MSNBC Declares The Conservative Treehouse and The Associated Press are Racist

I’m telling y’all straight up, this racism charge is only just beginning.   Seriously.  I know many of you think it’s funny and tiresome, but let me tell you frankly that it hasn’t even begun yet.   We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.   Now the back story…..

If you have watched the video of President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, you will note the dialect, intonation, and specific intentional style he presented for his audience.   He was specifically, and intentionally, using an African-American linguistic style to emphasize his message.   Having watched, and listened to numerous previous Obama speeches, you cannot be intellectually honest and view his presentation in any other fashion.

The Associated Press considered this in their transcribed headline:  “Obama Tells CBC To Stop Complainin'”   Note they transcribe as it was spoken without the “G”.   This is the same transcription method I use when transcribing quotations.   It is honest to transcribe the verbage as it was spoken to present the inflection, eloquence and intonation with the quote.   However, MSNBC in their insufferable progressive drumbeat of Obama protectionism declares that style of transcription to be, wait for it, yep, “racist”.  Read about and watch the MSNBC panel discussion HERE 

Here is the explanation from AP:

Normally, I lean toward the clean-it-up school of quote transcribing — for everyone. But in this case, the President appeared to be making such a point of dropping Gs, and doing so in a rhythmic fashion, that for me to insert them would run clearly counter to his meaning. I believe I was respecting his intent in this. Certainly disrespect was the last thing I intended.

Presenting the transcription with the dialect and intonation is racist according to MSNBC, and more specifically the insufferable progressive Chris “Obama has superpowers’ Hayes.  He presents on his MSNBC panel show ‘reflective transcription’ as evidence of racism.

See How Chris Hayes views Obama in this video:

This is the Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachael Maddow, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell school of race baiting and avoidance.   It is a strategic effort with specific forethought to avoid actual intellectual engagement of Obama policies.    They seem to surreptitiously ignore the fact Obama was talking to a Congressional “Black” Caucus, by its very charter a keen racist organization focusing special interest points only based on the color of a person’s skin.

Intellectually I admit I used to cover for this myself, avoiding the mannerisms that Obama used.   I was wrong.  He really is deeply committed to race baiting.   The most racist part of me was actually the part that was cutting him slack and avoiding the discussion because he was black.  That is wrong.  It is insulting to black people.  It is insulting to black greatness, and the intellect of great black people to ignore an evident fact merely because of an internal fear of being labeled myself.   I’m admitting my failing, time for the rest of the word to do the same.   Barack Obama is part of an apparatus that thrives on the fear of racism.   They succeed by planting guilt upon the audience to stop them from pointing out the obvious.

Just like the fact Obama is NOT the least bit intellectual, so to is he NOT post-racial despite the narrative created by the media.    The Obama machine is ratcheting up the drum beat of subtle racism at almost every opportunity.   Even his call to “march with me” during this aforementioned speech is ridiculous.     He’s in charge.  He is, for all intents and purposes “the man”.   He lives in the White House.   He is the President of The United States Of America.   Who exactly is he marching against?

And whoever they are, where are they?

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33 Responses to MSNBC Declares The Conservative Treehouse and The Associated Press are Racist

  1. For a perfect example of how the media creates the narrative within the reference in order to frame a false position see Len’s comment on the Video of Obama at CBC thread.

    Perfect timing.

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  2. There’s an African-American linguistic style?????

    GTF outta here!

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  3. NM Pancho says:

    He sounded fake. I had to stop watching it.


  4. Terri says:

    There is no black or African American linguistic style. Once again, some people seem to feel the need to show their ignorance. I’m black. I don’t drop letters off the endings of words. Does that mean I’m not black? As far as who is Mr. President asking us to march against; it is the republicans in congress that try to block all legislation. Yes, he is the President. However, he can not do ANYTHING without the approval of congress.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Thank you for reminding him of congress. And, welcome!


    • I grew up in New Jersey, but I don’t have a New Jersey accent. Does that mean I’m not from New Jersey?

      There certainly are different linguistic styles in different parts of the country, AND, often within ethnic groups. Not everyone from that region or that ethnic group talks that way, of course. But one of the key things you are missing here is that Democrat politicians have a track record of altering their linguistic style to match what THEY perceive to be the linguistic style of the group to whom they are speaking. Hillary Clinton has done it, Joe Biden has done it, and Barack Obama has done it, as he did here. You can’t deny that the linguistic style he used with this audience was different than the linguistic style he normally uses. What is your explanation for WHY HE DID SO?!?


    • NM Pancho says:

      Go to the deep south. Stay a few days. Go to the BBQ shacks. Hit a few bars and be sure to visit the bars with a real blues band playing. Listen. “Nawlinz” would be a good stop…or anywhere along the Mississippi Delta. Anything further south will only accentuate that thick southern drawl. But, it’s ok.
      Now, head over to the desert southwest. Stay a few days. Eat some good local food. Be sure to hit a few bars and listen to the music. Anything from San Antonio to Phoenix would be good for that experience.
      Oh, while you are at it, go visit the northwest (Portland or Seattle) and do all the same…continue this practice on up to the northeast…make your way back to the east coast…
      Try Tennessee. Alabama. Georgia. Oklahoma. Try North Dakota.

      So…yeah…what do you think now?

      Linguistic styles are widely studied, because they DO exist. You can’t say they don’t exist. Sorry Terri. I’m not buying your statement that “There is no black or African American linguistic style.” Obama’s linguistic style obviously fluctuated in that video. Why?


      • texan59 says:

        You forgot to mention IN. That is where all the TV newspeople come from because they have NO accent!!!

        Terri, we’re glad you’ve come by but, you have to have your A game here. These folks don’t grade on a curve, nor, do you get a trophy for just showing up.


    • Terri, firstly if there is no black, or African American, linguistic style then what is “ebonics”? Secondly, was the destination of the march different before the last 8 months when Democrats were in control of both houses of congress and the White House, or is this a new march?

      Who do you refer to when stating “some people seem to feel the need to show their ignorance”? Were you referring to President Obama?

      Note: Ebonics has primarily been used to refer to African American Vernacular English (AAVE), a dialect distinctively different from Standard American English.

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    • CC says:

      you actually believe there is no ‘African American linguistic style.” . . .so there’s no “Southern backwoods hick’ or ‘ damn Northern yankee” style either, I suppose. . . ? What an idiot.


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  6. T says:

    So, if George W. Bush drops the terminal “g” it is Southern/Texan dialect and he’s just bein’ good ole boy folksy self but if Barak Obama does the same, then it is a ‘black’ dialect and he’s pandering? Is that only because he isn’t from the South?

    Who actually uses the term ‘ebonics’ except in negative connotation and association with blacks?


    • Nobody said anything about George W. Bush. Stay on topic.

      Ebonics is not only taught to teachers as a recognized dialect, for the past two decades it has been most commonly used to describe the African American Vernacular English (AAVE).


      • T says:

        @sundance re the comment on Bush: Compare and contrast… is this concept no longer being taught in school? I brought up Bush as a comparison to Obama. How about grammar and punctuation? Perhaps I’m too old for this debate.


        • Comparison requires a similarity that is not present and completely avoids the central issue. It is an avoidance tactic. No-one was ever accusing transcriptions for Bush speeches to be “racist”. The media folk did call many of his comments “stupid”, but for the central issue of this thread your divergent non-comparision attempt at comparison is disengenuous.

          Did Obama change his dialect, tonnation, and inflexion during this speech?
          And why is it racist to point out that he did?

          These are the 3 central questions. It is intellectually dishonest to ignore, divert, or distract from answering these questions by placing questions on a former president who draws no historic parallel to these 3 questions.


    • Who actually uses the term ‘ebonics’ except in negative connotation and association with blacks?

      Who actually uses the term ‘nigger’ except blacks in association with blacks?

      If that’s not part of a ‘black’ dialect, then why is it perfectly acceptable for a black to use that word, but absolutely unacceptable for a non-black to use that word?

      [ And, for the record, I am not in favor of ANYONE using that word. ]


      • T says:

        > why is it perfectly acceptable for a black to use that word, but absolutely unacceptable for a non-black to use that word?

        Certain feminists use the c-word in reference to each other. It is a matter of the dominant group in a society using a slur compared to the targeted group embracing a term to take its sting. Non-black people do use the n-word frequently; I hear it used disparagingly all too often. I call people on it when I can. I, too, am not in favor of anyone using the term either.


        • I hear it used disparagingly all too often.

          Do you have any evidence of that which you could share with us? I’m not saying that you’re lying, but it would be helpful to have video evidence that you could share.

          One of the Democratic Congressmen claimed that he was called that word as he walked across the street to the Capitol building for the Obamacare vote. Breitbart offered a large reward to anyone providing video evidence of the offense. But even though the Congressman was surrounded by people with video cameras, and members of the media, no one came forward with any evidence to support the claim.

          I do not doubt that you have heard that word used disparagingly in your lifetime. I just don’t think that it happens very often in today’s world. If it’s happening more than I think, please enlighten me with evidence.


  7. Gerald says:

    The ignorance of your astronomical. To blindly think that only African Americans drop letters in pronunciation or that only African Americans could relate to the point that President Obama was making is the most racist, well maybe not the most racist because the Tea Party has held up that banner, but a very racist way of thinking. It is a sad day in America when people a clearly fooled by racism masked and patriotism.


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  9. Sharon says:

    Looks like you attracted some racialists, Sundance.


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  12. Southern Son says:

    Racism is, as Racism does. When they throw that racism at you, you will never convince them otherwise. Alinsky 101. We know RFRADICALS better than they do. We just shouldn’t participate in it. I’m a proud Ga. CRACKER. If Im to be labled, at least get it right, and know True origin of term. Couldn’t help myself, because I am Not, a Racist Ga. Cracker.


  13. Only racist I know are Obama and his band of OUTLAWS- the vid has been removed- can’t have people seeing the real thug behind the curtain!


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