Big John Smith For Congress

Big John Smith comes  with one heck of an endorsement, Treepers. From Ann Barnhardt:


Now for the Hot Tip for the conservative blogging community. I found a potential star. In Nashville I was provided with a security escort by the name of John Smith, but everyone calls him “Big John” Smith, and rightfully so at 6’4″ and an athletic 290 pounds. Big John Smith is a 22 year veteran Sheriff’s Deputy in Nashville who specializes in warrant service – in other words, going out every day and hunting down criminals. I had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time visiting with Deputy Smith being that he was charged with my personal security, and it turns out that he is following his conscience and RUNNING FOR CONGRESS in Tennessee’s 5th congressional district. As I sat listening to a man who knows EXACTLY what the situation is both on the ground and in the halls of government, and to a man who has read history and could no longer sit by and do nothing, I thought to myself, “This is EXACTLY the kind of person who needs to repopulate Washington D.C.” No more lawyers. No more perfumed cocktail party princesses (and those are the men). No, we need citizen servants like John Smith. In order to be a statesman, a man needs profound depth of character. This is precisely why there are no statesmen anymore – because politicians today are all psychopaths devoid of character and integrity.

John Smith is the kind of man who has the POTENTIAL to be a statesman. If for no other reason, he deserves attention for that fact alone.

John Smith knows that his campaign is a longshot at best. TN-5 has been held by democrats since . . . 1875. He knows that the GOP establishment wants nothing to do with him (and the feeling is mutual). He knows that the black nouveau-slave community dismisses him out of hand as an Uncle Tom. BUT, he also knows that we must fight the good fight and run our race, and that all things are possible through Christ.

Click over and check out Big John Smith’s website. Especially take the time to read the “About Me” page. John Smith IV is a 22-year veteran Deputy Sheriff. His father, John Smith III, was also a law enforcement officer in Nashville who was killed in the line of duty in 1980. His grandfather, John Smith Jr., was one of the first seven black police officers commissioned in Nashville in 1948. And today, Big John Smith works the streets of Nashville, and in his off hours is running for United States Congress. This man is a walking inspirational documentary.


My fellow Tennesseans, here we stand at a cross road. The reality of our countries health is playing out each day before our eyes. If we do not change course, I fear, we will continue to be a civilization in decline. Evidence of this fact is prevalent; by the disintegration of the family structure and the depreciation of the value, of life, in our country.

With the collapse of our monetary system, our cities, states and people are in peril because of ever mounting deficits, and unemployment. To make matters even worse, we have enemies on the outside and inside of our boarders wanting our demise; no longer, can we enjoy the sense normalcy, because our national security is in peril.

My friends, Sooner or later, we’re going to have to accept our responsibility as the heirs to our republic, and act! We have to acknowledge, we must make the tough choices to save our nation. We cannot continue to elect men and women who yield to their personal ambitions and philosophies or display a condescending attitude towards the electorate, while governing. This is not acceptable; especially to those who have lost everything and to others who are wondering, what the hell has happened to the country they knew!Read more here.

h/t Avram

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