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Oh NO He Didn’t….. Oh, Heck yeah he did !!!…… Go Tebow

WHOOT !!!!! DENVER WINS IN OVERTIME Lil Gator “Tebow” Dude (Gatormom’s boy) growing up to be just like Big Gator…. Two handsome fellas.. Advertisements

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White House Threw SECRET ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Party Bash During Recession, and Hid Their Indulgence From The Media

The Obama administration was hopelessly trying to control the optic and maintain the false guise of humility.   Meanwhile in reality it was the tea party the Obamas’ just couldn’t resist throwing……  Reading about the truth to their indulgent attitudes it really does … Continue reading

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Parents are breaking the age rule to sign their kids up to Facebook. What could possibly go wrong?

“Mom or Dad, can I have a face book account now”?    How would you answer that question?  Do you think there is a difference between how a Progressive parent would answer, and how a Conservative parent would answer.    What age do … Continue reading

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The DOJ’s Political Action

The Justice Department has been empowered to use millions of dollars intended to go to victims of racial discrimination to enrich pressure groups with close White House ties. It’s another revelation of the means the Obama administration is using to … Continue reading

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Good Moment From Debate….

After the prog narrators successfully framed the issue of “Gay Marriage Rights” then spun it into “Gay Adoption Rights”….  they posed the question to the candidates about should gay couples be allowed to adopt?   Almost every candidate was walking right … Continue reading

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Report: Robert Gibbs Had To Tell Michelle Obama Quit Spending Money Lavishly, and State Visits Are Not Your Personal Vacations

After reading all of these reports lately I might just have to buy this book.  Oddly enough, based on three years of reading about her, this new book seems laced with truth.   Michelle is an essentially harboring deep resentments, an angry woman, constitutionally … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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