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Mark Levin Defends Newt Against Mittens…1/26/12 – (Audio)

Here’s Mark Levin defending Newt against Mittens on this afternoon’s radio show.   Consider this an ‘apres debate’ video to cleanse the palate.  H/T to “tnwahm”… Advertisements

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GOP Debate Thread – CNN 8pm From Jacksonville Florida

Tonight will be the final debate before the Florida primary.   Newt and Mittens are both strongly attacking eachother with Romney carrying the full support of the “establishment” GOP behind him.    SuperPac’s supporting team Romney have been blasting attack ad’s at … Continue reading

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Pantsuits Quitting – Hillary Clinton Announces She’s Leaving Administration…

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she wants to step off the “high wire of American politics” after two decades and is again tamping down speculation that she might stay in government if President Barack Obama wins … Continue reading

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It’s Not Racism When They Do It…

I could give a flying flip that Joe Biden was using a stupid “Indian Accent” to make a point.  What is annonying is the insufferable hypocrisy of the leftist progs.   Remember the outrage and articles about the way Newt Gingrich sounded out … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Visualize Voluntary Human Extinction…Huh?

I stumbled across a link to this website at iOwnTheWorld. They are the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and their motto is “May we live long and die out.”  Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow … Continue reading

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Did we mention that Mormons like to baptize dead Jews in order to “save” them? That shouldn’t be a problem in Florida, should it?

Put this on the list of things I never knew about Mormons;  And now that I do, I feel more comfortable about that Jeopardy show application…. Apparently Mormons like to baptize dead people.  Go figure.  But then again, I’m not Jewish. … Continue reading

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