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Final Four – CNN/Tea Party GOP Debate Thread – 8pm Eastern

FINAL FOUR Tonight a very important GOP Primary debate takes place in South Carolina.   It is broadcast live on CNN at 8pm.  It is also live blogged at Tea Party Patriots (Click Here) If you are watching the debate chime … Continue reading

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Palin Defends Newt Gingrich Against Smear Tactics….

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What A Contrast….. Optical Ethic Claims VS Unethical Reality

Yesterday President Obama released a campaign commercial claiming he has been the most ethical administration ever (*here is a screen shot of that video below). Leaving aside the date of the media quote was less than 24 hours after his inauguration January … Continue reading

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Ann Curry Showcases Rabid Liberalism In Media…. At A Remarkably Insane Level

First attacking, and I do mean attacking both in choice of wording and intonation, Newt Gingrich for being a racist, then switching the narrative to his ex-wife and character assassination. If the media, or in this case Ann Curry, was even … Continue reading

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1,000 Days No Budget – “What’s up with that”?

It takes a patriot to stand in front of the media and challenge them to confront Harry Reid about why he avoids the responsibility of a Federal Budget.   Allen West does just that.   This is the message I would keep … Continue reading

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Where Does A Liberal Rat Go After He Jumps The Ship Of A Failed Presidency ?…..

Why, right back into the world of academics of course.   This is wonderful news because it shows how difficult an Obama re-election is.   David Axelrod making plans to teach in Chicago after the election reflects how he is staring at the present … Continue reading

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