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Mubarak in a Coma?…..

h/t StellaP (TWS) Unconfirmed reports are circulating that former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has fallen into a coma in Sharm al-Sheikh. The independent Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youm’s English-language website says that Mubarak fainted twice during his final speech … Continue reading

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LTF – Losing the Future

No that ain’t a headline from any reputable media outlet.  It’s all mine.  I just got done reading a bunch of articles about the proposed budget.   Unicorn farts… rainbow butterflies…. pancakes in a canoe…. elephants wearing cherry sneakers…, all that makes … Continue reading

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Chivalry isn’t Dead…. Wounded maybe… (two stories)

Just less obvious and perhaps more difficult to find….. (CNN) — Graciousness can pay priceless dividends; And it doesn’t cost a thing.  You may have heard the story about what happened between White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and Four-star Army … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood: On Second Thought, We Will Form a Political Party…

Told ya so….. (AMAY – English) In a statement on Monday, Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said it would establish itself as a political party once the Constitution has been amended to allow it to do so. The … Continue reading

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Only About a Year and a Half Late………

Hillary Clinton Announces Support For Iranian Protesters…WASHINGTON (AP) – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has expressed support for the tens of thousands of protesters in Iran’s capital, saying they “deserve to have the same rights that they saw being … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread – February 14

Good Morning, loyal citizens of the treehouse!  It is another Monday, we begin the work week once again.  And while some of you are digesting this fact along with the morning coffee be aware that some of you have already ruined … Continue reading

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