Could Ron Paul Defeat Mitt Romney in Virginia?

Think about it.  The powers that be have all colluded to keep Gingrich and Santorum off the Virginia primary ballot.   What better way could there be to get your message across that you don’t want Mitt Romney as your presidential candidate?

(TheHill)…In a dramatic head-to-head contest that will win huge attention throughout the political world, I now believe that Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary. The implications could be enormous. This result would dramatize the fact that a majority of Republican primary voters favor a candidate more conservative than Mitt Romney. This prospect could also inspire the mother of all money bombs for the Ron Paul campaign.

If I were the campaign manager for the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns, I would be suggesting that all conservatives vote for Ron Paul in Virginia. Ditto the conservative movement leaders from all conservative points of view and throughout the conservative media.  

So far, Lee S. Rosen in South Florida has largely missed the point that Mitt Romney has hovered between 26 percent and 38 percent in various state votes and polls. It is ridiculous for anyone to suggest “this race is over” or “this race will soon be over” (as many pundits wrongly have) because, obviously, the nominee will need 50 percent-plus-one of all delegates. I emphasize delegates.

What is certainly unique about Virginia, so far, is the prospect of a straight Ron Paul versus Mitt Romney contest, with no other candidates. If this does not change, the Virginia vote will be a pure play of Romney versus Paul, and also a contest purely of Romney versus the conservative movement, which I would expect to unify behind Paul for the Virginia vote.

This pure play will dramatically increase media coverage for Ron, because the Virginia race will take on a life of its own as a unique head-to-head battle. This will provide fundraising opportunities for Paul going into, and coming out of, the Virginia vote. This will boost whatever role Ron Paul chooses to play, whether it becomes convention player, kingmaker or third-party candidate.

What conservatives have long needed is a one-on-one battle with Romney. Virginia will give it to them. This alone should generate maximum publicity and benefit for the winner in Virginia.

So watch the results in Florida, but do not believe anyone who tells you the campaign is over, no matter who wins Florida.

This battle goes on to Super Tuesday at least, and probably longer.

On the matter of the vote in Virginia, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are headed to a High Noon showdown that I now believe Ron Paul will win.


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29 Responses to Could Ron Paul Defeat Mitt Romney in Virginia?

  1. WeeWeed says:

    ROTFLMAO!! Operation Chaos!! I approve. 😀 (That picture of Mittens looks like DH as of late….)


    • Ad rem says:

      Here’s the list of Super Tuesday primaries:

      March 6, 2012 (Super Tuesday)….
      Alaska (caucus)
      Georgia (primary)
      Idaho (caucus)
      Massachusetts (primary)
      North Dakota (caucus)
      Ohio (primary)
      Oklahoma (primary)
      Tennessee (primary)
      Vermont (primary)
      Virginia (primary)

      I figure Mitt will take Mass and Vermont, but the others will be iffy. A loss in VA will hurt….big time. 😉


    • stellap says:

      The Michigan Presidential primary is February 28!


  2. Menagerie says:

    Interesting. I had not thought far enough ahead, but I will be rooting for Paul in Virginia.


  3. Yes. I do believe it is possible for Mitt to lose Virginia. Especially given his ridiculous over the top attacks on Gingrich. It would send a resounding message and I hope the peeps in VA can pull it off.


    • Ad rem says:

      Heh….looks like VA doesn’t require photo ID either…tsk…tsk…


      • freedom1781 says:

        I’m always asked to show a picture i.d. However, I live in a rural area where little old ladies run the polling stations. 😉


      • freedom1781 says:

        We have open primaries, so I’m sure lots of Dems will be out to vote for Mittens. I know a few Dems who will only vote for Romney. If Romney is not the nominee, they’re going to stay home and not vote. It doesn’t matter how blue in the face I get telling these people that the goal is to kick Obambi and his minions out of office, they won’t change their minds about voting for any Republican other than Romney. 😡


    • freedom1781 says:

      SD, I was thinking about not voting in the primary because of Romney and Paul being the only candidates on the ballot, but now I’m thinking about voting for Paul just as a “fu@k you” to the establishment.


  4. QuantumVerp says:

    It’s geh-eh-ting clo-oh-ser all all thuh uh tyee i-e-ime!

    Now, for sure,
    if Mitt would just drop out!
    then maybe for sure,
    RP would win ___ (maybe, I’m not sure, ask the ‘media’ rofcmao)
    oops, where’d my exclamation point go?

    teh-he-he-he (<— not really my laugh at all)


  5. tnwahm says:

    DH and I were talking about the primaries at lunch. I wasn’t sure if the voting would get to TN or not, but I see we are on Super Tuesday. Yes!


  6. Ms. Tee says:

    That top pic alone tells me that that man should NOT be President..


  7. OK HERE IS A PLAN – If you agree with my proposal I will work up a post, and an e-mail blast which can be shared with patriots in Florida and Virginia.

    Ron Paul supporters in Florida should coalesce and support Newt Gingrich. In return all conservatives in Virgina will be urged to vote for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday.

    Why? Ron Paul is not contesting in Florida because it is a winner take all state. He simply is not going to win there. But if Romney wins the establishment wins. So a vote for Gingrich is a vote against the establishment of Decepticons and will allow the fight to continue.

    Then in Virginia Ron Paul can be handed a victory guaranteeing him more “leverage” and “validity” moving forward. Again, continuing the fight.

    What do you guys think?


    • Ad rem says:

      Sounds like more than a fair deal for the Ronulans. (As long as Paul doesn’t get all full of himself and go third party!) 😉


      • Ms. Tee says:

        I’m down with that, too. But the Paulbots seem stubborn: they don’t like anyone but Paul…


        • Ad rem says:

          Paul knows he doesn’t stand a chance of winning…..he’s in it to garner enough delegates to give him a say in the platform or a nice juicy prime-time speech. A couple of quick e-mails from Ronulan Central should have his minions toeing the line.


        • QuantumVerp says:

          Yeah, BUT !
          Hold your horsies!
          Ron Paul has a Rolex watch on ! (See pic above)
          I’ll get my OWS boy-girls on that posse hip-hop.
          He will dance down the poll with some Rolex watch wearing (blah-blah…)
          Soros wears what? Timex?

          Who do yall want to win anyway?

          I get mixed up, now, how many names has MSM promulgated for Ron Paul followers?
          Am I a Ronulan, a Paulbot or a Rongoloid?

          Or a Newtulan/Mittulan, or a Newtbot/Mittbot or a Newtgoloid/Mittgoloid

          Why aren’t these names in my spell-checker?


    • Great idea, but I have a hard time seeing Rongoloids going along with that in Fla. But if I happen to be on site in VA that Tuesday, I’ll commit to crawling over broken glass to vote for Ron.


  8. Chuck says:

    Is a vote for Ron Paul in VA a vote for Santorum?


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