buying Tide and start buying Cheer, and it makes Lefty’s pointy little heads swell and explode. Yes, that’s why facts are deadly to the hobgoblins of small minds when wielded with the skill and acumen of Mr. Whittle.


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