Norway Gunman Anders Behring Breivik Released Manifesto on the Web – Video and 1,500 page document

(TV 2 – Google Translator) Now that the 32-year-old terror accused Oslo man has confessed to having published the material on the web.  There are sources in the police confirming this to the TV 2.  Anders Behring Breivik (32) Prior to the attacks, published a long manifesto and a video on the Internet, where he describes the attacks he was about to
perform.   Both the video and the document is apparently published online on Friday 22  July – the day the attacks occurred.

The video and document  “Marxist Hunter”.   It is about more than twelve minutes long video, which Behring Brevik compare themselves with Knights, and encourage a year-long war against Marxism and Islamism.  He has also published a manuscript of 1,500 pages which he explains very extreme political views. In addition, he describes in detail how an attack to be carried out. Everything from the use of the car bomb of the type of equipment to be used in an attack.

On an image that has not previously been known pose the seemingly Anders Behring Breivik in a diving suit with what looks like an automatic rifle.  On his shoulder he has a badge that says “Marxist Hunter.”   In the document, which is over 1500 pages the author elaborates on events throughout history and will repeatedly return to the Knights Templar, or Knights Templar as they say in English.

Today, the Knights Templar, an order within the Masonic movement, which also Anders Behring Breivik was a member of.  He will now be excluded from the Masonic Order.

He used 80 days in preparation – In the extensive material the author detailed the
plan of action, and the production of the bomb.   How he spent a total of 80 days in preparation, but that he later saw that he could have completed the process in under 30 days.    He also calculates how many people could have made preparations in half the time.

In a  detailed diary he writes how he was in May, drove up to the house he rented at
Rena with a rented Fiat Doblo and the weeks of preparation.   The extremely precise action plan concluded with the following quote: “I think this will be my last entry. It is now Friday 22 july.   The time is 12.51. “(The quotation is translated from English).  The document is signed with a pseudonym as the most likely Behring Anders Breivik.   He signed with the title Justicia Knight Commander, Knights Templar Europe, the Knights Templar Norway.  (read more)

pdf file available via Scribd (large 1,500+ page file)

Oslo, Norway (CNN) — A rambling, 1,500-page manifesto purportedly written by the suspect in Friday’s bloody terror attacks in Norway lays out right-wing extremist views and vows that a “European civil war” will lead to the execution of “cultural Marxists” and the banishing of Muslims.

While the title page of the document says “By Andrew Berwick,” the writer goes on to later to identify himself as Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect in the Norwegian terrorist attacks.

The document, which is part political diatribe, part confessional and part action plan, details Breivik’s background and his plans to commit Friday’s attacks. It also contains various photos of him.

“If you are concerned about the future of Western Europe you will definitely find the information both interesting and highly relevant,” the author writes, adding later that the work took him nine years to complete.

CNN has not been able to independently verify that the document was written by Breivik. But police told the Norwegian newspaper VG that the document is “linked” to Friday’s attacks.

Breivik is charged in an Oslo bombing and mass shooting on Utoya Island that left at least 92 people dead.   Geir Lippestad, who identified himself as the suspect’s lawyer, told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that Breivik believed the attacks were “horrible” but “necessary,” and would explain himself in court Monday.

The manifesto includes photos that appear to match those of the suspect, some of which had been posted on his Facebook page and several never-before-seen images of the same man. The author leaves clues about his family and background, and also indicates that English is his “secondary language.”    The document is titled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” a date that the author later explains is the year he believes an European civil war will end with the execution of cultural Marxists and the deportation of Muslims.

This “civil war” would come in three phases, he predicts. The first runs through 2030 and includes “open source warfare, military shock attacks by clandestine cell systems (and) further consolidation of conservative forces.”

Between 2030 and 2070, he calls for “more advanced forms of resistance groups (and the) preparation of pan-European coup d’etats.” The final stage features the deposition of Europe’s leaders and “implementation of a cultural conservative political agenda.”

The author states that he was moved to action dating to “my government’s involvement” in NATO’s 1999 strikes during the Kosovo campaign, claiming this wrongly targeted “our Serbian brothers (who) wanted to drive Islam out by deporting the Albanian Muslims back to Albania.”

He also criticizes “my government’s cowardly handling of the Muhammad cartoon issue” — a reference to the Norwegian government’s apology for the nation’s private newspapers having repeatedly published the controversial cartoon. Another reference blasts Norway, home of the Nobel awards, for awarding a peace prize to former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

“The situation is just chaotic,” he writes, noting that “thousands of Muslims” are coming into his country annually. “These suicidal traitors must be stopped.”

The author delves into great detail about his bomb-making experiments, including a theory that one should purchase a farm so that purchase of large amounts of fertilizer — which can be used to make bombs — is less likely to be noticed.

Oddmy Estenstad, an employee at a Norwegian agricultural cooperative, told CNN that Breivik bought six tons of fertilizer from her company in May.

“Be extra careful when researching for bomb schematics (fertilizer bombs), as many terms will trigger electronic alerts,” he writes, one of several tips that include using an “anonymous laptop and browse free to your local McDonalds” in order to “avoid ending up on any watch list.”

Besides hands-on instructions, the document also functions as a running diary. It also includes references to his relatives’ sexual indiscretions, entries on some of his friends’ personal lives, and his own off-and-on steroid use.

From July 2 on, though, the author becomes more business-like and complains that going off his testosterone supplements had ramped up his “aggressiveness.” He then digs up his guns and prepares the bombs. It all leads up to July 22, the date of the Norway terror attacks.

“The old saying ‘if you want something done, then do it yourself’ is as relevant now as it was then,” he writes. “In many cases; you could do it all yourself, it will just take a little more time. AND, without taking unacceptable risks. The conclusion is undeniable.

“I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51.”

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31 Responses to Norway Gunman Anders Behring Breivik Released Manifesto on the Web – Video and 1,500 page document

  1. While the leftist and Islamic supremacist ghouls rush to portray Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian and even as an anti-jihadist, the unanswered questions multiply. Why did a jihad group take credit for the atrocities, and then retract? And who altered the murderer’s Facebook page? Yesterday, at the time that his name was released, his Facebook page looked like this (hat tip Vivien for the screenshot):


    • befr33 says:

      Nobody’s portraying this individual in a way he does not want to be “portrayed”. He’s been openly active in anti-muslim internet forums for years, where he clearly states his views, which he describes as “culturally conservative”, Christian, family-oriented, etc, as well as and anti-marxist, anti-jihadis, and anti-nazist (so nothing strange here unless his numerous comments are fabrications). He’s been a member of the Fremmskritsparti, “The Future Party”, sort of, which is a right-wing populist party of a type that has been very successful in all of the Scandinavian countries as of late. This is confirmed form the party itself, but he lost his membership in 2006 since he hadn’t paid the fee. The nationalist community, at least in Sweden, condemns him for killing other countrymen — so appears to be on his own trip. Clearly his not a true Christian in a modern sense, although he appears to identify himself with a Christian crusader that both believed and killed with the same fervor. That a “Jihad group” took credit means nothing. Anybody can claim credit in the name of whomever they see fit.


    • G8rMom7 says:

      Not to mention, most of his page wasn’t in English and then Christian Conservative gets added later. I have no doubt he’s a nut and could very well have been fed up with Norway’s appeasement of the left and muslims, but there plenty of NON-Christians that feel that way too. And generally, those who call themselves Christian on FB are not the types to go out killing people.


  2. Diligent pause and reflection perhaps a good consideration here. The media falsely attached an “extremist” right wing ideology to Jarrod Laughner and disparaged Sarah Palin with their opportunistic rush to judgement. Jarrod Laughner was/is a mentally unstable murderer with no ideological affiliation other than his own insanity.

    Tim McViegh was another who acted as an “anarcist” to the government because of his views on the Waco attack by the federal government against the Branch Davidian compound. McVeigh felt like the Federal Authorities had murdered those in Waco and he viewed his action as retaliation for the ATF action. Again, no real ideological component other than an extremist view of government.

    However, this recent Terrorist attack in Norway does from all appearances appear to be ideologically driven as one mans irrational actions, based on his ideological beliefs about “islamification” and flawed multi-culturalism. He viewed both as an attack upon the fundamental strand of Christian freedom toward a skewed view of Marxism. So in this instance, based on his own words, beliefs, and espoused opinions, unlike the previous examples, there is a valid connection to a commonly held ideology.

    Where Ann Barnhardt takes a pragmatic approach, while using hard line language to drive home a certain shock value, with language like “Molon Labe” etc. This guy took that same “sense or precept” and acted out offensively instead of defensively toward what he percieved as a very real threat.

    How he is labeled as “right wing”, “Christian Extremist” etc. then falls into the category of political benefit or opportunity with the labels being used to construct or reinforce an agenda. I do not like to see such labels attached to unstable irrational people. However, for the context of this one individual, it is dismissive and not practical to turn a blind eye to his ideological beliefs and the reason for his actions. From preliminary appearances he was not / is not insane. He used cold calculations to determine his actions and then chose the most horrific approach to showcase his views.

    The malice and forethought behind his actions are chilling to even contemplate. However, there is a certain clarity to his motive. We should not dismiss, fail to admit, or sumarrily ignore what drove him to such horrific action, just because he followed a widely held set of beliefs that might hit close to home.


    • Aussie says:

      Norway is not Holland. The bomb attack was in Oslo. The other attack was on a small island.

      I am hoping that my friend in Norway will make contact with me. He is a paramedic and I have no doubt that he was called to help in this particular crisis.

      I agree with you with regard to removing the political labels. The man identified himself as belonging to the Knights Templar. It turns out that the modern Knights Templar are a part of the Freemasons. This particular sub-group have a reqirement of being Christian, but in Europe and in history itself, a Christian designation does not always mean being a follower of Christ, not even with the Freemasons.

      Catharists (meaning the pure) considered themselves to be Christians, but they were nothing of the sort. Look up information on the ones known as the Albigenses to see what I mean.

      Alice Miller, the psychologist wrote a book about people just like this man. It was a book about people who do evil things and Hitler was one of her subjects. I do in fact think that even with the cold calculation that the man is indeed mentally unstable, and he is the same as a Martin Bryant (mass murderer in Port Arthur, Tasmania) and Jared Loughner. It is the same chilling cold calculation that has gone into the actions. Jared Loughner also planned his actions.


      • Obviously I would agree that his mental stability is questionable. However unlike Loughner he appears far more deliberately intentional with his action. Loughner was a “one off” opportunistic nut job, and indeed his psychological evaluations reflect the same.

        Breivik appears to be more of an ideologue, with a specific and extremely well planned agenda that he views as bigger than himself. Loughner was only about himself and his victims. Breivik’s approach, his writing, and his ideology reflect a certain deliberate consideration to him “beginning something” or being a part of something much bigger than himself. A cause celeb, so to speak. The others are more self indulgent loons.

        Breivik is starting a process he views as neccessary. He has a very practical approach toward pushing back against Socialist dependency in general and Islam specifically. Both of which arguably diminish freedom and devalue Christianity and Christian freedoms. I said in another comment kind of like an “ok, lets cut to the chase, knock off all this crap and admit we are going to end up at the place of final conflict, so lets just start the killing”.

        Looking around at the outcroppings and results from the containments of Islam which are now essentially in turmoil, he appears to have a solid understanding of what subversive and overt Islam intends to accomplish. Indeed, perhaps he would have been better served to travel to Egypt and take up defensive positioning of the Coptics. The region has essentially become a zoo with all the doors to the big cat cages allowed to open, yet the confines of the zoo still exist, at least for now.

        I do not see this murderer as insane. I see him as quite deliberate, and probably highly intellectual. Did you watch his manifesto and read his writing?


  3. Sharon says:

    They still won’t find passages of Scripture that tell anyone to kill someone for refusing to become a Christian.

    This kind of kneejerk counter-accusation and their not-so-secret-delight at having a real Norwegian murder a whole bunch of people is sickening and childish.

    As a Christian, I don’t see this murderer as doing the Lord’s work. Duh. So ends the effort to attribute his evil to Christianity. Idiots.

    We were glad to see Timothy McVeigh put to death. Same goes for this evil entity. I will look forward to them publishing lists of Christians who praise him for what he did, like the Islamists praise Muslims who do this kind of thing in the name of Allah. Won’t be holding my breath.


    • Very well said Sharon! I have also been shocked and appalled at that no-so-secret delight taken in describing this psychotic killer as a ‘Christian’ or imagining him as part of some ‘Extremist Christian’ movement. Keeping in mind the implication is that taken to its ‘extremes’ Christians would start mass-murdering teenagers. In reality, there are ‘Christian Extremists’ and their response has been doing radical Christian things like holding all-night vigils. Some so ‘extreme Christian’ they are ‘fasting’ in some extremist prayers for the victims families. Other extreme radical Christians are even praying to somehow ‘forgive the killer’ and there are extremist Christian organizations even wanting prison access to try and ‘rehabilitate’ and even argue against the death penalty. That’s what Extremist Christians are doing the day after.
      but anyways – what you said. Well said!


  4. G8rMom7 says:

    Really good point Sharon. Can someone tell me…did this guy off himself as most of these nuts do? Or is he in custody now?


  5. Will Herr says:

    The act was neither random nor crazy. It was well planned, flawlessly executed, and did exactly what it was supposed to do (IMHO). This was not an attempt to win a war. This was a clarion call to those who are waiting to fight. Go hug your kids.


    • G8rMom7 says:

      Fight what? If he wanted to start another “crusade” against the Muslims, why not kill Muslims? Who were these students he killed? Why them? Clarion call for who?

      Please don’t take this as a doubt to your statement, I really just don’t understand.


      • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

        Those are good questions, Gatormom. None of this makes any sense, and I disagree with the “clarion call” comment. That’s one of the reasons why this looks so much like a setup. Even the deranged psychopath profile doesn’t fit. At all. There’s something very fishy here.


  6. I’ve searched the Internet and read many articles, is there anything that gives us and reason why kill the students. So well planned and documented, but nothing mentioning why the students?


    • I have not read any accounts that would provide certainty to his choice of venue for his massacre. I’m afraid this leaves only room for speculation. However, my hunch based on reading “some” of his writing about how he perceived leftists in general, or Labour Party leadership in Norway specifically, lends opinion to the effect that he viewed the choice with an eerily cold mindset of practicality and maximum impact.

      He defines the Labour Party in Norway as being a collection of “cultural marxists”, and defines this group by labeling with a distinctive broad brush stroke. I hate to sound callous, but it “appears” he viewed the Youth Labour Movement as systemic to an advancing culture of Marxism under the guise of multi-culturalism. So the Youth Camp provided a collection of people he predicted would grow, or mature, to advance the threat upon his ideology. In essence he saw them as seedlings going to become a crop he percieved as dangerous and deceitful. A quote from one who knew him is:

      Behring Breivik uses some terms that indicates a more dubious side: he thinks the cultural marxists are deceitful. They hide their real agenda. Behind a veneer of human rights and humanism they are surreptiously working for the realization of a political utopi of their own design. This utopia means the death of European culture and belief, and finally the subjugation of Europeans. He was convinced the cultural marxists are in cahoots with the islamists.

      Again, this is very hard to wrap your mind around, and you definately do not want to even begin to attempt entering into the mindset of such a cold caculated murderer. But it seems he was so entrenched with this beliefs, that eventually they appear to have become his reality. Behring Breivik has assembled a theory of history and feels obligated to act on its behalf. It is megalomania on an epic scale.

      There is a brutally chilling and cold logic to his writing and plans. It appears, and again this is supposition, that opportunity met practicality when he selected his targets. Essentially isolated on an island with no practical means of escape, the poor youth were helpless. In his sick twisted mind, this locale was the perfect venue for his attack. The targets of his insane rage, who he viewed as described above, were all collected together with little chance of escape. He could inflict maximum damage with relative ease.

      The cold calculating brutality of his disconnected humanity is beyond horrible to comprehend.


  7. BT says:

    Christians belive you should love your neighbour, do good to those who hatre you and turn the other cheek – not go out and kill defencless people. This guy is a nut. He also contradicts himself. You can’t be a Christian and a freemason. Two different rleigions. But Freemasons don’t go out killing people at a youth camp either.


    • Ben says:

      Amazing the nonsense people will write. “Empty cans rattle the loudest” comes to mind.

      You can be any religion as a Freemason as long it recognises The One.


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  9. Patrick says:

    I red Anders’ books online, several pages. I find his ideology to be highly appealing but however, I do not think that murder is necessary. I don’t think that it is necessary to destroy one of our political groups in order to achieve his goals. The government is allready fed up with muslims and countries like France, Germany and Holland have allready tried to prevent the islamization of Europe. So I’m a little disapointed about Anders’ approach. I think the killing could have been avoided. It would make more sence to me to blow up the mosces and burning the qurans. Like many European governments wants to force the muslims out of Europe. But WHY have it not happened? The muslim population is likely to increase because the FN and NATO is forcing Europe to accept more muslim immigrants.


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  11. Coupal says:

    Berwick’s video has been deleted from youtube. This morning I watched it on Veoh, but since then it also has been taken down. I am glad someone saved this, if only to give an insight in to this person. Is Berwick the same as Breivik? It would appear as though it is one and the same. My heart breaks for the victims of this slaughter. It is a pity that Norway does not have capital punishment.


  12. Angry Wookie says:

    BTY, Atlas Shrugged and all other books and philosophies of Ayn Rand, are the anti-thesis of the Bible. Whereas the Bible states it is your duty to be your brother’s keeper, be a good steward (or shepard) and be charitable, Ayn Rands philospophy comes across as a manifesto for the greedy and selfish “me, me,me” attitude. Do not beleive me? Read both the Bible and her book(s) and compare. Nuff said!


    • G8rMom7 says:

      Ayn Rand’s philosophy is just that, a philosophy…not the Bible. Thus, I think that you can take the parts you like and disagree with other parts. It’s not a sacred writing that is all or nothing. I agree with her ideas on economics and government involvement in the free market (which is coming from a woman who lived through the eastern European atrocities of communism), and don’t necessarily agree with the belief that there is no God and we do not have a responsibility to care for the weak and innocent.


  13. Thinker says:

    This individual was a troubled man. This much is undeniable. However, he was not insane. I would even say he was not mentally ill. From the planning, choice of victims, method of execution and his writings, I would say his is as sane as most people. Ordinary sane people kill other individuals on a daily basis. Some do it as a career in the military. All you need to have to kill people is a personally acceptable motive. This mans motive is quite clear. Firstly, one needs to remove Christianity from the equation. This man may have been a Christian, and from what I have read he was, but this is not his motivation. He was not using any Christian ideologies directly in this event. I believe he is intelligent enough to be aware that he would not recieve any support from Christian groups or individuals for pressing a Christian message upon people in such a manner. While there are Christian extremists active in many parts of the world, it is difficult for them to use their faith to justify violent actions. The people who are saying he is not a true Christian are missing the point of his message. His Christianity had about as much to do with this as his tastes in music (classical and trance for those interested).

    The targets –
    Since 1935, the Labour Party has been in power in Norway for all but 16 years. They have been the dominant power. They are a social democratic party. They support multiculturalism and are progressive and liberal. Breiviks anti markist leanings would go strongly against this type of government. The victims were at a Labour Party Camp. He would have seen them as the next geneneration of Labour figureheads. The choice of these individuals, rather than the Islamic people is an important point. He chose to attack the party who he blamed for the problem.

    The method –
    It takes a certain… something… I dont have a word for it, to shoot people at close range. A bomber can detinate the device from a safe place away from the blood and the screaming. Breivik would have been able to exceed the current death toll with carefully placed bombs. But he did not. The manner of the act is telling. He chose to shoot children and young adults. He chose to look into the frightened eyes of young people and execute them. This shows how badly he wanted his message to hit home. Anyone can create terror. It is not even very difficult. But not everyone can create the horror that this man has. He would have been well aware of the significance of his choice and method when he planned the attacks.

    Analysis –
    I would say that Breivik is an extremely proud man. I would say he is proud of his heritage, proud of his people and proud of his nation. It is this pride that leads to the act. He would see, every day, the decay of his society. The dilution of his culture. The economic situation as well as problems not related to Islam would cause him trouble. However, it would be the non intergration of Islamic people that would become his target. He would see the failure of multiculturalism as the problem. He would rant and rave on chat forums and in his manifesto about the problem but noone would listen. He would probably find a great many people who agreed with his position. He would wonder who was to blame for the problem of Islamic tension in his home country. The reson he chose not to target Muslims is that he knew it would make little differnce. It may even hurt his cause. The knee jerk reaction of sympathy and political correctness after a muslim massacre would not have the desired effect. He would need to target those he saw as responsible. Like a child who has been let down by their parent, he chose to target the governing power of his nation. He sees his nation being taken apart by multiculturalism and decided to take his anger out on those he saw as responsible.

    In all conflict, all parties eventually reduce themselves to the lowest acts of any individual group. To not do so puts the reluctant at a disadvantage. This can be seen in all major wars throughout history. He saw the tactics of his enemies. He chose to use the tactic of terror to send his message. Perhaps he thought that violence between Islam and the West was inevitable. Rising tensions in many nations with the spread of Islam show this is true. This is not the fault of the average muslim. It is not even the fault of most muslims. It is not possible for all people with very different ideologies to intergrate. Someone has to change. Bievik did not want to change. He did not want his country to change. This is the reason for this act. He saw an invader and did not want to change. This is not an uncommon feeling. His act is deplorable. But do not cast this man out as a madman. Do not take solice that he was insane. Do not fall back on the weak belief that he was a Christian fundamentalist acting for his God. This event will not be the last of its type. We need to look to the big issue. Multiculturalism is failing. We, as rational people, need to work out a method that is acceptable for all side of the equation. Many social experiments have failed. We need to try something new to prevent further disasters. Killing each other is not going to succeed. But it certainly gets attention. We cant save the lost lives. But we can work to prevent future losses. Beiviks message was clear.


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  15. Yes I would Wholly have to agree with “Thinker” on this one. As we all Know War takes lives and they say it is for freedom and justice, but who’s freedom and who’s justice, and who are they? For sure the soldiers in war and who are on opposing sides are both christian and shoving a bullet down the others throat, in the name of who? Their government elitists, who are the only ones to profit from the death of these men. So who do you listen to is the number one question. People need to take responsibility and think for themselves, religions from century’s ago are as archaic as eating a burger left over from last years barb-a-q. We are living in the present and that happens to be the 21st century. These fools who live by their ancient religious rules need to take another look at the world realities, and make some adjustments to their life. Stop killing yourselves in the name of your so called leaders. If they are to be so, then let us demand any one of them, to lead into death, what they so willingly do with the lives of others.


  16. Paulus Liu says:

    Multiculturalism and indiscriminatory immigration policies forced onto the masses by a minority political/intellectual elite in the West are to be blamed here. This young Norwegian came to the conclusion that he had to kill many to make an “ideological impact” on Norway’s immigration policy is a sign that western democracies are so mired by the shackles of political correctness on this subject, against the backdrop of obvious incompatibility issues of some migrant cultures, that some, tired of the futility of the political process, turn to extreme acts to try to break out of the morass.
    Simply blaming the massacre on a “mad gunman” is to bury one’s head in the sand. Politicians of Western democracies must acknowledge that allowing indiscriminate migration from the third world into their predominantly liberal Christian communities, without considering the cultural/religious compatibility problem, is to create a time bomb for which the destructive impact on both the indigenous and migrant communities is unknown.
    On the flip-side of the same coin are incidents such as the London metro train/bus bombing. Muslim young men born in an incompatible western liberal society who could not reconcile their western way of life with their religious values, either endure the torment of a life amongst “infidels” or seek the destruction of their host societies and replacing them with Islamic ones.


  17. Siena Denton says:

    Kiaora (Greetings) from a New Zealand girl.

    As much as I detest the killing spree of Anders Behring Breivik which the youngest victim is a part-Maori native girl born in New Zealand, I totally concur with ALL that Thinker has posted.
    From a sporting perspective ( I love my football), I have lambasted mainly the English, Spain and just recently Italy…Why? For selling their Cultural Treasures (Football Clubs) to Wholly Inappropriate Foreign Buyers. I even posted in barcelonareporter’s column about the acquisition of the Spanish La Liga football club Getafe CF, by a Dubai-based company, Royal Emirates Group of Companies, an investment firm headed by Sheikh Butti bin Suhail Al Maktoum in which they will rebrand Getafe Team Dubai and hope to inject with playing staff from the Middle East.

    My comment as I recall was, “Don’t bl**dy cry when the whole of Europe has been bought by the Middle East including Asia and the USA…What I meant was these ‘Treasured Football Clubs’ are mere vehicles being used by these foreigners to set themselves up in Europe – A mere ruse.
    I used an example in my blog – The Venky’s Poultry family who have purchased Blackburn Rovers FC…Absolutely and Positively Inappropriate Football Club Owners and it is the FAULT of that Jolly Premier League hierarchy – Not putting into practice what is called the Fit and Proper Persons Test (FPPT). Venkys did not have a market in London or the UK for that matter for their Poultry products – They do now, via a Football Club…But because via twitter and my facebook page and some research of my own I posted my findings, Venkys have been keeping a low profile…I probably sound paranoid to you as well, but I am not…Football is a game of Tactics and these cunning foreigners are deploying tactics of their own.

    My own family tree consists of a whose who of Europe, but at the end of the day I am a Part Maori Kiwi girl born and raised DownUnder in Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) aka New Zealand.

    Hei kona (Stay Well).


  18. Mókus says:

    That we in Europe have a problem is clear, but what are the ploticians doing about it? Sleeping? That christianity and islam is not compatible is also clear. But politians don’t live in the real world or are they afraid of being being called nazis? Nothing has to do with the other.: socialists and greens don’t watch TV or know about 911 or 7/7 …


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