EPA Seeks To Regulate More Products…It’s For The Children!

Remember how happy you were when you found out they removed the phosphates from your diswasher detergent?  Well, it looks like once again the EPA is hard at work in their efforts to repeal the Industrial Revolution.  This time they’re targeting the products people use to control rodent infestation and the subsequent spread of the hantavirus.  “Maybe we can do for the bubonic plague what we did for malaria?”  (View From The Porch)

While you’re piling cases of 100-watt incandescent bulbs into your shopping cart at Home Despot this weekend, don’t forget to pick up as much rodent poison as you think you’re ever gonna need, too.

Don’t worry: Effective rat poisons will still be available to rodent control professionals, and as any Washington D.C. bureaucrat knows, if you have any signs of icky pests around your house, you just call a professional extermination service, in the case of having bed bugs, it is important to take immediate actions, so Bed Bug Bites can be avoided. (And if you live in hantavirus territory, miles from the nearest exterminator, and couldn’t afford one anyway? Well, sucks to be you, I guess. Buy more cats.)

I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution.


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9 Responses to EPA Seeks To Regulate More Products…It’s For The Children!

  1. d-con for DemocRATS
    con rats same thing ,lol


  2. Next thang ya know, they’ll be after that deadly, insidious compound known as dihydrogen-monoxide. That stuff kin exist as a gas, a solid or, most usually as a liquid. It can kill ya deader than fried chicken if taken into your lungs, it can penetrate solid rock, destroy steel and iron, and in sufficient quantities, overwhelm man-made containment devices. Mixed with other substances, it can act as a carrier of all kinds ‘a nasty stuff, like poison, bug killer and hell, even carcinogens. Yep, let a Dim-O-cRat read this here missive, and they’ll be so sceer’d they’ll probably pull out all a’ the stop and have them Hollywood stars in front a’ Congress and on TV pleadin’ to ban this stuff.

    Then, ya’ll jist need to get a cold bur, sit back and watch the fun!!!1


  3. Ad rem says:

    I just figured it out! Maybe for the democrats… saving the rats is a ‘professional courtesy’?


  4. Sasha says:

    What do you need the incandescents for? What’s wrong with LEDs?


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