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Aggie Jokes!!! Let The Games Begin….

As yer intrepid reporter, I feel that it’s a publick service to present any and all Aggie jokes aforehand, before we enter into the election season.  Feel free to add yer jokes, comments, whatever, and I’ll feel free to delete … Continue reading

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For Her Next Birthday, How About A Voucher For An Analyst?

Please tell me this is just a joke.  This is so wrong on so many levels….. Mummy, just what I always wanted! Girl, 7, gets £7,000 liposuction voucher for Christmas from ‘Human Barbie’ mum 51-year-old mother claims surgery will ‘come … Continue reading

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Marine faces 15 years behind bars for unknowingly violating gun law – Guess Where?

Yup, once again the populous center of liberalism shows why it is a fortress for all things associated with Moonbat stupidity.   Insufferably ridiculous they are. (via Daily Caller) Ryan Jerome was enjoying his first trip to New York City on … Continue reading

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“America Is Calling”….Rick Perry

Watch the really good ad Rick Perry just released.  It might be coming out too late to help him in Iowa, but will he be able to convert this kind of optimism into votes in New Hampshire?   Can Rick Perry … Continue reading

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Holy Mackerel – Mysterious 20 Ton Fish Kill Appears…… Then Disappears….

(Newser) – First more dead blackbirds in Arkansas, now dead herring in Norway. Tens of thousands of fish blanketed the beach in Kvaenes, a town located north of the Arctic Circle, on New Year’s Eve, reports the AP.   A marine researcher … Continue reading

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The guy busted with the backpack full of explosives at a TX airport on New Year’s Eve is now looking less like a scary terrorist and more like a Special Forces demolition expert planning some awesome fireworks for his buddies

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – A man arrested on New Years Eve at a Texas airport with explosives is an Army-trained demolitions expert and member of the elite Green Berets who served in Afghanistan and is stationed at Fort Bragg, North … Continue reading

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Iowa Tweet Of The Day

Considering Romney in Iowa: 1. Take 25% of the vote in 2008 2. Campaign for 4 more years 3. Poll at 23% in 2012 4. Declare your nomination inevitable. Also, fyi you can text “RESULTS” to 91919 (Data & Msg … Continue reading

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