Optical Illusions and Falsehoods From The President – Obama Administration Bans Photographers From LA Fundraisers With Rich Donors, Allows Them In At Chicken Shack

Bash the rich, beat the drum for class warfare, then ban cameras from media when you are chumming up with the rich elites eating caviar and drinking champagne.   The President is a man-made fabricated liar, a false idol, a phony shell surrounding the rotten core of a rabid manipulator.

Obama Administration Bans Photographers From LA Fundraisers With Rich Donors, Allows Them In At Chicken Shack(White House Dossier) The White House wants you to see President Obama bash the rich, and everyone in the press corps is invited to cover the various rallies and speeches where he claims average people can’t get a break and the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

What the White House doesn’t want you to see is Obama schmoozing the rich so that he can pocket some of their money for his campaign.

Nothing could be more ostentatious than a Los Angeles fundraiser, replete with movie stars, athletes, and cinema moguls who embody the very exclusivity and bejeweled abundance Obama is not supposed to be about.

So not surprisingly, news photographers were barred from both of Obama’s L.A. fundraisers Monday. The best the public could do was get bare-bones written descriptions of the events that give only a hint of the lavishness that surrounded the president.

From the press pool report at the first fundraiser:

The President appeared at an intimate fund-raising dinner at the home of James and Mai Lassiter in LA’s Hancock Park area. He spoke softly to guests sitting at four tables, 8-10 seats per table. Tickets cost $35,800 per person.

Actor Will Smith, looking dapper in a three piece suit, stood near the back of the room and watched.  Boston Celtics nemesis Magic Johnson sat at a table to the president’s right.

Pool was ushered out after 10 minutes, as potus opened it up for questions . . .

Pool is holding contentedly near the Lassiter’s lighted backyard pool, enjoying a cool LA breeze and snacking on individual-size pizzas.

And from the second:

About  8:20 p.m. local time, pool was led to the rear of the imposing Spanish-style mansion of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith and into a large white tent where about 200 people sat in folding chairs, just as someone said “the program” would continue soon. That gave the crowd, who paid at least $5,000 each, time to ogle the riff-raff of the Fourth Estate as we took our seats at the rear.

Soon, to enthusiastic applause, the hosts and POTUS entered with Eva Longoria, who introduced the president, as folks stood holding cameras and cellphones above their heads.

Meanwhile, news photographers were welcomed earlier in the day when Obama made an unscheduled stop at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in West L.A., where he ordered the No. 9, “Country Boy” – 3 wings with choice of waffle, potato salad or French fries for $8.90.

Because that’s who Obama is supposed to be.  (read more)

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  6. NM Pancho says:

    Does anyone know what or who the “Mellow Jihadi” is all about?
    WTF is “Handmaidens and Hand-Male-Version-of-Maidens”?
    it’s in the pingback list.



  7. NavyOne says:

    Hi Guys,

    NavyOne here, the Mellow Jihadi is my blog.
    Because your post was picked by the Watcher of Weasels, you get linked by all the folks in the Council. I am an active-duty Navy guy and part of their group. Nice site you have here!



  8. Sharon says:

    Hey, NavyOne…I’m late to this particular party, but welcome to the tree. Grab yourself a good branch….make yourself at home 🙂


    • NavyOne says:

      Thanks Sharon! (Looking for good branch. . .)


      • NM Pancho says:

        Someone’s been hitting the tippy bottle too much tonight?
        I see some icons that have mysteriously appeared in parts of the thread that weren’t there initially…
        We got nuked by the icon fairy bomber. Holy KFCs….https://i2.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/obscene-smiley-7213.gif


        • I don’t know about you, Panch, but I’m feelin’ a little envious. I don’t remember getting this kind of welcome when I started hanging out at the Treehouse. In fact, I could swear they dropped the rope ladder on my head a few times. Memory’s not too clear, though…. 😉


          • NM Pancho says:

            Something else is up.


          • NM Pancho says:

            If they are in range, you are too. Thats the way they do it at the Chicken Shack.


          • Sharon says:

            If you guys look way back—if the smileys have been able to hang on–you’ll find that everybody used to throw smileys around, although SD has always been the best at it….somewhere along the line, things got crazy and the smiley store just didn’t get as much business. Although, bearing in mind the particular makeup of you two, I’m not sure we would even want to have you working the options there. Might have completely unintended consequences.


            • NM Pancho says:

              scratch scratch https://i1.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/confused-smiley-17428.gif


              • I think she’s saying we’re too dangerous or stupid to be allowed to use the animated smileys. But little does she know, we know HOW, we just have too much restraint, right Panch? *snork* Ok, I can’t say that with a straight face.


            • You got some good point there, Sharon, but as soon as I figure out exactly how you just insulted us, Ima gonna get you good! 😉


              • NM Pancho says:

                Nice. 😉
                Me too.


              • Sharon says:

                https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/confused-smiley-17434.gif Y’see, right here, if I had the patience, I’d go find a smiley. I insulted you sirs? Prove it.


                • NM Pancho says:

                  What you talkin’ about, Willis? https://i2.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/confused-smiley-17432.gif


                • Don’t have to prove it. Just like harassment, if you made me sad, you’re guilty.


                  • Sharon says:

                    Oh, crap I should never even start this kind of stuff. I am so not good when I’m dealing with the big dogs and I decide to run and play just because it’s a hoot!!!

                    Back up on the porch for me!….

                    and in a bit, off to Multnomah Falls just because I can. I have SO looked forward to living close enough to Multnomah Falls that I could just go there because I felt like it, and don’t have to “work it in” to the “first day’s drive home”….facing 2000 miles behind the wheel. 30 miles out. Love it.

                    Catch you later…..;)


                  • Sharon says:

                    Gotta tell ya, Grunt, that emoticon is about the saddest thing I have ever seen….and on my weak days, it’s real easy to pull the guilt strings. That about did it…..but now I’ve been to Multnomah Falls and returned: I saw 14 amazing dogs, talked with 7 different very interesting people (including a lady from “upstate New York” who currently lives in Ojai, CA); a Vietnam vet….helicopter pilot who was at Khe Sahn when things were going down; and a gal at the cash register whose mother grew up in Valley City, ND and who has vacationed at Otter Tail Lake, which was about 10 miles from where we lived. We had a fun, fun, fun afternoon….including making a group purchase with 3 ladies we had never met, in order to get the “buy 3/get one free” deal on reversible, rain-resistant amazing Multnomah Falls jackets!! That was a screaming hoot! I LOVE people like that….we just acted like family while I processed the American Express for the purchase of four jackets after they gave DH the cash and then held him as collateral until the deal was done. Good times. So the point is, after having this great time, ya gonna try and guilt me? Forget it!! 😉


          • To the best of my knowledge, your first comment was here.


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  11. Sundance or Butch, whoever you are, you’re killing me with the smiley insertions! Nicely done! I’m just worried that it will attract enough attention that Tilda will notice what we did to her on this thread. Then we’ll be sorry. 🙂 https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/tongue-smiley-8861.gif


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  13. NavyOne says:

    Whoah, lots of smileys. . .https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-556.gifhttps://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-556.gifhttps://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-556.gifhttps://i1.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/kilroy-smiley-6254.gifhttps://i1.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/kilroy-smiley-6254.gif


    • WeeWeed says:

      I’ll say ‘hi’ and welcome to ya now, Navy1 – I’m one of those that does NOT stay up all night, so I missed you last evening! We’re watchin’ beseball-my-life right now. https://i1.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/sport-smiley-7864.gif


  14. NavyOne says:

    Hi WeeWeed. Go Dodgers!


  15. Sharon, are you saying that you left your husband as collateral with 3 strange women while you took their cash and purchased “rain jackets” or whatever the kids are calling it these days? Sister, after that, I’m not sure I can put the guilt trip on you for anything. 😉


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