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Serious.  I’m NOT kidding.  Enjoy the remaining three days with your family and friends.   Hold your family, get off the computer, time’s a wastin’.  Then prepare for “Catastrophic Economic Collapse, a worse economic and financial crisis than anything we saw in 2008″….. … Continue reading

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CIA Director Leon Panetta: On Second Thought, There Was No Live Footage of Bin Laden Raid…

So then exactly what where they looking at here then?  Honestly, I have lost track of how many times the story has changed.  But I really like the body language of the people in the situation room photo, where obama … Continue reading

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White House Propaganda Minister: “Osama bin Laden Was Not A Muslim Leader”…

Really?  ………….. Tell that to these Guys

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Rueters Releases Pictures of Dead Bad Guys from Osama Bin Laden Compound… Kinda Gross…

Come to think of it, what difference does it make to release pictures of the other dead guys, and not Bin Laden?  Kinda Silly actually.   Like these four pictures are not going to incite anything, but one more would? Progressive Logic … Continue reading

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More Progressive Civility – Lefty Radio Host Mike Malloy: When Will Navy SEALs Take Out George W. Bush?

The New Civility… Democrat Style.… Only one person draws out the hate from the rabid ideological left more than Sarah Palin.  That person is George W. Bush. (via NewsBusters) If any American with a patriotic pulse listened to the Mike Malloy … Continue reading

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Details of Bin Laden Last Will and Testament….

Looks like he regretted spending so much time at the office jihad.  (GuardianUK) Osama Bin Laden’s last wish, according to a document purported to be his will, was that his wives not remarry after his death and his children not … Continue reading

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Updated 3:16 p.m. Eastern Time (CBS News)  In an interview with Steve Kroft for this Sunday’s “60 Minutes” conducted today, President Obama said he won’t release post-mortem images of Osama bin Laden taken to prove his death. “It is important … Continue reading

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