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Fox News is Marco Rubio’s Unofficial Super-PAC and Using Megyn Kelly to Sell It…

Tonight, in advance of the New Hampshire vote tomorrow, Megyn Kelly goes into full defense mode to protect Senator Marco Rubio from his horrible debate performance.  You can watch the full-frontal effort HERE Immediately after interviewing Marco Rubio, she brings … Continue reading

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Mass Immigration / Globalism are Prerequisites to Fundamental American Change – Marco Rubio is the Vessel…

Name one multi-millionaire and/or billionaire who is contributing to a GOP Super-PAC who does not want increased levels of immigration…. ….Go ahead and try. The head of Fox News, Mr. Wall Street, aka billionaire Rupert Murdoch (not an American) is … Continue reading

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Reince Priebus and The Insufferable RNC Being Stupid Again….

This is NOT about Carly Fiorina, this is entirely about how blazingly stupid the professional republican party is. Well, actually, “Willfully blind” is perhaps more apropos. There are essentially eight candidates left in the GOP race: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, … Continue reading

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Texas Grand Jury Indicts Two Activists Involved In Planned Parenthood Expose’…

The grand jury was charged with looking into whether or not Planned Parenthood violated the law as evidenced in the undercover videos.  However, in an unexpected turn of events, the activists involved in the expose’ are now indicted. (Via Fox … Continue reading

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Florida First-Grade Teacher Under Investigation for “Lesson in Racism”…

An unnamed Florida elementary school teacher is suspended and ‘under investigation’ for conducting an experiment/lesson in segregation using their classroom.  As typically the case when media begin reporting on the issue, the school claims no knowledge or approval of anything…. … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Has an Unstable Glenn Beck Problem – The Beck, Barton and Mercer Connections…

In response to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of candidate Donald Trump, an apoplectic Glenn Beck has announced his intent to rally with Ted Cruz in Waterloo Iowa. However, the event itself is being organized by a pro-Cruz group ‘Keep the Promise … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Will Hear Obama “Executive Amnesty” Case – U.S. v Texas (Judge Hanen Ruling)…

D.A.P.A or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program – is the executive action Obama attempted in November of 2014 which was shut down by Federal Judge Andrew Hanen in February ’15 with the issuance of … Continue reading

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