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Libya: Rebels Plead With West to Assassinate Gaddafi…

Sorry, rebel crew, but BamBam ain’t gonna help ya.   Best idea is to bug out of there before Saint Patrick’s day.   Nothing is gonna stop Quackdaffy from stretching your necks.   Head for the hills and open the Gates to Benghazi … Continue reading

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Their Elitist Arrogance Makes them Vulnerable…..

Presenting a great article on why the elites, the upper crust, the supposed intellectual crowd, are so easily beffuddled….  (American Spectator)  James O’Keefe’s NPR sting has to be one of the most beautifully orchestrated deceptions in the annals of journalism. … Continue reading

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Fukushima Nuclear Plant – *BREAKING* THIRD Reactor Explosion (Reactor #2) Japan Says Nuclear Fuel Rods Fully Exposed, Dangerously Close to Meltdown…

* Breaking news*  Fox and CNN are reporting #2 Reactor has exploded with possible breach to core containment shell…    #1 and #3 previously exploded but maintained containment shell.   Ongoing….  An explosion was heard Tuesday morning at the Japanese nuclear reactor … Continue reading

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2011 Japanese Earthquake – Massive 8.9 Earthquake/Tsunami Latest Developments

The US Navy’s 7th Fleet says 17 crewmembers have been exposed to low-level radioactivity released from a stricken nuclear power plant. The crew was aboard helicopters flying in relief missions in a quake-affected area of Japan. The 17 were on … Continue reading

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Taqiyya Alert !! – Hamas Praises “Palestinian Mujahid” for Savage Attack on Jewish Settlers in Arabic, Denies Responsibility in English…

How did we know this was going to happen….. Pure Example Of Taqiyya ….. (Al Mutarjim) — The barbaric attack by a Palestinian Muslim on a Jewish family living in the West Bank settlement of Itamar on Saturday has been … Continue reading

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Lefties’ Growing Rabid Video Propaganda…. Now Produces Videos with Kids Demanding Right to Sex.

The Liberal left is going ‘full on’ mental with this social issue..  (Life News) — A new video CatholicVote.org has produced exposes some of the extremist views of the most hardcore abortion advocates. The video shows pro-abortion activists at a … Continue reading

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(Reuters) – Shaken by the prospect of nuclear meltdown after a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japanese investors will dump overseas assets on Monday and bring their money home to help finance reconstruction

Hat Tip YTZ4Me – I’ve got some personal notes after the article – (Reuters) Positioning for this could send the dollar plummeting versus the yen on Monday and lead to a sharp slide in Treasuries since U.S. government bonds are … Continue reading

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