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Thanksgiving and Prayer….

Holidays are joyful celebrations – Indeed we all have much to be thankful for.  However, many are also experiencing this Thanksgiving inside a cocoon of loss. Behind many overlooked eyes, are feelings of being disconnected from it all – worsened … Continue reading

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Fall & Winter Verse

Poetry.  Thoughts that travel from the head through the heart and out through the fingers to become words on paper. I’m keeping it simple and unsophisticated today. Sometimes it is a good thing to see the old stories and the … Continue reading

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Site Note

IMPORTANT INFO – We are going to be flying directly into the heart of the explosive issues within various political candidates and their supportive constructs.  It is fully anticipated that much of the content will be disconcerting to many, and … Continue reading

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Chipotle Shuts Down Restaurants as E-Coli Outbreak Increases….

The problem with the current outbreak may be the structural flaw within food handling processes of the restaurant chain’s business model.  Good News – Fortunately Shiga-toxin producing E. coli is possible to track through DNA source tracing.  Meaning modern food … Continue reading

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Poetry – The Beauty Of Language

I felt the need for poetry this morning. This was first posted in October, 2014. Enjoy!  What is the purpose of poetry?  Why do we write in verse, when we could say directly what we have to say much more … Continue reading

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Because, Well, Perhaps You Need To See This As Much as I Did…

All of the stuff that swirls around us can be exhausting and deflating; sometimes we need to take a break, and recognize a larger humanity travels along with us…. we’re really not alone in this; not even close. Take a … Continue reading

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Latest Update, Praying For Baby Conner ….

Here is the latest news: Conner is at home now. Conner, his mother and father, and his sister and brother are all together again for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Menagerie says it was wonderful to see … Continue reading

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