Tea Party Reinforcements Arrive in Wisconsin

*UPDATE* Live stream video available – No audio.  Click Here and another Here

(via RightNetwork) Bloggers for Peace – This is an update from Jim. He’s on the ground and in the thick of things. He will be phoning in updates throughout the day.

Thousands of people are at the capitol today. Impossible to tell who the friendlies are right now. 

The unions are out in force! The Barack Obama organizers are waiting for us. I can hear the crowd from blocks away.

Kerry Pickett called- “Leftist Organizers are begging union supporters not to confront opponents.”

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: Thousands of Walker’s supporters. Massive crowd. Chanting “Go Scott Go!” and “Pass The Bill!”

The pro-union protest ended at noon but thousands of union backers are still hanging around.

UPDATE: Inside the Capitol Building the pro-union groups are chanting. It’s deafening. I had to go to a back room to phone in this update.

Jim e-mailed this picture from the rally:

UPDATE: THOUSANDS of Tea Partiers are rallying on the capitol grounds. The union supporters are marching around the capitol grounds in a circle on the street. The union supporters do not have a permit to be on the capitol grounds. They haven’t had one all week! The police are keeping the two groups apart.

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4 Responses to Tea Party Reinforcements Arrive in Wisconsin

  1. The Walker supporters are shouting, “Pass the bill,” while the pro-labor group chants, “Kill the bill.”

    Pro-labor protesters have already been at the Capitol for four days. Walker’s supporters showed up Saturday with signs reading, “I was at work yesterday. Where were you?” and “Sorry, we’re late Scott. We work for a living.”


  2. sablegsd says:

    Union thugs and brain dead lefties with no permit? Typical “I don’t have to follow the rules crap.”


  3. G8rMom7 says:

    Thanks for this…I’ve been offline all day and came on to try and find some info on the rally today knowing that the Tea Party groups would be there…this is the best info I’ve found!


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