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Gee, that didn’t take long….. Obama said today in El Paso: “They wanted more agents on the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history. The Border Patrol … Continue reading

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MSNBC Offers the American Public a Daily Witness to Their Mental High Colonics

Noel Sheppard NewsBusters: There are times when I watch MSNBC and truly can’t understand how a major American television news network could possibly have assembled such a group of ignoramuses to act as commentators.

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Pakistani Official: Chinese “Very Interested” in Seeing Wreckage of Top-Secret Stealth Helicopter From Bin Laden Raid, “We Might Let Them Take a Look”…

(ABC News) — Pakistani officials said today they’re interested in studying the remains of the U.S.’s secret stealth-modified helicopter abandoned during the Navy SEAL raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound, and suggested the Chinese are as well.  The U.S. has … Continue reading

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Classless President Obama Mocks Citizens on Immigration Reform……

Well, after all we are the enemy…..

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Why ?…….

In order to WIN any contest, any endeavor, any challenge, the first step is to know and understand the heart of your adversary.  Not just know who they are, but to know “what they are” and what makes them tick. … Continue reading

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The talking points memo on Obama’s “gutsy call” went all over the country on May 2 from the Obama campaign

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Palin Wins Restraining Order Against Stalker Family, Son Threatened Rape, Dad Repeatedly Made Harassing Phone Calls…

h/t PatriotDreamer – ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin won another round in court on Monday against a Pennsylvania teenager accused of stalking the outspoken conservative, telling a judge, “I fear for my friends’ and for my … Continue reading

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“Allahu Akbar” – Mysteriously missing from media reports ?

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A Contrast of First Ladies Tastes in Poetry….. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush

Michelle Obama has invited several guests to the White House for a poetry reading event. She’s invited a “Chicago poet” named “Common”, here’s a sampling of the work of the poet named “Common.” Judge the distinctive taste in poetry for … Continue reading

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver Announce Separation

LOS ANGELES — Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver are separating. A spokesman for the actor and former California governor issued a statement announcing the news Monday night. The statement from Schwarzenegger … Continue reading

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