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Time for Elmo to Tickle Himself…… Using OUR Money to Lobby for More Of OUR Money….

(Washington Times)- NPR and PBS stations nationwide are rallying their audiences to contact Congress to fight against Republicans’ proposed spending cuts, but some affiliates’ pleas may violate laws preventing nonprofits or government-funded groups from lobbying. Interrupting popular programs, the stations … Continue reading

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Libya – Look Who Is Taking Charge “Mustafa Abdel Jalil”…. Danger Will Robinson Danger….

(Al Jazeera) – North Africa:  Rebels will not pursue Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi over crimes they say he has committed if he steps down from his post in the next 72 hours, the head of the rebel National Libyan Council … Continue reading

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Rep. Peter King – Islamic Death Threats, Media Attacks, CAIR Propaganda, and GOP Wishy Washy…… (Full Roundup)

Thankfully Peter King remains strong amid all the pressure upon him..… (The Hill) The House Homeland Security Committee chairman blasted the mainstream media on Tuesday, calling outlets “irresponsible” for criticizing the panel’s planned hearing on radicalization in the U.S. Muslim … Continue reading

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Safe Bet – NPR Defunding Guaranteed – NPR Gets What They Asked For

Former NPR executive Ron Schiller slams Republicans and the tea party movement and suggests that NPR would be better off without any federal funding in a hidden-camera video (below) released Tuesday by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe. Schiller, president of the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread – March 8th

Lord, teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart -Psalm 90 Help us do today the things that matter, not to waste the time we have. Yes, the moments we have are precious, Lord, … Continue reading

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