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Matt Drudge “Jumping The Shark” Attacking Newt Gingrich With Obvious Pro-Romney Bias

Added Screen Shot #4 – Below are three four screen shots from Drudge captured January 25th at 11:00pm.  We have been pointing out how biased the Pro-Romney Drudge Report is toward Newt Gingrich, but they are really taking things to entirely … Continue reading

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Jan VS. Barry – Dustup In Arizona

My money is on her.  Ding – Ding ! (Politico) It was a tense moment on the tarmac.  President Obama, alighting from the stairs of Air Force One in Phoenix this afternoon, was greeted by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who … Continue reading

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One Big Effen Mistake Obama – The Unintended Consequences Of Political Football Spiking Covert Ops….

If forcing Obamacare down the throats of Americans was a “big effen deal”, then the politicization of bragging about rescuing kidnapped Americans from their captors can only be called one big effen mistake. Don’t get me wrong.   Rescuing Jessica Buchannan (32), and Danish captor … Continue reading

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What About Rick?

Professor Jacobson at LegalInsurrection has a thoughtful consideration: Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Rick Santorum’s campaign? (LI) Rick Santorum has said he will be in the race for the long haul, and I have no reason … Continue reading

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Last Night We Heard The Gospel Of Marx

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Spot On Commentary On The SOTU Address

From Instapundit we get this commentary. LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE GARY JOHNSON EMAILS THIS COMMENTARY ON THE SOTU: “If the idea tonight was that the President would fulfill his constitutional duty to give us ‘information of the State of the Union’, we … Continue reading

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Pelosi Backtracks On Claim She “Knows Something” About Gingrich…

… of course she does.   The goal here is to plant a seed.  A seed of doubt.  It is a new reality in the vast Alinskyesque method of electoral manipulation from the dark heart of entrenched ideological liberalism.  It is, quite … Continue reading

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