Twittering in the Treehouse

A fair number of our community can be found on twitter. Here is a list of members and their twitter IDs. [If you would like your info added to or removed from this list, please ask the Admins and we’ll get on it!]

YTZ                                @StopShoutBlog

tnwahm                         @tnwahm

G8rMom7                      @G8rMom7

Ad rem                            @Ad_rem_tweets

Stella                               @stellasplace1

WeeWeed                      @WeeWeedTX

Menagerie                      @MenagerieTree

The Tree                         @TheLastRefuge2

Garnette                          @GarnettesView

36 Responses to Twittering in the Treehouse

  1. For anyone who comes to this page first, and wants to know how to get started, please see this post:


  2. GracieD says:

    Y’all can put me on the list. Cajunlady64


  3. Wraith says:

    I just broke down and joined Twitter…



  4. Gillian Howard says:

    hi everyone i am from america where are you from.?


  5. PatriotUSA says:

    I kin be found at, by 2ndAmndmntUSA on that twitter thingy.

    Look me up, OK?


  6. palerider says:

    i just discovered your website. i am so glad that i am not alone.

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  7. palerider1962 says:

    great posts


  8. Eagle says:


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  9. Bill Periman says:

    Have been tweeting “proof Obama knew questions & questioners before CNN debate” all day.
    Hope it helped. @BillPeriman


  10. ss31704 says:

    You can put me on the list. As you can see, I seem to be commenting a lot. Your system works very nicely and is easy to use.


  11. ss31704 says:

    By the way, my twitter is Steve S@ss31704_s


  12. I love this blog! Best research about the Zimmerman trial I’ve seen anywhere. I’ve spent the whole morning reading the posts. Someone on RightScoop gave you the h/t. Add me to the list! How do I sign up?

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Agreed – that’s how I discovered this place, during the Zimmerman fiasco. Kinda funny – I was shocked – SHOCKED – at the time, that the major media was ignoring the social media that contradicted the Trayvon sweet-child narrative. No longer. Our MSM “journalists” have clearly become political hacks. CTH is one of the stark turning points in the salvation of truth, and I appreciate this site very much.

      My Twitter handle is (one O and two Zeroes, kinda like Obama, Psaki and Harf).

      CTH is two for two. Between purple drank / stolen jewelry / blunts in the Trayvon case, and the background audio in the Mike Brown case, this site has helped bring justice to two national cases that were being railroaded by the MSM. Future civil rights scholars will have a fondness for archives of this site, I have no doubt.

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  13. Ironfist says:

    Put me on the list too please. @Ironfist


  14. David Mabe says:

    put me on @RetroAero


  15. Sharon Campbell says:

    Add me to the list. @SharonA1225


  16. Can I get a few of you guys in here, to please read my post In the Oct 16 Open Thread. It about 14 down, I need feedback, from any and all treehouse conservatives please. I know there is a lot of news too follow today, but I’m trying to fight and trying to motivate.


  17. wasntme says:

    disappointed to see the treehouse using social media. making it pretty easy for them to keep track of what your reporting and enabling them to stay on top of their story, isn’t it?


  18. Cheryl Collins says:



  19. Fantasia says:

    And, add me. I need a TwitterTutor! lol. I am so sad.


  20. carterzest says:

    Will get to see my twits on the side? The only time I have seen them is when SD has retweeted me. Always wondered about that.
    Alas, add me. Need lots of help =)

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  21. gary23902003 says:

    Tweet me.


  22. Deb Curlette says:

    I LOVE YOU, Sundance
    I am drdeb@drdebdrdeb on Twitter


  23. drdebdrdeb says:

    On Twitter I am drdeb@drdebdrdeb
    I Love You, Sundance! Thanks for all you do for our freedoms.


  24. SoldierI says:

    I love your site!! 3 thumb up!


  25. D-fusit says:

    I may have found a new home, love this place.


  26. Please add me to the twitter list @RoseD1st thank you


  27. Please add me to the twitter list: @JewishOdysseus


  28. Beverly Lam says:

    Add me too @blam0928. totally agree, best commentary on Zimmerman case (I live in S FL and knew something was amiss from day one) as well as this election, beginning w/ the splitter strategy. WTG Sundance! Luv your work.


  29. jackphatz says:

    Add me also, @jackphatz


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