Veterans Day At Lambeau Field 11-14-11 (This was censored by ESPN)

It’s too bad that ESPN did not share the Green Bay tribute to our troops.   So just for you Treepers here is what ESPN failed to show you Monday night, 11/14/2011.  Apparently, they thought their commercials were more important than showing this scene for about 5 seconds.

This last picture is my favorite.  I imagine the pilots were smiling….. 

Pfffttt…. who needs ESPN. 

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16 Responses to Veterans Day At Lambeau Field 11-14-11 (This was censored by ESPN)

  1. Coyote says:

    Large scale awesome.


  2. LIB-VET says:

    Pretty Cool. This is why i love my country.


  3. Zauber says:

    Wanna see thoe whole tribute:

    As for the VA commercial, my personal opinuion is that the VA has damaged more vets than combat.


    • Steve Rood says:

      ZAUBER!! You Dont know what you are talking about!! The Veterans Administration Has worked for and helped Veterans from all wars!! The V.A. Is a God Send to Veterans!! The V.A. is under funded and under staffed yet they continue to work that way making sure Veterans are cared for and their families are looked after! They are slow because there are so many claims being filed and not enough workers to get it done!! That is not the V.A.s fault! Get out and see for yourself! Go to a V.A. Hospital and see what they do!! Go to a V.A. Regional office and see what they do!! Im a Viet Nam Veteran and I love The Veterans Administration and what they do for Veterans!! God Bless America!!


  4. cjmartel says:

    Hey, have we forgotten these are the same people who FIRED Hank Williams Jr.? But what is really sad, people will continue watching them, and that is what they expecting.


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  6. zmalfoy says:

    Saw someone here sent this in to their local station in Shreveport, LA. Thanks for getting the word out! [Gracie, wuzzat you?]


  7. Steve M. says:

    While it is unfortunate that it wasn’t shown that night, Your comments about ESPN show you are nothing more that another shallow “conservative” crafting your statements and righteous indignation without researching facts. ESPN focused tributes and salutes to veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces ALL WEEK LONG on a host of programs. That they were away from the stadium on a commercial break at the time the sponsors of the stadium display chose to do this is not necessarily the intentional smack at the troops and vets you claim.

    If they had chosen to run that commercial in the middle of the game action to pay for the telecast the redneck football fans would be screaming bloody murder about that.

    Put your money where your mouth is. You had every opportunity to buy the air time on ESPN and then could have chosen to leave the cameras focused on what was happening right there in the stadium. Why aren’t you screaming at yourself for not doing THAT? It’s not ESPN’s fault you didn’t pay them. It’s yours.


    • Menagerie says:

      Your opinion, shallow or otherwise, differs from ours. This is one serious tribute, and deserves to be seen and publicized. It is a tribute to the wonderful fans you called rednecks, as well as to the troops. You are not very good at presenting alternative opinions, are you? Frustrating to not be able to yell at someone, but typical of someone who is threatened by American patriotism, to the point of calling it “shallow” conservative crafting.


      • Steve M. says:

        Read my first phrase again. I agree that it deserved to be shown. Condemning ESPN saying that their commercials were more important to them while not taking into account or praising all of their other efforts is what I’m upset about. I’m tired of both conservatives and liberals who are more concerned about condemning people for one “five seconds” without looking at the big picture or long term. Such a micromanagement attitude based on opinions of people who want control but are not willing to put their own money behind their words is a major part of what’s ruining this country.

        You give ESPN no credit at all for all of their other efforts at recognizing veterans, efforts over a much longer period of time.

        For the record, our family has a long tradition with military service. In the last two generations we have 9 veterans from three branches of the service in addition to my son currently serving overseas and a nephew who reports in a couple of months.


        • texan59 says:

          First, thank you and all your family for your service.

          While I have not seen your posts here in the past, we welcome you here. That being said, I realize no one likes it when it is their ox being gored and apparently something hit a nerve here. It may be true that ESPN did as you said, but some of us feel it is appropriate to call BS on someone when we see it. That does not take away from any positives, but sometimes you have to call it like you see it.

          Reminds me of Richard Nixon and the democrat party. To this day, they demonize the man for a little break-in when in reality he should be hoisted upon their shoulders. He gave them the EPA, OSHA, took us off the gold standard, but all they can do is whine about him being a crook. So ungrateful! 😀


        • barnslayer says:

          Once you start name-calling “redneck” realize what you are doing. You are marginalizing a large segment of very different people in our society by denigrating them. We rednecks you see are not all toothless inbreds. (If you look at the Kennedys there’s probably a limited gene pool being utilized, but I digress). We can’t all be elitist cosmopolitan wine sippers. Many of us could but choose not to live like that. I’m a NYC 57th St. dentist and I am proud to call myself a redneck.
          As far as whose money is being used… we the tax-paying consumers are ultimately paying for it all. ESPN is selling a product to us the consumer. Whether by complaint or boycott we are attempting to influence the product we ultimately purchase. All venders wishing to make a profit should heed the wishes of their desired market.


  8. Brian Eaton says:

    The first three images are from the Veterans Day Tribute presented by USAA on 11/14. USAA has a long-standing legacy of support for the military and its veterans, dating back to the company’s founding in 1922. Green Bay was one of SIX stadiums that participated in full-stadium messages to thank our veterans and military. Other stadiums included San Diego on 11/10, Dallas, Kansas City, San Francisco and Seattle on 11/13. Photos and video of each stadium’s tribute can be found at ESPN aired a few seconds of the tribute (conducted during the National Anthem) during its post-game broadcast, as did the NFL Network on 11/10. CBS Sports and FOX Sports also carried brief clips. The last image is from Green Bay’s 9/11 game.


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  10. Brad Bienvenu says:



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