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Yikes! OMG…. Willard !!!!! – Find The Nest, Call Sigourney Weaver, Kill em’ With A Flamethrower

Yikes….  A 3 foot rat!!!  Anyone got a bunch of 8 foot cats?  Yesterday someone Tweeted this photo of a giant monster rat, supposedly discovered at a Foot Locker in the Bronx. You might recognize this guy, as he bears … Continue reading

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Paul & Huntsman Campaigns Furious Over “Manchurian Candidate” Video Featuring Huntsman’s Adopted Kids – (Video)

I’ll let my fellow ‘Treepers’ make the call on this one… (CBSNews)…Updated 5:21 p.m. Eastern Time… Ron Paul’s campaign is calling on the person who put up a video deeming Jon Huntsman a “Manchurian candidate” to take the spot down, … Continue reading

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Caught: Obama Administration Caught Intentionally Lying About Immigration Enforcement

(National Review) This is remarkable. A just-released Syracuse University study indicates that the government is overstating its enforcement of the immigration laws by a staggering amount. According to TRAC, Syracuse’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency … Continue reading

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Santorum – “Campaigns Aren’t About Alliances, Campaigns Are About Ideas…” – (Audio)

Yesterday there was a lot of buzz on the blogosphere regarding a possible Gingrich-Santorum nonaggression pact.  ‘Sources’ were confirming that there had been discussions within Gingrich’s camp about forging a nonaggression pact with Santorum at the debates…a pact that would … Continue reading

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LA Times Accuses Conservative Bloggers Of Posting “Baldly Racist” Image Of Michelle Obama…

This picture is about two years old and quite funny.   I think we used it when we were discussing the lavish vacation Michelle Obama took to Costa Del Sol during President Obama’s 49th birthday.  Mrs. Obama took the kids and a host … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio Takes Lead On Debt Ceiling Again….

Marco Rubio feels the empowered strength from spending the holiday season around the electorate he represents.  Now he heads back to the Senate to take on the ridiculous spending desires of this administration.   We need someone in the Senate to stand … Continue reading

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America Rescues Iranians Captured By Pirates…..Doubt We Will Get A Thank You

From The New York Times. Thirteen Iranians whose fishing vessel had been seized by pirates in November were rescued by the United States Navy in the North Arabian Sea,the Pentagon announced on Friday. The pirates, who surrendered without a fight, … Continue reading

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