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Memphis Teen Mobs Back In Action – Following The Kroger Attack The Thugs Strike Again… (Witness/Victim video)

Another uncomfortable event the national media will try to avoid…. (Via Breitbart) Memphis, Tennessee suffered another attack by a rampaging mob of black teenagers after they flooded the streets after a local high school football game Friday. The mob of … Continue reading

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Democrats Desperately Don’t Want To Vote On Obama’s Illegal War in Syria…

WASHINGTON DC – Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, said Monday that he doesn’t believe lawmakers should cut their six-week break short to vote on authorizing military strikes in Syria. “I think that the fact is that this matter will … Continue reading

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Ferguson Protestors Cheer For Wounded Police Officers To Die…

The Ferguson protestors continue to record themselves in various live streams during their protests. Last night we were able to capture some of the video, and when you watch it you get a good idea of what the Ferguson Police … Continue reading

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What’s The Quid-Pro-Quo ? – ISIS, Kurds, The Islamic State and Deals With Turkey…

If anyone has sources in Turkey, or knowledge of current dynamics in Turkey, or insight we would really like to hear from you. The intents, inclinations, sympathies and motivations of Recep Erdogan are brutally obvious. What’s lesser known is how … Continue reading

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Exposing Another McDonough Ruse – The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist…

Just like the fictional Unaccompanied Alien Children ruse the White House created to sell a comprehensive immigration reform strategy, so too is the Khorosan group a purely fictional political construct designed to avoid ideological embarrassment.      Andrew McCarthy exposes the same fraud … Continue reading

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Gay Mafia Claims Another Victory – Private Farmer Fined/Sued For Not Allowing Lesbian Wedding On Private Property…

We shared last year that New York would be the epicenter of all gay issues because their gay marriage law intentionally demands 49 state reciprocity in recognizing legal marriage. The latest victory claimed by the Gay Mafia comes as a … Continue reading

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Corporate Business Abandon Ferguson – Kmart Leaves, Looted and Destroyed Quick Trip Store Still Undecided To Rebuild

This Kmart store was looted during the August riots. This is a typical consequence by corporate businesses as they view “high risk” neighborhoods and communities. The operational risks, crime, lawsuits, et al, are too high to remain in business – and … Continue reading

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