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Research Request – Crowdsourcing Assistance – Clint Texas Facility To House 3,500 Illegal Aliens ??

What can be found out about the following report?   The Houston Chronicle report is behind a pay-wall.  HERE  Who is the New York Company ?   Who are the principals ? My hunch is these folks connect back to BCFS – any assistance is … Continue reading

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Explaining Sunni VS. Shia and Various Islamic Factions…

HatTip Stormy who points out the Daily Mail has a pretty good analysis of all the various factions of Islam in the current headlines. The graphic is well put together (click to enlarge), and the entire article is a good … Continue reading

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Treehouse Tip – Safety With Produce Fruits and Vegetables…

TIP:  1/8 cup regular chlorine bleach to 1 gal cold water is an excellent and inexpensive wash/sanitizer for fruits and vegetables.  Submerge for one to three seconds – rinse thoroughly under fresh running water, air dry or store immediately in fridge. Food … Continue reading

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Opinion Request – Do You Like A Flipboard Format?

CLICK HERE Do You like the “flip board” format ? What are the pro’s and con’s from your perspective ?  

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Stay Out of Crowded Venues

Statistically speaking something (an event of mass casualty) of large significance is due to happen in the U.S. within the next 10 to 20 days. If you define Progressive Failing as the exposure of collapsing narratives, and then rate liberal … Continue reading

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ACTION ALERT ! Now We’re Talking…. Do You Want To Help Ruffle Some Feathers?

Some mighty fine folks have organized the resistance (origin here) Now YOU TOO can make a difference – CLICK HERE 

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Good Question

Via e-mail we rec’d a question:   Does anyone recognize the flag on the right?

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Two Million Bikers Organize To Ride On Washington DC 9/11/13 – In Patriotic Response To Honor The Victims…

The Conservative Treehouse is a friend to those who ride….   Details to join are available on their Facebook Page CLICK HERE 

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Update (Fox Lineup): I Heard This About A Month Ago – Personally I think It’s A Big Mistake…. Update – OK, maybe not, as long as they keep Greta Van Sustern

A Change In the Line-Up Coming To Fox News CLICK HERE From what I can determine they want to get rid of Greta Van Sustern UPDATE:   Thanks to a few links dropped it appears Greta is not going to be leaving Fox, … Continue reading

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The Bagged Salad Did It….. From Field To Fork and Then…..

As you read this, or anything similar, remember this:   The US-FDA and USDA, along with the US-CDC have comprehensive state of the art bio-genetic research technology which can trace the genetic makeup, the actual DNA strain, of a potato, to the field where … Continue reading

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