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Clearing The Range – Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley *Was* Considering A Presidential Bid…

… and then something conspicuously and politically surreptitious happened. The transparency of the Democrat’s big picture targeting is brutally obvious. It has long been rumored that former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley might just be the greatest threat to a Hillary … Continue reading

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CNN’s Dana Bash Berates Representative Jim Jordan For Being Principled…

I’m not exactly sure why these guys put themselves through this insanity. CNN’s Dana Bash showcases her exceptional bias and puts Jim Jordan through the pretzel logic of modern media punditry…. ….It’s not the scale of the mountain in front of … Continue reading

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Secretary Kerry: Trust Only Us “Nobody Should Count on What They’ve Read, or What They’ve Seen” About Our Fight Against ISIS…

Yes, Secretary Kerry actually said that in response to ABC’s Martha Raddatz challenging Kerry on the administration talking points vs. the reality of what is actually taking place in Iraq. @5:00 (above) “nobody should count on what they’ve read, or what … Continue reading

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Dianne Feinstein – “Arrogant” Netanyahu Wouldn’t Capitulate To Our Threats….

Despite the professional written (not subtle) threat sent by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin [via: “nice place you got there Bibi, be a shame if anything happened to it“… (see below)] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still plans to … Continue reading

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It Begins – FNC (Chris Wallace) Begins The “Tear Down This Walker Campaign”….

Predictable does not begin to explain what began today. Write down the date, it’s almost as significant as May 11th 2014 . Chris Wallace had the last two weeks off. He returns today, March 1st, carrying a remarkable reinvigoration for the … Continue reading

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UCLA Student Board Meeting Reveals Major Anti-Semitism, Group Peer Pressure, Visible Bigotry and Liberal Hypocrisy…

This is a rather interesting inside peek into the mindset filling the various boards of “higher education” within the U.S. University system. As you watch the video imagine the people around the table questioning someone because they were “Muslim”, or “Christian”. … Continue reading

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High Times – Colorado First Year Weed Stats: 148,000 lbs Sold in 2014 – Cannabis, Weed, Dope, Pot, Mary-Jane, Doobies….

The figures are beginning to reflect the sheer scope of the Colorado explosion in Marijuana use.  Below you will find the Colorado Department of Revenue – Marijuana Enforcement Division, first annual report which covers “most of” 2014. What is critical to … Continue reading

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