Governor Palin….Time To Shoot Straight With America!

Iowa Ruckus Exclusive: Palin Will Not Run For President (?)

(TIR)(h/t JRD)-As I jumped in my car yesterday and headed home from work, I immediately recognized the raspy, Texas-seasoned voice coming across Newsradio 1040 WHO.  It was Ken Crow, founder of Tea Party of America, the organization sponsoring this weekend’s “Restoring America Event,” which will feature former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Gov. Perry talking wih Ken Crow, President of Tea Party of America

I recognized Crow’s voice because, while attending the Polk County GOP Summer Picnic on Saturday afternoon, I had been approached by Crow who was hoping to arrange a meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry, a presidential candidate and one of the speakers at the event.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I was at the event as a Perry volunteer, signing people up to receive additional information about the candidate.  Crow, apparently not realizing that I was a nobody who has never even met Perry, let alone someone who has any sway whatsoever with his campaign (in fact, I’ve not endorsed any candidate and I was simply there as a favor to a friend), told me he wanted to meet with the Texas Governor and perhaps endorse him in the near future.

“I love Sarah Palin,” Crow told me, “but I know for a fact she ain’t gonna run.”

WHO Radio's Simon Conway

Now, many readers may consider the source less than credible, but consider: this guy runs an organization that has put up some pretty serious coin to bring Palin to Iowa for the “Restoring America Event.”  Wouldn’t he have at least a little inside knowledge about her true intentions?  What sealed it for me was listening to Crow’s interview with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway yesterday (Podcast here).  In one exchange (18:30 of the Podcast), Conway told Crow, “you shouldn’t comment on [Palin running for President] Ken, because people will start reading between the lines and, you know, we’ve gotta make it clear we still don’t know if she’s gonna announce.”

“That is true,” was Crow’s puzzling response.

In other words, Ken Crow and “Tea Party of America” are just using the hype of a potential Palin announcement to promote their event.  Even the poll question on their site today is, “When do you think Sarah Palin will announce as a candidate for the Presidency?”  Top answer (by far): “On Sept. 3rd at the [Restoring America] event.”  But the reality is that they already know Sarah Palin “ain’t gonna run.”

But why wouldn’t they use such a ploy?  This is the same strategy that Sarah Palin herself is currently implementing.  Act like she’s gonna run, whip the media into a frenzy, stay relevant and then let the lucrative book and TV deals continue to role in.  Now, most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s been kind of fun watching the mainstream media ineptly try to figure it out.

The problem is that now it’s crunch time.  The presidential primary season is in full swing and Palin’s feigned flirtation with running for President has left a lot of party faithful on the sidelines when they should be engaged, vetting the other candidates and choosing the best nominee to put forward next year.  It’s an important election, the outcome of which will not only decide the Leader of the Free World, but also the character of our nation for generations to come.  The time has come for self promoters to stop gumming up this vital process.  Even Donald Trump has already moved on!

So Governor Palin, if your goal truly is ”Restoring America,” then start by shooting straight with her.  Let the people know that you have already decided not to run.  Then, you can click here for translation services and get on with the business of making your money, and we can get on with the business of replacing President Obama.


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25 Responses to Governor Palin….Time To Shoot Straight With America!

  1. WeeWeed says:

    And who is Tea Party of America? Never heard of them, either.


  2. OK Puddy. Fess UP. Is she or isn’t she?


    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      Not much. What do you think?


    • Directions from “The Donald”.


    • Ad rem says:

      Well, the press sound like they’ll have the long knives out awaiting her arrival. Why would she be trying to build up her diplomatic credentials if she wasn’t still eying a run? Of course, who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with Gorden Brown and Larry Summers?

      I think this Iowa business has the potential to blow up in Perry’s face….remember pics of him and Crow are all over the nets by now. And, he desperately needs the TP voter to win….the same voter he’s just p*ssed off. It looks like Palin’s already rescheduled the event with the folks at C4P….and the show will go on. It’s all good…..


  3. WaltzingMtilda says:

    “Palin’s feigned flirtation with running for President”

    I don’t think it’s feigned. I am still one of those who think she is smart to keep the speculation going…I truly believe she will know what to do when the time comes, and that may be running or it may be not running.

    Ken Crow seems like a decent guy, but I highly doubt he has the definitive answer on Sarah’s decision.


  4. November 2012 is 15 months away….. Anyone who has not heard of her or who doesnt know who she is can be classified a drooling retard with a helmet… Seriously!

    She could wait until january of next year to announce and still pull in enough support or make a really strong showing if not ouright win in a landslide.

    Sara is making strategic decisions not batlefield ones…


    • AFinch says:

      I think the first state filing deadlines are mid-late October 2011, but agree 100% with your overall point.


    • NM Pancho says:

      oooofah….Ms. Hart, I don’t know that we are THAT cruel. I certainly have enough empathy for our brethren, kin-folk and neighbors who do have to wear helmets and drool on themselves. We call them “challenged”, and we try to help them along in life.
      Now, if these same folks are fortunate enough to make a life for themselves…in say…government, well, then we call them “politicians”.
      Compassion is the word of today. Compassion.
      Can’t have the liberal base thinking that we are heartless bastids…really, c’mon now!


      • butchcracker says:

        Amen pancho,Amen……
        That was wayyyyy outta line….
        oooofah indeed…


      • Are you saying you have actually MET commies or even a politician that are not helmet wearning retarded morons??

        Please… Puleezzz… Point them out!!

        Incidentally I’ve kinda given up on the whole be really nice and rearange everything to suit some PC language nazi who is terrified of having their delacate sensibilities tarnished.


        • NM Pancho says:

          Ms Hart…sarcasm? Lately?
          Was making a point that our dear challenged citizens have way more of my respect than the village idiot politicians. They are the ones who should be wearing the straight jackets and put in the padded cells.

          Easy now killer…easy.


  5. Solaratov says:

    Palin gets a “lot of money” from different people to speak at their get-togethers — but I seriously doubt that she has told them of her plans. Why would she tell Ken Crow just because he arranhes an Iowa outing?
    Hell, I’ve given money to sarahpac – and long before Crow came on the scene – but Sarah has yet to whisper in my ear, “Sol, I’m gonna/not gonna run.”
    It’s my opinion that Crow is claiming ‘insider information’ that he doesn’t have; and won’t have any sooner than the rest of us.

    As far as Sarah announcing, I hope she delays until the field has been sorted out a bit more. Let some of the runners reveal a bit more of who and what they are and what they envision for America. Not all of those who claim the mantle of “Conservative Champion” are what they seem to be. Some are obvious RINOS. And some are scorpions – who cannot deny or escape their basic nature for long (scorpion-frog-river-bite 😉 )
    Now, we have all lauded Sarah for having good political instincts and for doing what the opposition does NOT expect — so why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist now, lust because the lsm is demanding an answer from her? You’re falling into a leftist trap, people. The left has been made foolish so many times by Sarah that they are now afraid to openly challenge her. So — they try to set up her supporters as foils to do their dirty work. They figure that Sarah’s supporters can demand an answer that the lsm can’t elicit from her; and force her to reveal her hand prematurely. Don’t fall for it people!
    You signed on for this ride – and it hasn’t even gotten well-started yet. If you’ve trusted Sarah this far – and she hasn’t screwed over us yet – why not keep trusting those instincts we all admire for a bit longer.

    In other words: It’s time to cowboy the fuck up and drive on!!


    • NM Pancho says:

      hmph. Now those words in the last line I understand.


    • My thinking, too, Sol. Why are we doing the LSM’s work now? After all this time? Since when does Crow deserve our credulity? Stay on target. Well put, sniper-dude.


    • AFinch says:

      Woo Hoo!! I’m on the Palin express until she tells me the ride is over.


      • Phil Arnold says:

        There are huge numbers of us who are “on the Palin express until she tells [us] the ride is over.” I know for a fact that Tammy Bruce, Peter Singleton, and Michelle McCormick have all had the opportunity to spend time with Sarah Palin lately, and not one of them has indicated that Palin said anything to them to suggest that “the ride is over”.

        I talked with a political reporter from a cable news network yesterday who indicated that he felt the events that transpired yesterday tend to indicate that Palin is going to run for president. If she were planning to announce that she is not going to run, there would have no reason to care with whom she might be sharing the stage.


    • Phil Arnold says:

      Very well put. I agree completely!


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