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Question: Would You Purchase/Live In A House Where A Murder Took Place ?

An odd story about a guy who bought a house where a grisly murder took place makes me ponder the question. Seriously speaking – would it matter to you ? About these ads

About these ads
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…”They claim both victimhood and moral superiority. If they’re so superior why are they repeatedly victimized?   Of course, it’s past the point where the answer to that rhetorical question matters”… -Sharon

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Bravo Sister Cristina….

Boundless Joy ! Full Story Here

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The Oil Rig Report of Flight 370 “fire in sky” Makes Sense – (We Plot and Compare All Coordinates)

(Image Via G Captain) A crew member on board Songa Offshore’s drilling rig, the Songa Mercur, drilling offshore Vietnam, notes in an email he may have witnessed the missing Malaysian plane on fire at a high altitude. He writes: Gentlemen. … Continue reading

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Iditarod Update – Day #6

Big Lake’s Martin Buser owns a three-hour lead over Two River’s Aliy Zirkle in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race as the two mush their teams toward Nulato. DAY #6 Update – CLICK HERE

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Treeper Homework – Deconstructing The WH “Ukraine” Pic Release

We haven’t had fun with this exercise in a long time.   Here’s the Official White House photo released today from the National Security Team briefing last night in the situation room.   The topic was Ukraine: CLICK IMAGE to Enlarge – CLICK HERE … Continue reading

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A Reminder, As Much For Myself…

Perhaps with time permitting a little reflection it is prudent to clarify the intents and purposes of the Treehouse community. This is a conversation. Your conversation. A conversation about what’s happening, but more importantly about ‘why’ it’s happening, whatever the … Continue reading

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The Ant and The Contact Lens

Sorting through some old papers I had stashed away, today I came upon this story I had printed out from an email I received on October 11, 2004. The original source for the story is the book Keep A Quiet … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Codebreaking Delivers Joy To Family….

HatTip iOTW – A family decided to try and use the power of thousands of brains to help solve the riddle of a series of index cards that were left behind by a grandmother who died of cancer. The cards … Continue reading

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Discussion Post – Where Are You ?

It has been around three years since we initially asked the question.   A lot has happened in those years; and if you would indulge me, I would like to ask again: Look at the following image.  It reflects differently to most people … Continue reading

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