List Of Anthony Weiner’s Women ….. Traci Nobles, Lisa Weiss, Ginger Lee, Megan Broussard, and Gennette Cordova (That’s Five So Far)

Traci Nobles – Lisa Weiss, Ginger Lee, and Megan Broussard were all too eager to provide the details, whether through photos or Facebook-strains of their online affairs with Weiner; and Gennette Cordova, the 21-year-old from Washington who received the tweet that touched off this whole scandal had no choice.  But if it were up to Traci Nobles of Athens, Ga., her contact with Weiner would have stayed a secret.

“I really regret that this was sent to you,” Nobles told the Las Vegas Sun, after confirming that an unnamed roommate went into her Facebook account, which had been inadvertently left open, and emailed the Sun a screen shot of a private conversation between Weiner and Nobles that appears to date from August. “She thought someone should know,” Nobles said.  Nobles, who will be 35 this month, works in physical education and health fitness promotion for elementary and middle schools and is a self-proclaimed liberal on Facebook.

Despite her reticence to reveal her private contact with Weiner, she’s not been shy about sharing her affection for the congressman publicly in the past.  She’s posted suggestive messages on his public campaign site several times, requesting right after the midterm elections to sit in Weiner’s lap, with an accompanying phallic joke, and encouraging him on more than one occasion to conduct his official business — especially if it would be broadcast on television — in the buff.  Nobles is the fifth woman revealed to have been carrying on online contact with Weiner, who said in a news conference Monday that he had maintained such relationships with six women over the past three years, adding that he had never met any of them in the flesh.

Lisa Weiss – It took only a few hours after Weiner confessed all for Lisa Weiss, a former Las Vegas blackjack dealer, to come forward. At least five of Weiss and Weiner’s cybersex sessions have been made public, with lots of juicy tidbits such as Weiner telling Weiss he had a “crazy dirty” dream about her. Although those comments were made on Facebook chat, Weiss said she and Weiner also had conversations over the phone—Weiner’s government phone, that is. Weiss, who says she was once a Democratic campaign worker, said she contacted Weiner to tell him she wouldn’t come forward as the scandal began, but he didn’t call her back, leading her to conclude that “Anthony is a bad man … and a liar.” Despite this, Weiss said she is a loyal Democrat and she still thinks he is a “wonderful Congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career.”

Ginger Lee – Although porn star Ginger Lee’s alleged relationship with Weiner appears to involve only sexting, it could the one that gets him in the most trouble—with the law. When Lee began receiving requests by the media, she contacted Weiner, who emailed her that he could “have someone on my team” call her with some “professional PR advice.” On June 2, Weiner then allegedly proposed that Lee give this statement to the press: “I have nothing to do with the situation involving Rep Weiner. I follow his Twitter feed. And for a brief time he followed me. Much has been made of the fact that I have posted about my admiration for Rep Weiner and his politics. All I can say about that is that I’m a fan of his. Rep. Weiner sent me one short direct message thanking me for following him. I have never met Rep. Weiner and he has never sent me anything innappopriate [sic] …” The problem? Who is this professional PR team Weiner is talking about—his government employees? If he was using tax dollars to quiet a porn star virtual mistress, that could create a bit (more) of a mess for Weiner.

Gennette Cordova –  Weinergate started with Gennette Cordova. Weiner tagged a photo of an underwear-restrained bulging penis —presumably his—publicly to the 21-year-old Seattle college student on a Saturday night. Weiner’s relationship with Cordova is still unclear, as he erased the message immediately and commented “FB hacked”—while Cordova immediately deleted her Twitter account. She released a statement Sunday night saying “the account that these tweets were sent from was familiar to me; this person had harassed me many times after the congressman followed me on Twitter a month or so ago … Annoyed, I responded with something along the lines of ‘are you f—ing kidding me?‘” Cordova said she blocked this person’s account, made her page private and “let the matter drop,” but she admitted later that she had “grossly underestimated the severity of the situation that I had somehow become a part of.” Even though Cordova has kept a low profile, there are some people who might not be surprised about her  involvement in Weinergate: namely, her high-school classmates. Cordova was voted in 2007 by her fellow graduates as the “most likely to be involved in a tabloid scandal.”

Meagan Broussard – Meagan Broussard may be the only woman in Weiner’s cache of online paramours to have seen his full package. The 26-year-old single mother from Texas allegedly gave the money shot to Andrew Breitbart, who says he won’t publish the pic. She also leaked to Breitbart the shirtless photo that forced Weiner to come clean to the public. Broussard wrote on Breitbart’s website that her virtual tryst with the congressman began on Facebook, when she “liked” a video of Weiner “addressing a gathering of construction workers in Washington, D.C.” Their relationship quickly escalated into an “everyday correspondence,” and the two exchanged dozens of erotic photos, emails, and Facebook messages over the course of a month. Broussard sent Weiner some saucy self-shots, but told Fox News she presumed he was having similar interactions with other women.

Huma Abedin – Anthony Weiner’s 34-year-old pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, has to deal with her husband’s public shame, after the media had a field day with the NY Representative’s lewd underwear photo that was sent to an attractive female college student.   And now the recently released full nude penis pictures Weiner has sent to at least one woman on-line.

Huma married Weiner just over a year ago and is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trusted right-hand woman, serving as her aide since 1996 when she began as an intern when Mrs. Clinton was First Lady in 1996. Former President Clinton even referred to Abedin as his “second daughter.”  Abedin, born in Michigan and raised in Saudi Arabia, was named TIME magazine’s “40 Under 40″ rising stars of American politics last fall and was featured in a 2007 issue of Vogue magazine. She is the daughter of an Indian scholar father and Pakistani academic mother. The high-profile beauty is considered to be quite the catch, with Weiner once joking that she was almost too good to be true.

Remaining poised and not showing signs of embarrassment or anger over her husband’s public scandal, a State Insider told the NY Post, “She has been doing her job like nothing [has happened]. It has nothing to do with her job. This is her personal life.”

This isn’t the first time Huma has seen a sex scandal unfold before her. She worked at the White House during the Monica Lewinsky debacle in the late ’90s. The State insider added, “She [Abedin] has the benefit of seeing [the Clinton administration]. She knows how absurd things can get.”

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40 Responses to List Of Anthony Weiner’s Women ….. Traci Nobles, Lisa Weiss, Ginger Lee, Megan Broussard, and Gennette Cordova (That’s Five So Far)

  1. Sharon says:

    What he did is a commentary on him and reveals who he is. What each of these women did (and are doing) is a commentary on them and reveals who they are.

    As several of them are choosing to explain, verify, and continue to illustrate who they are by sharing the details in voluntary interviews, how is it they apparently think they are any less morally bankrupt than him? I assume they think they are talking about him in their interviews. They’re not. They talking about themselves. Even when they’re talking about him. They are all Monica. No wonder the country’s going off the cliff: these corrupt, immoral, mindless, irresponsible fools vote.


  2. Weinergate started with Gennette Cordova.

    No, Weinergate started with Anthony Weiner.


    • AFinch says:

      Exactly. Any bets as to when the meme shifts to blaming Breitbart, et al, for breaking up the home of the future baby Weiner?


  3. I think the list of women that were sent suggestive messages by Weiner is far bigger than six women. Weiner is a predator, and got a high off of “conquering” women online. He’d start with simple suggestive lines, and the women who took the bait would get reeled in, progressing through increasingly explicit sexts, then pictures of his underwear, then the full monty. Weiner had Gennette Cordova at the underwear stage. He knew what he was doing was wrong, as evidenced by his deletion and cover-up attempts as soon as he realized that his tweet had been broadcast publicly, not as a private direct message as he had intended.

    Weiner still isn’t telling the whole truth. He’s only said what he thought would be enough to put this to rest.

    But it’s far from over.

    Just ask John Edwards…

    Edwards initially denied having an affair with Hunter but eventually admitted to it in the summer of 2008.

    He then denied being Quinn’s father before finally confessing last year.

    ‘Elizabeth wanted to haunt John and Rielle – literally from her grave – and she has,’ the source told the Enquirer.

    ‘She hated them with a vengeance. This was a woman who took her final breath in the same bed where John once had sex with his mistress.’

    Mrs Edwards left nothing to her husband in her will, which was signed six days before she lost her battle to breast cancer.

    ‘Elizabeth wanted to exact final revenge against John for destroying their 33-year marriage and their family by cheating with Rielle,’ a source close to the scandal told The National Enquirer.

    ‘It was Elizabeth’s idea to secretly record a video and tell what she knew of the affair and John’s horrific betrayal.’

    Sources said that the secret videotape was made in the final days before Mrs Edwards died aged 61 after her eldest daughter Cate, 29, agreed to look after her other children if something happened to John Edwards.

    She reportedly filmed the video herself and then passed it to a close friend who she told to send it to prosecutors.

    ‘On the secret video, Elizabeth spells out everything she knew about John’s affair with Rielle and how he managed to cover it up for so long,’ a source told the Enquirer.

    ‘She also spills all of John’s lies – many of which could be what sends him up the river.’


    • G8rMom7 says:

      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…a lesson for you guys!


    • tnwahm says:

      While I have a little sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, she was the other half of the “power” couple. She knew about it, but put up with it so she could get to the WH ~another HRC~ She gets about as much sympathy from me as HRC does.


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  5. Martin says:

    Leave him alone. Look at what he has done politically and judge him on that. His personal life should be of no concern to us.


    • stellap says:

      I don’t approve of what he has done politically, actually. And from what has been said in the press, he is a showboater who hasn’t made many close friends in Washington.

      I have some questions: Why do you trust a man who obviously will lie to his family, friends, the press, and everyone else? Why do you trust a man who so flagrantly broke his marriage vows? Why do you trust a man who has so little regard for his wife and family that he chooses to attempt to retain his Congressional seat when he must surely know that it will expose them to further humiliation in the press? Why do you trust a member who has opened himself up to blackmail? Why do you trust a man whose judgement is so obviously flawed? Did he think his behavior would not be discovered?


      • Why do you trust a man who obviously will lie to his family, friends, the press, and everyone else?

        As Democratic President Harry S. Truman said:

        A man not honorable in his marital relations is not usually honorable in any other.”


      • Shirley says:

        Great point.
        I feel mens have a problem saying no when young womens show a little interest in them. The reason i say this is because my boss would ask me to stop by the wine store and pick-up wine for him, and one the young lady working there sent him a special wine with a note attach, when i gave it to him he turned cherry red and couldn’t stop talking to me for the entire day, asking me what she look like and how old was she. The next thing i knew he were writing her note suggesting wine for her to try. He was married also, he got a hair cut, shaved face, new shirts. i’m thinking what wrong with this man.


      • Martin says:

        Simple – I am sure that out of all the people you know, you know and trust someone who has done this. Statistics point to just that. In fact, if it were a relative of yours you might forgive them. People make mistakes….God forgives, why can’t we.


        • AFinch says:

          I doubt Weiner wants or needs my forgiveness. As you aptly point out, forgiveness is best left between him and his Creator.

          Even if I were inclined to forgive him, I’ll be d@mned if I’ll willingly concede authority to him to make decisions and laws that affect all of us.

          This isn’t about whether he, as a human being, can be forgiven–of course he can. This is about whether he is fit to sit in Congress. He most certainly is not.


    • It’s not about “his personal life”.

      It’s about his very public “extensive and sociopathic lying”. (Hat Tip Kirsten Powers for that phrasing)

      The man didn’t just lie, he very persistently and aggressively attacked those who were speaking the truth and seeking the truth.

      The man simply cannot be trusted with anything, let alone our economic security, military security, and passing of laws to govern us.

      “When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to chose for rulers, “just men who will rule in the fear of God.”

      The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their Duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the Laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizen will be violated or disregarded.

      If government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine Commandments, and elect bad men to make and administer the Laws.”

      History of united States by Noah Webster
      October 16th, 1758


      • Martin says:

        It’s all horse )(*&)(. If you think for one second that 80% of our elected officials are not doing illegal things, which by the way this guy isn’t, you are fooling yourself. This guy obviously has a problem. I am sure you have a few too. We rehabilitate criminals and let them back out in society to live next to you and me. I would rather have a pervert in office, than a slick politician that steals my money.


        • Ahhh, Martin…

          You say:

          I would rather have a pervert in office, than a slick politician that steals my money.

          But you fail to realize that this is not just about his perversions. This is about his “extensive and sociopathic lying”. And that’s not a “Right Wing Nut” saying that. It’s his fellow Democrat and former girlfriend, Kirsten Powers, saying that.

          You’d rather have a sociopathic liar in office than an honest representative. That says a lot about you.


    • Sharon says:

      So you won’t mind if he continues doing it?


      • Martin says:

        Didn’t say that. The guy made a mistake and tried to run like hell from it and out of shame he acted in an unacceptable manner. I am sure you would have done the same if backed into a corner.


        • It is not his penis that’s the problem, it’s his judgement. We are talking about a congressman. A representative of the people, sent to washington DC to do the peoples business.

          Not only is he lacking honor, which you are able to forgive his transgressions for, but his mental bearing is ridiculously flawed. A proper intellect would not photograph his penis and send it to random strangers.

          Quit trying to make this a moral issue. Indeed his morality is subjective to the reviewers beliefs. But this is far less about morality, and far more concerning about stability. Normal mentally cognitive professional persons would not photograph their genitals for public display, and those who would are not cconsidered “stable”.


  6. Shirley says:

    Its hard for me to call the FAB-SIX young ladies, i know for a fact that real young ladies doesn’t act like this. For what ever reason they started this game with Congrassman Weiner, i hope they know this game is going to follow them for the rest of their life. To bad Monica were not around to tell them what happen to her, and now its going to happen to the six of them. When all they had to say is one word “NO”, and . Congressman Weiner probably would have back-off.
    You SIX have possible ruined (3) lives because Congressman Weiner and his wife is expecting thier first child.


  7. garnette says:

    I am wondering what happened to the high school girl who he was following on Twitter. He said he didn’t know if any of the women who he had contact with were underage, but if her profile made it clear to others that she was in high school, why didn’t he realize it? Because I can’t remember now, is she someone he unfollowed in April , perhaps when he realized she was underage. However, it still makes you wonder how he ended up following someone so young.


  8. Shirley says:

    All the people were following Anthony Weiner
    By early May, members of the group were also speculating that Mr. Weiner would
    be caught in a sex scandal. The leader, a man who identified himself on Twitter
    as Dan Wolfe and used the handle @PatriotUSA76, is the same Twitter user who
    discovered the photograph that Mr. Weiner took of himself and sent to Ms.
    Cordova. He shared it with his followers and the conservative blogger Andrew
    Breitbart, who made it public the next day.

    As Democrats and Republicans embrace Twitter and other social media tools as a
    way to interact with their constituents and woo voters, many have discovered a
    downside to online communication: cyberstalkers, who track and criticize their
    every move.

    But even by the standards of modern politics, Dan Wolfe and other members of the
    #bornfreecrew watched Mr. Weiner’s account with particular ferocity, and a sharp
    focus on his interactions with women. In several instances the congressman
    dropped his online contact with women after they were identified by the crew,
    suggesting that Mr. Weiner might have been aware of its actions.

    There were at least two female high school students among the 191 people Mr.
    Weiner followed. There is no evidence that he engaged in private discussions
    with them, and he has said that to his knowledge he has not had any online
    sexual communications with under-age women.

    Mr. Wolfe, whose account vanished from Twitter last Friday, has been one of the
    more mysterious characters in the congressman’s saga, refusing to reveal his
    real name even to the other members of the #bornfreecrew. He joined Twitter on
    Jan. 6 and began posting multiple messages criticizing both Mr. Weiner and his
    wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    By March, Mr. Wolfe had more than 1,000 followers and was actively befriending
    fellow conservatives. Group members joined him in scrutinizing those whom Mr.
    Weiner was following and their Twitter profiles, and commenting if the person he
    followed was a young woman.

    On April 14, for example, Mr. Wolfe tweeted, “Weiner’s new follow is a high
    school girl. LMAO! Freak!”

    Michael Stack, 39, of New Jersey, who describes himself on his Twitter profile
    as a “Republican who believes in the principles that made this country great,”
    said he befriended Mr. Wolfe on Twitter (they never met in person or spoke on
    the phone). “Soon, Dan told me Weiner was following a bunch of girls,” Mr. Stack
    said. “I thought it was kind of weird.”

    Mr. Stack said that Mr. Wolfe had told him in a private message that Mr. Weiner
    had been following a porn star who was later identified as Ginger Lee. “He
    tweeted about it and then the porn star was gone,” Mr. Stack said. “He was
    paying attention,” he said, referring to Mr. Weiner.

    On May 5, Mr. Wolfe told him that he had a friend who knew Matt Drudge who had
    said that a scandal involving a member of Congress was coming soon. The same day
    that Meagan Broussard, 26, of Texas, said that she had received an e-mail from
    Mr. Weiner with a photo she had asked him to take, while holding up a white
    piece of paper that said “me.”

    At 6:35 p.m., Mr. Stack, using his Twitter handle, @goatsred, posted: “Rumor …
    a ‘bigtime’ Congressman caught with mistress. There are pix and a top 5
    right-wing blogger has them. @RepWeiner is it you?”

    Throughout May, Mr. Wolfe and other members contacted other young women Mr.
    Weiner was following, including a 16-year-old from California who started a
    campaign on Twitter to get the congressman to be her prom date.

    The next day, Mr. Stack, posting on Twitter, sent her a message saying in part,
    “if you’re a minor and he’s following you, well, seems a little creepy if not in
    ny,” copying @RepWeiner on the post. The next day, on May 18, the girl posted:
    “Well @RepWeiner unfollowed me.”

    Michael Madden, 52, a retired Philadelphia firefighter and member of the group,
    said he had joined Mr. Wolfe in warning young women about Mr. Weiner.

    “It seems now that Dan may have had an agenda all along,” he said. “We don’t
    know yet what it is. But he never said to me, ‘I’m going to get this guy.’ What
    he said is that it was not right.”

    Jack Begg, Alain Delaquérière and Barbara Gray contributed reporting


    • garnette says:

      So, it sounds like if someone hadn’t been looking out for the high school girls and if it wasn’t brought to the Weiner’s attention that others knew he was following high school girls, he might still be following them. Yuck!


      • Martin says:

        That’s it guilty before he commits a crime…..head hunters…maybe we should hang him in Times Square


        • garnette says:

          So you don’t find it a bit disgusting that a man in his 40s felt it was appropriate to follow children on his twitter account. I didn’t say that he inappropriately said or did anything involving these children. However, it makes me wonder why he decided of the few people he followed that he chose to follow children. My question is why he felt it was appropriate to follow children on his twitter. I might give him a pas at that question if the children lived in his district and were doing so to learn about politics. However, it doesn’t seem like he has a track record of using his twitter in this way.


        • AFinch says:

          Oh yes, suggesting that he is not fit to be one of 535 people in Congress who make rules that affect hundreds of millions of people is the same as hanging him in Times Square. You’re a smart one.


        • Martin, perhaps you are unaware that he took photographs of his erect penis and sent them to people on the internet.


  9. garnette says:

    He said in his press conference that his wife was well aware he had been doing this prior to their marriage and I believe he implied that she knew he was still interacting with women to a certain degree. So, if they had an understanding, then he had nothing to hide from her. So, since he had a public account anyone could see his tweets, why did he freak out when the picture went to everyone? Why did he spend 10 days lying about his actions and whether or not that was even his picture? Because he knew what he did was unacceptable behavior and did not want to take responsibility for his actions. Just as it looks like he did when it was revealed to the public that he was following underage girls. Do we see a pattern of behavior here? Is this the type of behavior that we want to have by someone who has decided that he knows what is best for us and votes this way? Do we want to have someone who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and try to deny these actions until his hand is forced voting on such issues as Obamacare, the Budget, the Debt Ceiling?


    • InTheBubble says:

      The fact Wiener’s wife knew about his deviant sexual practices before she married him and no doubt knew that he continued them during their marriage makes her almost as despicable as he is. This article calls her a “high-profile beauty,” but all I see is a fish-eyed over-biter. Combining their dreadful physical specters and their abhorrent political views, I see this couple as the vilest pair on the political scene in a long time. Send them both packing.


  10. joey W says:

    How about the truth. I dated Traci Nobles for the last two or three months. First and foremost SHE SENT THE FILE. THERE WAS NO ROOMMATE. She told me that right after she showed me the article. It is a bunch of lies that she will tell the press, she has no emotion, almost that of a sociopath. She left her husband to come down to see me. Then she told her husband (Norman) that she had been unfaithful. She moved in with a friend of hers in Madison, and came down every other week, telling me she loved me, and deeply cared about me. I knew nothing of the scandal, Then when this hit we had been doing great. Yesterday she completely talked to me like a piece of trash, and told THAT I WAS BEING SELFISH.(Boy that’s the pot calling the kettle black.) I spent all night trying to get in touch with her, and she has just ignored me, and in a round about way that she was not seeing me any longer… I have the truth about Traci Nobles.I know the truth, and I have other things that can back my story. So she deserves what she gets for sure. It’s women like her, (also men) that have NO HEART . That dosen’t care what they do to other people, and hurt others with no sense of apology, or remorse.that make this country bad. She was a follower of Weiner, now she is lying , and sending him up the river.. GIVE ME A BREAK.


  11. Mortise says:

    Aren’t there enough laws already? Why do we need more than 200 consecutive years’ worth of congressional legislative sessions?


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  14. Johnny Blue says:

    come on folks you know when you becaome a political person you will be judges in the press and everywhere else. This is a chance you will have to take.


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  16. V.E.G. says:

    Weiner’s last name is very unfortunate. There is a shirt said, I love my (You know what). The shirt has a dachshund on it and I will not buy it because it is too Freudian.


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