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Treehouse Advent Calendar — Dec 12

I was all ready to continue with the “gaudete” today. Then the world hit me, too many stories of corruption, deliberate ignorance, and civilization-ending envy. Getting it from several directions set me aback, and chased the “gaudete” away. I know … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Doubles Down On Stupid and Says : “I’d consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt Gingrich” – (Video)

Glenn Beck said this morning on his radio show that if Newt Gingrich is the nominee and Ron Paul runs third party, he’d consider voting for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich . This has lit up the blogosphere with discussion … Continue reading

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The Decepticons Next Strategy – Target Gingrich’s Temperament

The establishment class republicans (Decepticons) and the far left progs will both use temperament to paint Gingrich as a loose cannon.  MBDR in overdrive.  (Mutually Beneficial Destructive Ridicule) DES MOINES — After testing out several lines of attack intended to thwart … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Media Narratives On Gingrich

BigFur does an excellent job of engaging the intellectual reality switch in the “ON” position. He Doesn’t Sound Progressive To Me – By BigFurHat @iOTW Yesterday I requested that people list Gingrich progressive policies that have ever become law. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Tebowing”…Now Officially A Word! – (Video)

‘Tebowing’ becomes officially recognized as a word It appears “Tebowing” is here to stay. (USAToday)…The Global Language Monitor website says it acknowledges that the word Tebowing — the act of taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest — … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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“When Facism Comes To America, It Will Be Waving A Co-Exist Bumper Sticker…”

A Shameful State Department Initiative… (AtlasShrugs)…Shameful indeed: the Obama State Department is meeting today with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss ways to sweep away our fundamental protection against tyranny: the freedom of speech. More on this story. “A … Continue reading

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