Consider this an “Everything Egypt Thread” ***BREAKING***

Oh shit… read this from El Baradei:  “Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei reacts on Twitter to the latest developments: “Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now.”

Mubarak refuses to stand down

Anti-government protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square wave shoes in dismay as President Hosni Mubarak speaks to the nation February 10, 2011.


Egyptian president vows he will stay in office until September, and will not bow down to ‘foreign pressure’. 

Reactions to Mubarak’s speech flooding in on Twitter:

  • Al Jazeera’s Tristan Redman: “Confusion in #tahrir. Is he gone? Or is he staying? Nobody seems to understand.”
  • CNN’s Ivan Watson comments: “Mubarak finishes speech. Does not say he will step down. Angry Tahrir Square crowd chanting ‘He leaves, we leave.’ The stand-off continues”
  • Blogger Sandmonkey: “People are going crazy in the street. We are joining them.”
  • Matthew Cassel: “Tonight or tomorrow, Tahrir is not big enough to contain this rage.”
    ———————————– snip ——————————–

This is gonna get ugly real quick……  Real quick……. 

WTF?  **UPDATE**  Egyptian foreign minister says Mubarak “WILL NOT” be stepping down?   Sheeesh…… Bagdad Bob reminder anyone?

Things are fluid and changing rapidly.  So many angles, so consider this a thread to discuss any and all of todays variables surrounding Egypt, our administration, your concerns?

Nervous victory for someone…..  CAIRO — Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is to step down after 17 days of pro-democracy protests, two sources told NBC News on Thursday. Following an all-day meeting of the country’s supreme military council, the army said all the protesters’ demands would be met and a further statement was expected to be made later Thursday, clarifying the situation. 

Mubarak was [huh] expected to formally announce his departure in an address to the nation tonight.

NBC News said a high-ranking source inside the president’s office said that Mubarak would step down and the newly appointed vice president, Omar Suleiman, would take over. This was then confirmed by a second source. The Secretary-General of the ruling NDP party, Dr Hossam Badrawi, told the U.K’s Channel 4 News that he was expecting Mubarak to stand aside in his televised address. (Read More)

Also: (ABC News)- Egypt’s Army Chief of Staff waded into the jubilant crowd of protesters in Egypt’s Tahrir Square today and told them cryptically, “All your demands will be met tonight.”

When asked by ABC News whether that meant that President Hosni Mubarak would leave office, Army Chief of Staff Sami Eman replied, “It ends tonight.” The crowd around Eman erupted in a roar of cheers and began singing the national anthem.

Ok, I’m late to the party on this and trying to catch up.  Was this a subtle, non-violent, psychological military coup brought about my Mubarak losing the support of the military?  With all the radical elements positioning themselves this is dangerous, very dangerous.  Suleiman is a 76 year old head of secret police, hard/heavy hand, and right hand of Mubarak;  so I’m thinking this is more of an optical change and not an ideological shift.

Obviously the military will be the ruling force even with a transitional government.  Praying for those military leaders to respect the integrity of freedom.


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  1. staceedb says:

    Isaiah 19
    A Prophecy Against Egypt
    1 A prophecy against Egypt:
    See, the LORD rides on a swift cloud
    and is coming to Egypt.
    The idols of Egypt tremble before him,
    and the hearts of the Egyptians melt with fear.

    2 “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—
    brother will fight against brother,
    neighbor against neighbor,
    city against city,
    kingdom against kingdom.
    3 The Egyptians will lose heart,
    and I will bring their plans to nothing;
    they will consult the idols and the spirits of the dead,
    the mediums and the spiritists.
    4 I will hand the Egyptians over
    to the power of a cruel master,
    and a fierce king will rule over them,”
    declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.

    5 The waters of the river will dry up,
    and the riverbed will be parched and dry.
    6 The canals will stink;
    the streams of Egypt will dwindle and dry up.
    The reeds and rushes will wither,
    7 also the plants along the Nile,
    at the mouth of the river.
    Every sown field along the Nile
    will become parched, will blow away and be no more.
    8 The fishermen will groan and lament,
    all who cast hooks into the Nile;
    those who throw nets on the water
    will pine away.
    9 Those who work with combed flax will despair,
    the weavers of fine linen will lose hope.
    10 The workers in cloth will be dejected,
    and all the wage earners will be sick at heart.

    11 The officials of Zoan are nothing but fools;
    the wise counselors of Pharaoh give senseless advice.
    How can you say to Pharaoh,
    “I am one of the wise men,
    a disciple of the ancient kings”?

    12 Where are your wise men now?
    Let them show you and make known
    what the LORD Almighty
    has planned against Egypt.
    13 The officials of Zoan have become fools,
    the leaders of Memphis are deceived;
    the cornerstones of her peoples
    have led Egypt astray.
    14 The LORD has poured into them
    a spirit of dizziness;
    they make Egypt stagger in all that she does,
    as a drunkard staggers around in his vomit.
    15 There is nothing Egypt can do—
    head or tail, palm branch or reed.

    16 In that day the Egyptians will become weaklings. They will shudder with fear at the uplifted hand that the LORD Almighty raises against them. 17 And the land of Judah will bring terror to the Egyptians; everyone to whom Judah is mentioned will be terrified, because of what the LORD Almighty is planning against them.

    18 In that day five cities in Egypt will speak the language of Canaan and swear allegiance to the LORD Almighty. One of them will be called the City of the Sun.[a]

    19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the LORD at its border. 20 It will be a sign and witness to the LORD Almighty in the land of Egypt. When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior and defender, and he will rescue them. 21 So the LORD will make himself known to the Egyptians, and in that day they will acknowledge the LORD. They will worship with sacrifices and grain offerings; they will make vows to the LORD and keep them. 22 The LORD will strike Egypt with a plague; he will strike them and heal them. They will turn to the LORD, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them.

    23 In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. 24 In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing[b] on the earth. 25 The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.”


    • Sharon says:

      Stacee, this is very timely. I’ve been rechecking and re-reading about the fact that Egypt, along with Iraq, are the only two nations we are accustomed to thinking about in terms of ME activity which are not prominently mentioned in the Final Days actions against Israel. But that certainly doesn’t mean that Egypt will not be dealt with as a nation by the Almighty God. He’s just not into unfinished business all that much.


  2. churchlady1904 says:

    This just up on Newsmax:

    The critical question is whether the Muslim Brotherhood will now become part of the Egyptian government. That is the single most important question.

    The future of Egypt, the future of U.S.-Egypt relations, the future of Egypt’s relations with U.S. allies in the region — all these depend on whether the Egyptian army allows the Muslim Brotherhood to come into the government.

    If the Muslim Brotherhood comes in, then you will see
    * the end of the peace treaty with Israel
    * calls for a new war with Israel
    * an expansionist Egypt the likes of which we have not seen since the 1950s.

    If on the other hand the army keeps the Muslim Brotherhood out, then I think you could see a soft-landing to this uprising, which I believe Obama would claim, and rightly so, as a victory for his foreign policy.

    Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest oil reserves, and the Saudis are worried. The government of Tunisia fell, the government of Egypt fell, and they’re worried

    They fear Obama may dump them the way he did Mubarak — unceremoniously, and publicly.

    And the Saudis lack even the claim to legitimacy that Mubarak had. They are a family, and Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world that has taken the name of one family to be the name of the country.

    Mubarak at least had come out of the Egyptian military, and had been supported by the Egyptian army for 30 years. So the Saudis are worried, and they have a right to be, because they do not have a great deal of legitimacy.

    How will the transition in Egypt affect U.S. national security?
    It all depends on the role to be played by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    If the Muslim Brotherhood is brought in, it would be a tremendous blow to U.S. national security. It would make us far less secure around the world, and it would embolden the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow regimes in Saudi Arabia, in Jordan, in Yemen, and also to work more actively inside Iraq.

    If the Muslim Brotherhood kept out of power, however, then we may have a soft landing and President Obmaa will say, “You see, I was able to engineer this transition in Egypt while upholding America’s national security interest and American values.”

    So this could swing dramatically either way. The obvious parallel is with the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979. Former President Jimmy Carter decided at a certain point to drop the Shah, and it is obvious President Obama made a similar decision to actively show Mubarak the door.

    So we could be looking at a devastating catastrophe on the level of the fall of the Shah, which gave us 30 years of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.

    Conversely, it could be the equivalent of the liberation of Iraq in 2003, followed by a credible, reasonably popular government.

    The stakes are huge. An amazing catastrophe or an extraordinary success — we just don’t know which one it will be yet.

    It all depends on the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood.


  3. (Fox News)- President Hosni Mubarak will step down shortly and transfer authority to the Egyptian Higher Council of the Armed Forces, a senior Egyptian official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.

    The group is comprised of the minister of defense, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi — who stands atop the military hierarchy — along with the military’s chief of staff, the chief of operations, and commanders of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Air Defenses.

    The source pointed out that the transfer of power will occur “outside of the constitutional framework” because under the Egyptian constitution, Mubarak’s resignation ordinarily would mean that the speaker of the house would become president and elections would be held within 60 days. In this case, the military council will “not be governing under the constitution or any legislation,” the source noted. “So they will have to define the format under which they are taking power.”

    The source did not know how long the military would reign nor what mechanism or timetable would be put in place to end the military’s administration of power, but said that “when (the transfer of power from Mubarak) does happen, they will presumably indicate the direction of the country.”

    The source drew parallels with the Army coup of 1952, and the removal of King Faroukh, noting that it took six months before the monarchy was dissolved and the modern republic formed.


  4. Sheeesh….. THIS guy is CLUELESS. CLUELESS. We need to put Dagny in charge.
    (Politico)- During a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Egypt’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement “largely secular.”

    In response to questioning from Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) about the threat posed by the group, Clapper suggested that the Egyptian part of the Brotherhood is not particularly extreme and that the broader international movement is hard to generalize about.

    “The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’…is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam,” Clapper said. “They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera…..In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.”

    The Brotherhood uses the slogan, “Islam is the answer,” and generally advocates for government in accordance with Islamic principles. The movement has as a broad goal unifying what it perceives as Muslim lands, from Spain to Indonesia, as a “caliphate.” (So Glenn Beck was right)

    Myrick interrupted Clapper at one point, saying her concern isn’t simply with the violence but with the Brotherhood’s beliefs regarding government.

    “The danger of the Muslim Brotherhood is not just encouraging terrorism through their ideology, but also trying to take over government, so everyone has to succumb and live under their ideology,” Myrick said.

    Clapper said later in the hearing that the Brotherhood in Egypt runs 29 hospitals “not under the guise of an extremist agenda.” He said the group fills a vacuum cause by the absence of government services, but added, “It is not necessarily with a view to promoting violence or overthrow of the state. (not neccessarily? oh boy that’s reassuring /sarc)

    FBI Director Robert Mueller said some branches of the Brotherhood have engaged in violence, but he declined to go into detail in a public session. “Obviously, elements of the Muslim Brotherhood here and overseas have supported terrorism,” he said. (Sheeeesh, maybe Mueller and Clapper should get together, and decide.…)


  5. Ad rem says:

    Just to demonstrate how technically savvy and well organized these protests are…

    Notice how systematically all this protests are set up….all in alignment….because the same people travel from one to the next?


  6. Saudi kings and princes, have got to be EXTREMELY nervous right now. Persians vs. Arabs, and they are gonna be surrounded too. Yemen to their south, Egypt to their West, Iran to their East, and syria sitting there ready to launch from the North.

    The Golden Oilfields are the holy grail of economic control and power. We (the U.S.) have totally FUBAR’d this one. The Saudis must be drawing up contingency plans and trying to figure out how to flippin walk through this guantlet…..


    • staceedb says:

      Yeah…when do you think the gas prices will jump? I live near the Amish…seriously…maybe we should buy a buggy.. no kidding..


      • I keep coming back to this quote…… “There is no doubt that something fundamental about the American Administration has changed. The US conduct in the Middle East attests to inexperience and lack of familiarity with the region. It appears as though the world is being led by a rookie.”,7340,L-4023935,00.html

        Regarding Oil Prices, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that OPEC will “punish” us economically for putting them in this tenious position. They ain’t liking us one bit right now. We have totally screwed up their neighborhood and let the potential for riff raff seep in. They’re furious. Hell yeah, they are gonna make us pay….. Litterally pay !!! Wouldn’t you if you were that pissed off (tip jar).


        • freedom1781 says:

          “…It appears as though the world is being led by a rookie.”
          Yep. We’re living in scary times. I can’t wait to boot Obambi out of office.


        • Ad rem says:

          When the Saudi oil fields are set aflame, our Xerxes will sit and fiddle. All part of the plan….


        • freedom1781 says:

          On the soon-to-be-insanely-high oil prices… this is why it’s so important for us to drill domestically for oil.


          • Amen, Amen, Amen….. We need those drillers working 24/7 right now. AND now is the time for Palin to move public on ANWAR. We have total economic energy security right there at the tippy top of Alaska.

            Drill baby Drill….. Get this flippin bafoon out of the way and get moving on it. Grrrrr….


          • Sharon says:

            Last week one of the major players in the Alaska oil fields pulled out of their project. I think it was Shell, but may not remember that accurately. They just chose not to risk their dollars and infrastructure because of the looming problems, courtesy of zippy. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to fundamentally transform America. I didn’t think he was when he said it, and it made my skin crawl. Family members who got angry at me at the time for pointing out what he said are scared now.


          • Library Countess says:

            I can’t find information to back this up right now (a recent poll) but I seem to remember that more Floridians than less favor drilling in the Gulf (the same in the other Gulf states too), and this was after the oil spill; the % has gone up since then. I’ve also been reading that Cuba is talking about drilling off their shores as early as this summer, so if we don’t start getting the oil and natural gas, others will be, and billing us out the wazoo for it. Also agree, SD, on ANWAR.


      • Ad rem says:

        Lancaster, PA? Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Blue Ball? Been there many times….love it and the people.


  7. Now Fox news is reporting that “MUBARAK WILL NOT BE STEPPING DOWN”…. (I think…..) WTF? Can’t keep up………… Did I hear that right?


    • Library Countess says:

      There’s a 7-hour time difference between Cairo and the east coast … I keep wondering how late this announcement is gonna get made. At this rate it’ll be “tomorrow”…


    • churchlady1904 says:

      “UNDECIDED” by the Ames Brothers, a classic!

      You say it’s yes, and then it’s no;
      You say you’ll stay, and then you go –
      You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?

      First you say you do, and then you don’t,
      And then you say you will, and then you won’t;
      You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?

      Now you want to play, and then it’s no,
      And when you say you’ll stay, that’s when you go –
      You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?


  8. Ad rem says:

    Jeff Jacoby has a good article in today’s Boston Globe re the Muslim Brotherhood and why it’s role in Egypt’s future is so crucial.


  9. Try this link…. my live feed keeps getting interrupted. The entire world is up on-line right now. Tracers and pingbacks from all over the globe. I hate to link Al Jazeera but they appear to be the only servers able to handle the traffic 😦


  10. Sharon says:

    Absolutely stunning. muBarack is apparently not going anywhere. Gee, isn’t it great that our “intelligence” agencies are so on top of this.

    He sort of mentioned that advice from the outside of Egypt isn’t particularly welcome. Wonder if zippy’s thugs are listening.


    • Sharon, your thought is spot on. Spot on. We need someone to immediately investigate the CIA report that spurred the announcement that Mubarak would step down. What the Flipp is going on….. Holy Cats!!!

      NBC News said a high-ranking source inside the president’s office said that Mubarak would step down and the newly appointed vice president, Omar Suleiman, would take over. This was then confirmed by a second source.

      How could they get this sooooo wrong?


  11. Sharon says:

    So what zippy said just a couple of hours ago is already shown to be irrelevant….apparently the youth of Egypt didn’t get to dictate a change at the top.


  12. Reactions to Mubarak’s speech flooding in on Twitter:

    Al Jazeera’s Tristan Redman: “Confusion in #tahrir. Is he gone? Or is he staying? Nobody seems to understand.”

    CNN’s Ivan Watson comments: “Mubarak finishes speech. Does not say he will step down. Angry Tahrir Square crowd chanting ‘He leaves, we leave.’ The stand-off continues”


  13. BREAKING FROM Al Jazeera…….
    Mubarak refuses to stand down Egyptian president vows he will stay in office until September, and will not bow down to ‘foreign pressure’.


  14. Sharon says:

    Is the reaction to his announcement going to provide the excuse the Egyptian military needs to come down on the protesters, ala Tienanmen Square?

    zippy is too clever by half. As Rush as said, he wants to jump out in front of any parade or mob to claim credit when the work has been done by others: looks like he outsmarted himself on this one. Where’s Forrest Gump when we need him.


    • ABC News reporter Lara Setrakian is tweeting: “Tahrir chants: ‘we won’t go. he will go.’ The scene is set for a confrontation.”

      The good people of Egypt deserve a future with opportunity but I’m concerned that they will be forced into a Theocracy like the Iranian people in 1979 and their potential will be stifled further….


  15. Heads UP !!!! Ugly en-route…….. Live feed….CNN reports that some demonstrators have begun leaving Tahrir Square in the direction of the presidential palace


  16. Live feed…..Steven Cook, Middle East expert with the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, reacts to Mubarak speech: “We have seen today some movement but nevertheless Hosni Mubarak appears defiant to the end.”

    No shit Sherlock


  17. Live feed…… Reuters Egyptian VP Suleiman says in TV address a dialogue has been started and a road map has been agreed upon….

    The folks on the street do not trust Suleiman. He has been a historical enforcer… This will not help. Crap…. This is looking more and more like it is headed the way of Tianimen Square….


  18. (AFP) Protesters in central Cairo’s Tahrir Square reacted with fury on Thursday when President Hosni Mubarak failed to announce his immediate resignation, demanding the army join them in revolt. Hundreds of protesters took off their shoes and brandished them at the screen on which they had seen Mubarak’s speech, an insult in Arab societies, and others chanted: “Down with Mubarak, leave, leave!”

    Others called for an immediate general strike and demanded of the army, which has deployed large numbers of troops around the protest: “Egyptian army, the choice is now, the regime or the people!”

    ** Note ** Price of Oil just jumped $2/Barrel


  19. Live feed from London…….
    Alanoud Al Sharek, a senior fellow in regional politics at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, says “”He [Mubarak] doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of what is happening in Egypt. At this point I don’t think it will suffice. He still seems to think he is the top patriarch and custodian of the Egyptian people. He doesn’t realise that there is a genuine act of resistance taking place. He has performed quite a sleight of hand. He has transferred authority to Omar Suleiman while somehow retaining his position as ruler.”

    Bill O’Grady, chief investment strategist at Confluence Investment Management, says: “The younger military really want to see this guy go and they are allied with the protesters. The older military don’t want to give up power just yet and want to play a role in the orderly transition of power. This is playing out a lot like the situation with Anwar Sadat.”


  20. Mohamed El-Erian, co-chief investment officer at Pacific Investment Management Co., said: “Given the intense disappointment with the speech in Egypt, the country has entered this evening an ominous period of extreme tension and danger that can only be resolved by credible regime change that the majority of Egyptians can buy into”


  21. Live Feed…….
    CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports on Twitter that crowds have started surrounding the state TV headquarters in Cairo….


  22. Live feed comments from the crowd….. scarey stuff folks, sense the tone

    Mustafa Naggar, leading activist: “The street is fed up with Mubarak. If Mubarak leaves the country he will help to calm the crisis. If he continues, he will lead Egyptians into chaos.” “Plans for tomorrow stand. We will march in the millions to Tahrir Square and other locations.”

    Antoini Abu Sayed, 50, a university professor: “This would have been enough before the intifada (uprising), but not now. The people will continue to demonstrate. Most of us present will continue.”

    Ismail Zakaria, 45, a teacher: “The speech was unprecedented in its stubbornness and foolishness. Tomorrow I am heading to the palace in protest. Until Mubarak falls. There is no turning back.”

    Sameh Ali, 29, an activist: “Giving Suleiman presidential powers means nothing to protesters. The protesters’ calls have fallen on deaf ears. And we will escalate our protests tomorrow, until victory”.

    Ahmed Aly, a businessman not protesting in Tahrir: “The speech was very emotional and decent. The president did what the youth requested, he left power but in a decent way that preserves his dignity and that of the Egyptian people … All that has happened are great achievements that we would have never been able to achieve without the revolution led by the youth on Jan. 25.”


  23. freedom1781 says:

    Idiot James Clapper backtracks his idiotic Muslim Brotherhood statement:

    “…To clarify Director Clapper’s point – in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood makes efforts to work through a political system that has been, under Mubarak’s rule, one that is largely secular in its orientation – he is well aware that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a secular organization…”


    • Ad rem says:

      Beck is tearing Clapper a new one right now… on Fox.


    • Glenn Beck is on fire…. he just skewered this guy a million ways to Sunday !! Love it !!!

      As far as backtracking…. He can’t. He wasn’t giving an interview to the press. He was advising a National Security Panel. Period. He reflected a complete disconnect from the realities of the situation. If he has been advised as such then we have bigger problems. But for now this guy needs to just leave. He has embarassed his office, and the intelligence community. Period.

      There are no excuses. None. Not for that.


      • YTZ4Me says:

        The intelligence community has been gutted by design, and led by people who are, to be kind, incompetent. This is not an “accident”.

        With Marines forward deployed to two active combat theatres, the current (black, Chicago-connected) BGeneral who heads Marine Intel, stated his belief that Marine Intelligence is
        “too tactical”.

        His next follow-on assignment will be, if history is any indication, to head up covert ops at the CIA, because it is highly unlikely the Senate will protest or conduct any real examination of his qualifications and abilities.

        Be afraid.

        And make sure your neighbors are educated … and vote in 2012.

        We don’t have much time left for “do-overs”.


  24. Consider this statement….

    Robert Springborg, professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School:

    The speeches tonight are not intended to bring an end to the crisis in a peaceful way but to inflame the situation so there is justification for the imposition of direct military rule. They are risking not only the coherence of the military but even indeed, and I use this term with advisement here, civil war.”

    “I think it needs to be made perfectly clear (by outside powers) that Mubarak and his regime are forfeiting Egypt’s future. Egypt is in an economic crisis. It is going to have to be bailed out and the short answer to what they are doing now is that it will not be bailed out with anything like a military regime in place that is associated with Mubarak, Omar Suleiman and these people who are part of this regime.”


    • YTZ4Me says:

      You’re aware that the PG school is populated by politically connected hacks, too, right?

      Someone “close to me” was an adjunct there. So I’m confident in my analysis, since I’ve seen/heard up close.


      • IAmDagny says:

        The entire military is infested. Every full bird Colonel and up needs to be forced to retire so we can start to rebuild. Clapper is a retired 3-star USAF.


        • YTZ4Me says:

          A girl after my own heart!
          Nobody above the rank of 0-5 in the current military is a leader; they are ALL politicians who act in their own self-interest.
          No exceptions.

          And add the PG school to the “You-Cut” list. Along with funding for the UN, the EPA, DOE, NEA, you can close this one entirely without skipping a beat and without ANY deleterious effects to the forces or national security.

          However, the PG school is a sacred cow for the USN.

          You can take that to the bank.


      • No, I was not aware of that. The comment just struck me as alarming. If the Mubarak speech was a method toward instituting military rule, then the message being advanced by those on the ground is false. If this is the case, the potential to repeat something like Tiananmen square becomes much more likely.


        • YTZ4Me says:

          “Egypt is in an economic crisis. It is going to have to be bailed out … ”

          Egypt’s “economic crisis” has been deliberately manufactured.

          Now we have someone setting themselves up as the dispassionate “outside expert” to set the stage for rationalising the IMF to come in and take over … which never, ever ends well for the countries they arrive to “help”.

          Read …. Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. He takes liberties with large swaths of it, but there is more truth in there than most people are reasonably comfortable with.

          Long story short … the IMF are not the guys in white hats riding to the rescue.


        • YTZ4Me says:

          There’s a lot going on that the average taxpayer doesn’t have a clue about.

          For example, were you aware that the Marines (and other services) fully fund a fellowship to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) in NY with YOUR tax dollars? The current “Fellow” just got fast-track selected to BGen.

          Now, isn’t that cozy?

          Nothing to see here, move along …..


  25. churchlady1904 says:

    Comment on the story that protestors are heading
    on a march to the palace:

    “My heart and prayers are with the people of Egypt tonight. My God Bless you all and guide you through this transition. Mubarak has just confirmed to the world what a horrible person he is. Unfortunately Mubarak’s has caused many beautiful people to loose their lives. Shame on you may Karma take care of you soon.

    “Now an open letter to the Republican Party/Tea Baggers in the U.S.A. This is how you will meet your destiny as you errod the middle class in America. Be warned, you will be next. ”
    WELL!! I guess he told us, huh?? So GOP Tea Party people are on
    the same level as Mubarek? Is that actually a compliment since Mubarek
    seems to be against the Muslim Brotherhood aka Hamas/Al Queeda?


    • Sharon says:

      And they also have aligned themselves with zippy. As I’ve understood, that’s about what he thinks of most Americans, Tea Party or not.


  26. Sharon says:

    Well, zippy and his advizzers have burned most of their time this week playing catch up and claiming that they didn’t say what they said they had said three days ago. Now they can spend the rest of the week, I suppose, claiming he didn’t say what he said this morning about Mubarak….I suppose it’s convenient for them that they never actually have to live in real time, thinking in the present moment, leading and responding as though they had some actual responsibility. Of course, it all fits: just last week Little Bobby Gibbs carefully explained that ” ‘now’ means ‘yesterday’ “. These people are beyond help. And because they have authority and power, we soon will be as well, in human terms.


    • Pray Hard… Really Pray Hard…. Look at what El Baradei just tweeted:

      Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei reacts on Twitter to the latest developments: “Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now.


  27. It’s now about 12:30 a.m. in Egypt. CNN is reporting that protesters have formed a human chain around the headquarters of state TV in Cairo.


  28. ….. Live Feed from London…..

    New comments from Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague on BBC TV: “We are studying very closely what the president and vice president of Egypt have said. It is not immediately clear what powers are being handed over and what the full implications are. We think the solution to this has to be owned by the Egyptian people themselves. All we want in the United Kingdom is for them to be able to settle their own differences in a peaceful and democratic way. And that is why we have called from the beginning of this crisis for an urgent but orderly transition to a more broadly based government in Egypt, and in the meantime we look to the Egyptian authorities to protect the right to peaceful protest.”


  29. molly pitcher says:

    has anyone seen the We Are So Screwed vid on Dagny’s blog?? There may be 1.5 billion people blogging and twittering for info about Egypt, but there’s a large number of Americans who don’t know and don’t care about anything except American Idol and Jersey Shore and whether or not Lindsey Lohan will do time.

    This is frightening – if you have children or grandchildren, teach them well because they are the ones who will be left with this pile of worldwide merde. The average citizen does not appear to be prepared for what is coming and if that’s the case they will be more than happy to drop a dime on you to save their own sorry azz.

    These are the folks who elected BHO and these are the folks who are convinced by the media that Glenn Beck is nuts and these are the same folks who can be easily convinced that the muslim brotherhood is a bunch of secular good guys who build hospitals. Peace. Everyone wants peace. But their peace will come at the price of our and Israel’s freedom. no worry. you can pick out your own prayer rug and burkha…


    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome Molly….wish we were meeting under more delightful circumstances, but you’re right, that video has Joe American pegged. “Al Qaeda is a wing of a Masonic temple.”…says it all.

      I’m afraid when the bad times come, and they will, there will be much thinning of the heard going on. Most people live from check to check, yet will insist on cable to go with their 52” TV. They think healthcare is a right to be provided by the government, as well as a miminum of 2 yrs. unemployment benefits. They’re in for a rude…really rude awakening.

      I’m afraid peace is a two-way street, and we’re dealing with people whose only aim is to see us conquered and beheaded. Does anyone remember Daniel Pearl? Peace will only come when our leaders strap on a pair and decide to push back. That doesn’t sound like the modus operandi for the Obama team does it? It’s almost as if they welcome a caliphate.


      • churchlady1904 says:

        Well, well . . . look who’s “strapped on a pair”
        and is pushing back/speaking out:

        PARIS (AFP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

        “My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure,” he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups.

        “Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want… a society where communities coexist side by side.

        “If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France,” the right-wing president said.

        “The French national community cannot accept a change in its lifestyle, equality between men and women… freedom for little girls to go to school,” he said.

        “We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him,” Sarkozy said in the TFI channel show (that’s the understatement of the whole article!)


        • Sharon says:

          Well, that makes 1 man (apparently?) from France; 1 man from England; and, 1 man (Mrs. Merkel) from Germany who have said out loud that it’s time to stop playing footsie with the people who want to cut our heads off.


  30. YTZ4Me says:

    Dagny is the best.
    She is linked in my blogroll, which is how the Studmuffin found her.
    He’s now an affirmed Ann addict.
    How’s that for alliteration?


  31. “If the demonstrations build … then you once again face the army with the choice they have sought to avoid — put the demonstrations down or get rid of Mubarak. They have managed so far not to make that choice, but if the people stay in the streets then they are going to have to make that choice.”


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