Obama Names White House Director of On-Line Response….. Looks more like Psychological Operations to me…

(FishbowlNY) – The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position within its communications department titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. According to The Huffington Post, Lee will essentially be responsible for building up Obama’s online presence as he prepares for his reelection bid, and squashing any negative stories.

…If you’re going to post something online about Obama that isn’t true, Lee is going to be the one to handle you. Considering that Lee’s first tweet about his new position included a picture of The Terminator, we suggest you watch what you say OR BE DESTROYED. Read Jesse Lee’s First Tweet

Consider, what you just read, including the image, is an OFFICALLY sanctioned TWEET message from the White House.  This message is from The President of the United States. Just let that sink in a minute.

What exactly do you think the primary goal of this new “Director of Online Response”.  To “Terminate” what?   Do you need any further examples of Thuggery, or The New Tone of Civility?   Mr. Jesse C Lee will be responsible for ‘on-line’ messaging on behalf of the President of The United States in an official White House Staff position, and this is what he sends as his first message.

Seriously.   Think about it.?

This is going to be one nasty election with nothing even remotely close to being described as civil, diplomatic, honorable, or befitting the representative class of the United States Of America.   Instead, this is how the Office Of the President is now represented……. ((shuddering) ….. /SD

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25 Responses to Obama Names White House Director of On-Line Response….. Looks more like Psychological Operations to me…

  1. ZMalfoy says:

    Well, let me start by saying that Mr. Jesse C Lee is clearly an unmitigated douchebag who enjoys forcibly buggering little boys when he isn’t bending over for the Son of a Goat’s Whore -in-Chief.

    Let me further add that Obama is a lame-0, a ‘bama in the early ’90s sense, and has terrible taste in women, likely due to the fact that he’s fighting to stay in the closet.

    That all said, I propose the following solution. Let’s flood the internet with mindless insults and ad-hominem attacks just to keep Mr. Lee busy. Let not one comment, one post go by without a requisite “PS: Obama’s a douche” or “and BTW, Obama is the worst prez EVAR!”
    For example:
    “It’s humid now in the DC area. I hate how muggy it gets around here, this time of year. This is clearly the fault of the president, who seems to have angered Gaia with his many rounds of golf . . .”


    • WeeWeed says:

      Sounds like a good plan, Zophiel! This guy has the same in mind….


      Twitterers – Light It Up!


      • Sharon says:

        From the article, speaking of the new czar:

        “This my fellow Americans is precisely what we are facing. This buck is just too young not to be full of himself and like so many others in the White House Staff, ends up accidentally indicating the truth of the matter. Terminator. We can see what he believes his role to be.” (So, just more of the same: dangerous and stupid, but he has the gun)

        “I have detailed in other posts the various violations of the Constitution that Obama has been party to, or directly guilty of since he took office. As such it comes as no surprise that he now feels a need to suppress the independent media.” (But it’s ok with Congress)

        We could send 10million tweets a day, and it wouldn’t be worth a bucket of warm spit as long as the Congress is ok with what the unAmerican POTUS is doing.

        Stuff like this has to be sent to Congressmen, only 1 paragraph at a time, always followed with the specific question: “Are you ok with this? If you are, please explain. If you aren’t, please tell me when the hearing is scheduled.”

        Tweeting, petitions, rallies–even electing conservatives, for crying out loud–won’t change a thing as long as Congress is ok with what he’s doing. And from all I see, Congress is ok with what he’s doing.

        If they weren’t, there would be a schedule for public and private, classified and unclassified hearings about 25 pages long that would last from now until about 2014.

        Reacting 24/7 doesn’t change anything. What will change things is when Congress begins to respond to all of the illegal, unconstitional, freedom-limiting, law-violating, treasonous malfeasance actions that are the bread and butter of this administration. Reacting and the adrenaline that it produces can be energizing, but Congress Responding is what will save the nation. Reacting that turns into responding is obviously the hoped-for progression….but it seems to me we’ve been reacting for over two years now (and even responding through the 2010 election), but congress is not responding. Most of the useless things Congress has done that gave us fleeting hope fall into the reacting column. The easiest way to know when something they did is a “reaction” and not a response? Watch for this pattern: 1) Congress reacts; 2) Congress does something in the moment; 3) Congress doesn’t get any serious results; 4) Congress leaves the issue and moves on to something else. THAT is reacting. It’s momentary.

        Congress is ok with what he’s doing. This new czar is just a bug on the windshield of a car that is about to have a headon 150mph combined impact speed with an 18-wheeler. It ain’t the bug on the windshield that’s going to kill the driver of the car.

        “They bring a knife to fight; we bring a gun”….that’s zippy’s recommendation. So why should we let them choose our weapons: they’re going to twitter—so let’s out-twitter them???

        This is silly. People in Joplin are dying. An American is in Libya providing aid and comfort to the enemy (at least he was our “enemy” 6 weeks ago). Our nation is in practical bankruptcy. o’bama has just spit in Israel’s eye. And now we’re going to have a tweet-fight with another of the thug’s bullies? Give me a break.

        If you’re not willing to break the law (like they do) and make personal threats against individuals life and safety (like they do) and bite off the occasional finger (like they do), you’re outgunned. Just because we’re really really really ticked does not mean we become effective gangland-style streetfighters. Have you ever faced an armed gang of men who walked down your street with the announced intention of beating the snot out of you? I have. I didn’t get out that situation alive and well by acting like I could meet them on their ground.

        These people have been living and breathing this kind of destruction all their lives. They live to do this.

        If our nation is going to survive, the energy is going to come from the lawful overpowering the lawless via the law….and by somehow returning power into the hands of those who think our Constitution was a good idea and are willing to use their power accordingly.

        This mental picture of getting into a tweet-fight with yet another juvenile lawbreaker just makes me sick. zippy’s got another 10,000 just like him, and he can make them all junior czars. zippy has power right now and this is how he’s using it. (We know it’s ok with Congress because they’ve never seriously challenged his Czar Kingdom).

        A tweet-fight is a waste of energy. Two years ago this month, the Iranian young people tweeted their lives away….tweeting around the world 24/7–right before they died in the street. Now the Eyptian kids are tweeting (less than they were a couple of weeks ago, I expect). I guess they’re really showing that Muslim Brotherhood a few things. So yeah, let’s tweet. That’ll fix ’em.


  2. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Ministry of Truth at it again.


  3. Solaratov says:



  4. garnette says:

    First of all, if this is to help him get reelected shouldn’t this be paid for by his campaign and not taxpayers? Second of all, I think that this will be one of the final straws that turn even some of his strongest supporters (who support liberalism versus Obama.) I would use this on them because if you mention that if they support Obama taking away our rights of free speech will they enjoy it when the next Republican President decides to follow the Obama’s lead.


    • Solaratov says:

      Ah! But that’s the beauty of it. The Minister of Truth and Propaganda is to answer all of the lies being spread about official presidential policies and initiatives so that the common people can be safe from right-wing propaganda.
      It’s all very simple: STFD & STFU, you peasant, you!

      Does that help? 😉


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