Curiosor and Curiosor….. Headed to Camp David Marine One Diverts, Obama Disappears, Arrives Via Motorcade….

(CNN) — President Barack Obama left for Camp David on Marine One Friday but, in a twist that has left some White House reporters scratching their heads, he apparently arrived at the presidential retreat by car.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained the decision not to land at Camp David was made in advance because of the weather. Marine One landed at an alternate site near Frederick, Maryland and the president and his daughter, Sasha, rode in a motorcade the rest of way to the compound.

Because it is customary practice that the traveling press pool is included whenever the president uses a motorcade, reporters naturally wondered why the pool was not part of the trip or even informed that the president would use a motorcade ahead of time.

Meanwhile, CNN’s weather team found no signs of stormy weather in the area at the time Marine One departed the White House. The White House said there were no mechanical issues with the presidential helicopter.

“It was a bit of a surprise because he (Obama) usually does not land here. They usually go all the way to Camp David,” said Kristy Rossignuolo, a customer service representative at the Frederick Municipal Airport.(article)

Full blown Sundance speculation follows.  Based solely on prior precedent (see campaign diversions), general tendencies (known off site secret meetings), and recognition of an imminent scandal (fast and furious) allow me to speculate the obvious –   Something is up with the closed session Press Conference about White House contact with Operation Fast and Furious occurring on the same day that Marine One mysteriously provides Obama undocumented time without press corp, official photographer, or followers.   Could it be that he met someone in that alternate landing site for a brief discussion of the pending scandal?   Perhaps a brief transport with an unknown passenger (Holder?) and perhaps legal advice team to talk and coordinate about strategy?

Just saying……   And It ain’t a stretch.

Obama’s more famous ‘Historical Diversions’ for Secret Meetings:

  1. Transparent” White House caught having secret off site meetings to avoid documented White House visitor registration requirements.
  2. Obama slips the press by flying press corp to Chicago while he hangs back in DC holds secret meeting with Hillary Clinton, and possibly attends Bilderberg Meeting which coincidently took place in Virginia less than 6 miles from Dulles on same date.
  3. Candidate Obama Ducks Press then Heads to Hawaii to settle issues with Hawaii Democrat Party’s inability to vouch for his eligibility.   Hides behind cover of ailing grandmother.

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24 Responses to Curiosor and Curiosor….. Headed to Camp David Marine One Diverts, Obama Disappears, Arrives Via Motorcade….

  1. NM Pancho says:

    …or maybe his little girl needed to use the facilities, immediately?


  2. Obama’s more famous ‘Historical Diversions’ for Secret Meetings

    I personally think that his golf outings aren’t about golf at all… they are secret meetings that get to be held outside of any official recordkeeping of visitors to see the President.

    Obama’s not really any good at golf. Recently, he didn’t even play a hole where the press was waiting to see him play. It’s not about golf. It’s about who he’s meeting with…


  3. tnwahm says:

    RE: Bilderburg meeting: I’m confident that there are many regulars here that believe in the conspiracy with the NWO and Bilderburgs. The “debate” that I’m having on FB right now is with a NWO conspiracist. It started as an a discussion about James Madison and Ron Paul. When I mentioned Sarah Palin as my top choice, she tried to tie Palin with Henry Kissinger and the NWO. Another of her friends jumped in an started yelling at me about being deceived and ignorant. In essence my reply was that the most often repeated command in the Bible is to “Fear Not” and that if I followed all the conspiracy theories out there, I would be living in fear. We’ve gone back and forth with him yelling at me with quotes about that real believers will not live in peace and that I was being deceived like everyone else.

    My question is this. How do you reconcile your belief that Ron Paul is a nut and that many of his supporters are conspiracy nuts; while many of us wear tin-foil hats ourselves?


    • stellap says:

      I think there’s a difference between being skeptical and looking over your shoulder, and completely diving off the deep end. It’s like the Truthers; I watched the program on Nat Geo last night about them. No matter what data comes up that doesn’t support their crazy theories, they reject it, or refuse to look at it, or say it’s corrupted.


      • Stella is absolute correct in defining the difference between “Conspiracy Nuts” and “Tin-Foil Skeptics”. When faced with evidence to support a change in position us Tin Foilers will absorb the new information and if it contradicts our prior position we will change or adjust. Conspiracy Nuts will dismiss ANY information that does not support their theory, and instead only acknowledge those data sets that support their views.


  4. pizzaman says:

    how long was obama unaccounted for (because i might have a theory)?


  5. stellap says:

    What about the time he was supposed to be attending his daughter’s soccer game, and wasn’t there?


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