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If you’ve ever wondered which nuclear power plant Homer Simpson works at, I think we’ve found the answer

Doh’….  SPRING CITY, RHEA COUNTY –  (AP) – Mistakes by construction workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar reactor project have idled about 1,000 workers temporarily for a safety talk. TVA ordered the unpaid safety work stoppage at the reactor … Continue reading

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The Romney Reality

Despite what the “establishment” would have us believe this is the reality. Offshore Bank Accounts in the Cayman Islands for favorable tax avoidance. Refusal to release Income Tax Returns because he knows they are damaging. Severe Baggage from Bain Capital … Continue reading

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“We” as in “We The People” are seeing through the manipulations….. Both Media and Decepticons Shrieking

Today is an interesting day indeed. The media’s most recent two attempts at manipulating conservative opinion have blown up in their faces in a BIG way. Simultaneously, and by no means unrelated to their manipulations, support for Mitt Romney is … Continue reading

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After Obama Kills Keystone Pipeline Project Canadian PM Tells Obama They Will Sell Oil To China…

All the false commercials in the world ain’t gonna help avoid the reality on this one Barack.  It’s a part of your record of insufferable ineptitude now…… (Reuters) — President Barack Obama’s decision yesterday to reject a permit for TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone … Continue reading

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Splodey Heads Trying To Explain Support For GOP….

It’s always funny to watch the splodey heads try to put the audience response into their little boxes of explanation.   Whether calling crowds racist, homophobic, or in this case sexist to try and ridicule why conservatives have no respect for … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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