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“Tim Tebow’s Fire”

British rocker John Parr has re-recorded his 1985 #1 song “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion),” with lyrics inspired by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.   He re-recorded the song naming it “Tim Tebow’s Fire”.   I liked the song when it … Continue reading

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Obama Bitches and Moans about pictures with Troops…

Some flippin Commander-In-Chief…..  Michael Hastings’ new book, The Operators, jabs at what could be a vulnerable spot for the Obama Administration, the president’s relationship with the troops.    The book describes a visit to Baghdad: After the talk, out of earshot from … Continue reading

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Palestinian Authority Official Tells Reporters: White House Asked Us Not To Make Any Major Demands Until After Obama’s Reelection…

Does anyone need any more evidence that EVERYTHING Obama says, does, think, and espouse is through the prism of his own re-election and self importance.   C’mon people this is way, way, way beyond the pale of manipulation.    Telling the Palestinians to … Continue reading

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Little Gator Makes A Cameo in Tebow Video….

Whoot.   Check out the 2:16 mark for lil gator.   Gatormom’s little dude  🙂

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President Obama Requests Another $1.2 trillion debt-ceiling increase

Put another way Obama requests to put another $7,000 in debt on every *working man, woman, and child in one swoop.   A Trillion = A Thousand Billions. (*there are approximately 150 million people working) That brings the total U.S. debt … Continue reading

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GM May Halt Production of Chevy Volt, Will Make Them On a Build-To-Order Basis…

Everything about the Chevy Volt is a metaphor for the Obama presidency.   A product that everyone thought was great until they tried it out, now no-one wants it.  It costs way too much.   The performance reviews are horrible.   It was … Continue reading

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Cecilia Munoz – Domestic Policy Council Director

Background?   The usual suspects……. (Aaron Klein) Prior to her appointment yesterday as the next director of President Obama’s Domestic Policy Council, longtime immigration reform advocate Cecilia Munoz served on the board of George Soros’ Open Society Institute.    Munoz also chaired … Continue reading

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