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New Zealand Truck Crash Kills Approximately 200 Sheep…. Emergency No-Doze Needed

Exact figures unknown, emergency workers found napping… New Zealand – MORE than 200 sheep have been killed in a truck rollover near Orange  in the NSW central west.   Police say the truck was carrying about 500 sheep when it crashed on  … Continue reading

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How Ugly Is It Gonna Be? Check Out This Newsweek Cover Calling You DUMB!!

This weeks Newsweek cover comes with a headline written by Trig Truther Andrew Sullivan.  You know, the guy who has a ridiculous obsession with Sarah Palin’s uterus.  Yeah, him….   And he’s leading the Obama water-carrying media by calling us “dumb”.

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Huntsman Calls It Quits…RINOs Weep

You know who this helps… (NYTimes)…CHARLESTON, S.C. — Jon M. Huntsman Jr. informed his advisers on Sunday that he intends to drop out of the Republican presidential race, ending his candidacy a week before he had hoped to revive his … Continue reading

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Who decides?

This is Amelia: Amelia is 3. There are a lot of things to know about Amelia, but one of those things is this: Amelia was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. Another thing you should know about Amelia is that she is … Continue reading

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How Ugly Is 2012 Going To Be?

It’s going to be THIS ugly. ……………. or worse

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Rick Perry Defends Pi$$ed Off Marines…..

The total number of political patriots defending the military against ridiculous attacks now climbs to two.  Governor Rick Perry joined Congressman Col Allen West….. (USA Today) — GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry today criticized the Obama administration for its “over … Continue reading

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Hop over to iOTW and tell BigFurHat how good this is.

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