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Wow Cool, and Yet, Wow Creepy – Technological Image Extraction From Reflected Eyeball Imaging Yields Ability of 80% Human ID Accuracy…

This is an amazing and profoundly creepy technological study of human capability when aligned with image capture advancement. In essence photo scientists are able to retrieve the mirrored images from the eyeballs human subjects being photographed. When these images are … Continue reading

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Guidelines For Comments

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. 1.) First, please READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD – and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in. Skipping to the comments to express an opinion without reading the … Continue reading

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Jessica Lane Chambers Open Discussion Research Thread – And Update On Memorial Flowers…

Thank You For Honoring Jessica Lane Chambers The dark place where Jessica was attacked will soon light up with expressions of YOUR CARING.  Due to overwhelmingly wonderful response, the Lowes Garden Center in Batesville (near Courtland) has been wiped clean … Continue reading

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General Guidelines – We Need Your Help – Heck, I Need Your Help….

Growing pains require a prudent revisit to some guidelines to affirm in order to move forward.  So please give this your consideration: 1.)  First READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD – and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in.   Skipping … Continue reading

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Just Because You Might Need To Watch This Too…

HatTip iOTW

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Notice To Treepers – About Ongoing Mike Brown Shooting Research…

General:  Because of the extensive research we have conducted into the evidence of the Mike Brown shooting; and because the fact that all of the conclusions reached have been proven 100% accurate, our website is experiencing explosive traffic.   People, including media, are … Continue reading

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Caturday Rocks !

Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry introduces “Icon”: Icon adopted Joe – Read their story HERE

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