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Organizing For America – Assisting Wisconsin / Ohio Union Protestors

We are all familiar with how far entrenched the labor unions are with the current administration.   Indeed, I think we all agree that Obama has been bought and paid for by the unions, and now he is doing their bidding.   Check out … Continue reading

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Hang Tough Governor Walker….. Don’t back down !!!

(Michelle Malkin) Public employee unions who force state workers to join and force them to fork over dues have a lot of chutzpah posing as freedom-fighters, don’t they? […] where the SEIU Purple Army and assorted Big Labor enforcers are … Continue reading

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Iran Grinning Ear to Ear……

MANAMA, Bahrain – Army patrols and tanks locked down the capital of this tiny Gulf kingdom after riot police swinging clubs and firing tear gas smashed into demonstrators, many of them sleeping, in a pre-dawn assault Thursday that uprooted their … Continue reading

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American Civil Unrest – A Historical perspective…… What do they have in common?

10. The Watts Riots: August 11-15, 1965 The term Watts Riots of 1965 refers to a large-scale riot which lasted 6 days in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in August 1965. By the time the riot subsided, 34 … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread – February 17

I know this is not the normal open thread picture.  But it just,… well,….. needed to be shared.  The more you look at it, the more it just speaks volumes.  It is easily my favorite pic of the year so far.  … Continue reading

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