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Ground Report: Wednesday at the Orpheum with Hillary – by Mary From Marin

Thirty-five of us, give or take a few. Standing in front of the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, on an overcast evening in June. Holding signs, protesting the woman who was scheduled to speak inside the theater that night: Hillary … Continue reading

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Brain Stretchin’ – Tree House Homework – Retest #4

Now that we have spent a couple of months years analyzing Middle East and North Africa events, here is the geography quiz again. Let’s see if we remember what we have previously learned. Here is a little fun site lesson in … Continue reading

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“This media we call social is anything but, ….when we open our computers it’s our doors we can shut”


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Race – Islam – And Understanding The Conversation….

There is a specific reason why we draw bold attention to the ignored events the media are paralyzed to present around controversial issues. To say that all blacks are inherently predisposed to violence, mayhem or {fill in the blank} is … Continue reading

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Rough Week ?

With a news week like this in the rear view one could hardly blame anyone for feeling an inability to breathe. Then again, such emotional exhaustion is what’s often counted upon by the ideological opposition.   When they talk of “overwhelming the … Continue reading

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Question: Would You Purchase/Live In A House Where A Murder Took Place ?

An odd story about a guy who bought a house where a grisly murder took place makes me ponder the question. Seriously speaking – would it matter to you ?

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…”They claim both victimhood and moral superiority. If they’re so superior why are they repeatedly victimized?   Of course, it’s past the point where the answer to that rhetorical question matters”… -Sharon

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Bravo Sister Cristina….

Boundless Joy ! Full Story Here

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The Oil Rig Report of Flight 370 “fire in sky” Makes Sense – (We Plot and Compare All Coordinates)

(Image Via G Captain) A crew member on board Songa Offshore’s drilling rig, the Songa Mercur, drilling offshore Vietnam, notes in an email he may have witnessed the missing Malaysian plane on fire at a high altitude. He writes: Gentlemen. … Continue reading

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Iditarod Update – Day #6

Big Lake’s Martin Buser owns a three-hour lead over Two River’s Aliy Zirkle in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race as the two mush their teams toward Nulato. DAY #6 Update – CLICK HERE

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