Pelosi Begins Backing Away From Occupy Wall Street Fanatics…..

Last week Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chair) made a ridiculous charge about the tone and discourse of incivility being created by the Tea Party.   No one challenged her with the fact that almost 6,000 Occupy Wall Street people have been arrested for Rape, assault, Murder, Arson, Sexual assault, Terrorism, Use of explosives, Child sexual assault, Child prostitution, Drug abuses, and dozen more horrific acts of violence.    6,000 arrests.

With that fact based understanding, it really did seem silly that Debbie W Schultz would label the Tea Party as “uncivil”.    Schultz was actually laughed at for her rabid stupidity, and the progs put her back into her kennel for a while to stop her from providing more ammunition for people to rightfully ridicule Democrats.

The damage control was left to the experts, the handlers, the ones who actually close the door to Debbie’s kennel.

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32 Responses to Pelosi Begins Backing Away From Occupy Wall Street Fanatics…..

  1. ZurichMike says:

    She says whatever her Democrat john wants her to say. Whore.


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  3. Hurray, and too bad these Bishops don’t get the media attention at all!

    Support of Proposition 8

    In 2008, Archbishop Niederauer campaigned in favor of California’s Proposition 8, a ballot measure to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Niederauer claims to have been instrumental in forging alliances between Catholics and Mormons to support the measure. Wrote the San Francisco Chronicle, “Niederauer drew in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and proved to be a critical move in building a multi-religious coalition—the backbone of the fundraising, organizing and voting support for the successful ballot measure. By bringing together Mormons and Catholics, Niederauer would align the two most powerful religious institutions in the Prop. 8 battle.”[3]


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  5. Agreed. The fight is being waged in SF:
    But I’d be a lot happier if there was some teeth behind some of this. I’d like to see stories about Nancy complaining about being denied communion and criticized more often than every year or so. She’s a whore. Call her what she is. There are lives and souls at stake.


    • Menagerie says:

      Absolutely. If the bishops will not take action, what other tough moral choices do they have problems making? Not that this one is a tough choice. Should be cut and dried. And once the Church would have correctly viewed taking actions against Pelosi and her ilk as a serious move to get them to see the error of their ways. To be denied communion was considered a wakeup call, a last ditch effort to bring someone back into the fold, was it not? They do Pelosi no favor by allowing this to go on. Wasn’t it last year that one of the bishops weeweed in one of the Kennedy’s wheaties? I loved that.


      • Yup! By the way, Ann B has a good rant about how the Kennedy’s had a profoundly bad influence on her and delayed her conversion for a bit. If, as Ann claims, the Kennedy clan has been responsible for perhaps millions of Catholics falling away, why did the bishops not see them as worthy of a little slapping upside the heads?


      • Shalini says:

        I seem to be doing this again but I really have to.

        I dislike the Pelosis and Bidens and Kennedys of the American politics. They are a disgrace to the Catholic church and I keep complaining about them to my dad whenever I see a newer a clip of any of ’em proclaiming their Catholic faith. Should they be denied the holy communion? Sure! I was deeply disappointed when I read about the Bishop mass for Ted Kennedy’s funeral. May be it was unchristian of me. But I don’t think people like the above mentioned or Chavez or Mugabe deserve to be considered Catholic and I have no qualms believing that.

        Having said that, the fact that they might not be denied any of the Catholic sacraments don’t affect my faith personally. I wish they would admonish them, (The current pope did. She just doesn’t care. She makes her own theology.) but it shouldn’t really matter much. After all, Christ freely chooses to be present in the Eucharist. He has no obligation to remain in places where He isn’t revered and worshiped. That is the Catechism we learnt, right? Pelosi might believe she is receiving the Eucharistic Christ every time she receives the the communion but what she is receiving is really meaningless, lifeless wafer. If she chooses to deceive her own soul, she will have to face the consequences herself. The only problem I have with the bishops’ inaction is that they are not doing enough to save that willfully lost sheep.

        As for Catholics falling away because of one horrid family being a part of the Church or bad priests, that’s one of my pet peeves. I understand it happens everywhere (it happens over here all the time.), but I wish it didn’t. I’ve had this conversation with my sis several times but I guess she may be right in that I might lack a little empathy. I realize the fact not all beings see it the way I see it. It’s more true over here in my country because not all of the people are well educated (spiritually and otherwise) and the priests and bishops should be extra careful in ensuring they don’t mislead them. Nevertheless, I firmly hold the belief that a soul’s journey towards it’s maker should be personal, devoid of external influences. Why should a human’s action (be it a pope, bishop, priest, nun or laity) turn me away from the Eucharistic Christ? Human beings no matter what position they hold will always be fallen. If I put my faith in them I am bound to be disappointed. Sure, the bishops and priests (as the appointed shepherds) have a job, a responsibility, failing to do which they would be answerable to the One who appointed them. But their failure to do their job should hardly be an excuse for me to not do My job.

        This issue is rather close to my heart because of what happened to my dad. He is a realtor and he was helping the Chennai Mylapore Archdiocese with some expensive business. But the when the going got tough, they threw my dad under the bus. The powers that be in the archdiocese, that is. Not the bishops, their biggest flaw would have been cowardice. Even after severe huge financial loss, harassment, ostracization among the faithful and legal battles (I don’t wish to go in depth), my dad never felt the need to leave the Church. At 74, he still wakes up at 4 and attends the mass every day despite his poor vision. Of course, it’s all resolved now but while it was still happening, he never even thought of being angry with the Church. He believed that though the people who he trusted betrayed him, God would always be faithful to him. Which God was and is. My dad’s name was cleared and people didn’t bother to apologize to him, they simply renewed their friendship with him. But it wouldn’t have been needed anyway, my dad always forgave freely if he ever was angry to begin with. Betrayal is painful, especially when it comes from people of faith. I am just glad I was born to my parents who kept their faith in God and God alone. I learnt my lesson from them so may be that’s why I get irritable when someone makes excuses for leaving the Church. I admit, my sister was right. I am not empathetic at all. But we all have our vices and this is one of mine.

        My emotional rant isn’t directed at any of you, really. It’s just something I come up against, time and again, and I get carried away. I am as imperfect as they come and if any of you feel I am being a pompous ass (again!) please be free to tell me. After all, I did open up myself to ridicule in refusing to see the other side. I just hope I was coherent enough to express why I feel what I feel.

        Oh and I am sorry for all mistakes… grammatical, punctuational or plain incoherency.


        • AFinch says:

          Brava, Shalini! Excellent rant!!


          • Shalini says:

            Which is in some serious need of proof reading!! 😐 I hope I didn’t come across as being holier-than-thou.


            • stellap says:

              Absolutely not! I have always said that you can’t be a “cafeteria Christian”, picking and choosing the doctrines that you agree with, then ignoring or rejecting those that you have decided don’t apply.


        • GFCandinthatorder says:

          Oh very well said Shalini, and I absolutely echo your rant. If there were more ranting going on then there would be more of the right kind of peer pressures to demand the leaders to do something about it.
          So, thank you and RANT ON!


        • Me, too, Shalini! Let me also thank you for the good story and testimony. I disagree about your empathy! And pomposity! You certainly are very empathetic and loving and selfless (and NOT pompous or arrogant) in the way you conduct yourself. The Church teaches (and Jesus demonstrated with the moneychangers in the Temple) that righteous anger and harsh words are good and necessary sometimes. Unfortunately, her bishops don’t always lead by good example. Please keep speaking you mind here, I beg you!


  6. Well it took forever to ever hear much about the Kennedy clan. That is very sour in my memory, concerning the relationship and all.


  7. Welcome to IOTW readers directed to this thread by Claudia’s post over there. She sums up her reaction to the Nancy video this way:
    “After watching this worthless pile of incoherent protoplasm babble on about something or other, I started to feel pity for the poor thing. She needs to retire and take up knitting.”
    Well said, Claudia!


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