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39th March for Life, Something Personal *Bumped for Video Update*

Today is the 39th annual March for Life. This takes place every year on the anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision to legalize abortion. This decision had been called “terrible” even by such pro-choice constitutional authorities as Glenn Reynolds … Continue reading

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Fred Thompson Endorses Newt Gingrich

During GOP debate Fred Thompson endorsed Newt Gingrich on Hannity.. (NewsMax) Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson told Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday night that he is endorsing Newt Gingrich for president. Thompson declared that he likes Gingrich’s low tax … Continue reading

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What is A Brokered Convention?

In case you are wondering what the term means, I found the following definition on Wikipedia: A brokered convention is a situation in United States politics in which there are not enough delegates ‘won’ during the presidential primary and caucus … Continue reading

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A Picture For Floridians – “The Establishment Cohorts”

What is it with all these orange tanned skin tones and their connection to the GOP Decepticon establishment?   Do they all attend the same spa, golf and tennis clubs? FLORIDA – As Mitt Romney puts the South Carolina primary in … Continue reading

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Christie’s “panties in a wad”….. LOL

Yikes, mindbleach quick……  some things thought can never be unthought.  Palin paints the optic for Chris Christie.    Setting him straight and providing a laugh along the way…  Well done.  *snicker*

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GOP Debate Thread – NBC at 9:00pm Eastern: Turmoil in Tampa

ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE Turned into an hour+ long commercial for Ambien NBC = Nothing But Comatosed Tonight the first of two debates in Florida.   This debate will be broadcast on NBC at 9:00pm Eastern Time and carried via … Continue reading

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Sabato Asks: Romney’s Coronation Delayed or Gone Awry?

Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik, U.Va. Center for Politics This much is obvious: South Carolina has proven to be a disaster for Mitt Romney. The size of his defeat by Newt Gingrich — a 12%+ landslide in a four-way race … Continue reading

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